Super MNC Healing Guide

Super MNC Healing Guide by shadonia

Alright, first off, there are two healers in this game.

1. The sexy, sexy, Combat Girl
2. The derpy Support

(I’ll start with the support since he’s in the original 6)


The Support is the strongest out of the two defenders; this is due to the fact that his entire being is based upon his Turret more so than anything else. I feel sorry for the man. Though his Turret is absolutely amazing in every possible way imaginable, if he leaves the thing he can be totally screwed beyond belief. His Turret is kind of like a Tank fused with a Gunner, large amounts of health and large amounts of damage.. Once it hits level 4 you can just sit there healing it and essentially win every team fight.

When playing the support, as I stated before, you must never leave that turret of yours. If you happen to leave your turret you’re simply asking the enemy team “Rape me here” while lifting up your own ass. Another reason not to leave it is that you have pretty terrible damage on your own; even the Combat Girl has more damage on her own than you do. Staying near that turret is what keeps your score positive.

Now, around level 6 to 7, the annihilator should just be coming up for the very first time. Now, you should have known this already and you should have dropped your turret and sat there for maybe 20 seconds before the thing comes up. Now you might be asking “But Major, why wait for so long when I could just come up there 5 seconds before it’s up?” Well that’s simple little Timmy, because 5 to 10 seconds before it’s up is normally when a full team is up there guarding or team fighting for it. You might then be saying “But that doesn’t sound too bad.” Well in MOBA type games, time is a very important thing. You may think that 1 or 2 seconds to get your turret up don’t mean much, but during a fight those 1 to 2 seconds may just mean your life or your team’s life. Those seconds also mean that your fully damage potential isn’t being used, and therefore you’re doing it wrong.

Your firebase needs to be there early, so that it can take some of the damage your team wont have to and so that it can deal damage for you while you heal it or another large health source. Remember, your whole being solely relies on that Turret being up.

Now, what happens when your team is pushing lanes and you need to advance? Do not immediately pick up your turret. Quite serious on this one. Don’t just close the turret and begin walking, that’s silly! Simply wait for one of your teammates with a large health pool [Vet, Tank, Gunner, Cheston] and pick up your turret while healing them. We don’t want that cool down to go to waste now do we? Just keep healing them until you hit a sort-of stalemate area, where your team can’t really push further but isn’t being pushed back either. By then your turret should have cooled down and you can just drop it in a mildly decent defensive area. Corners aren’t really effective for the Support Turrets because it’s generally a good idea to have the enemy focus that rather than your teammates.

When you’re leveling the Support, try to focus mainly on your Firebase with Health and Over Clock following behind. Over Clock is quite essential to boosting the Turrets effectiveness to Retard Level, where it does insane amounts of damage.

When and how to use your abilities:

– Push/Prevent bot waves
– Protect areas/self/team

– Destroy waves of bots
– Knock-back enemy pros to disorientate them

Over Clock:
– Protect turret
– Kill enemies

I know it’s quite hard to judge when exactly to use Over Clock; It’s a really easy ability to activate pre-maturely and waste it. I’ve done this many times before.

Some of the key enemies to look out for are:
– Vet: Do I really have to explain this one?
– Cheston: LOLTrample destroys the Turret
– Tank: Fire rapes
– Wascot: Just annoying as hell


Ah yes, the sexy sexy Combat Girl. Now, the reason I stated that the Support was the stronger of the two in terms of Defense is because the more I play her, the more I feel she’s more of an Offence type of character. Sure, she has little kittens from hell and a heal, but the laser absolutely rapes waves of bots as well as other Pros.

The Combat Girl’s main strong point is that she’s capable of healing multiple people at the same time as well as having a very powerful Laser ability that can take out multiple waves of bots at once.

When you’re playing the Combat Girl, you HAVE you play aggressively. You cannot simply sit back with your little kitten nest and hope your team will win; Your little kittens have like 1hp to every other Pro in the game. Anyone can break them with one ability. You have to be up with your team constantly healing them and placing kittens to help push. Because of this, you need Health; you can’t expect to be up in the enemy’s faces without health. Which is why at the start of the game you must grab it. Once you have health you’ll be alright as long as you stay behind people and Laser every-so-often.

Now remember what I said about the Support and the annihilator? Well, around levels 6 to 7 it’ll obviously be up. The difference between you and that support is that you want to get to the annihilator WITH your team. You want to be kind-of fashionably late to that thing. Now, lots of people expect you to be the first one up there and to have millions upon millions of kittens waiting for the enemy. What’s absolutely stupid about that is:

The Veteran will stun them and LOL@you while knocking you off and making you useless
The Gunner will slam the ground and LOL@you when they’re all gone and you’re knocked off
The Tank will shield and LOL@you while he burns you to death

and etc

Remember you’re the healer and not the tank. You need to be behind your allies and not taking damage. Even with the health you gain from abilities you’re still a glass cannon, you’re just capable of surviving a bit longer than you normally would be without it. Also, you can’t heal your teammates if you’re not facing them, so being there first doesn’t help that either.

When leveling the Combat Girl, try to focus mainly on the Laser, with Health and Fortify to follow it. But don’t forget to rush that first ability as health! It’s essential! What most people also don’t really understand is that 2 Kittens is enough. They already die insanely fast to just about anyone. Having more than 2 Kittens for most of the game is very unnecessary. Kitten traps don’t work during early laning or even half way through the game. They only work when it’s the end of the game and people are getting to be lazy and not following their team.

When and how to use your abilities:

Combat Kitten:
– Deploy during fights
– Create Kitten nests

Combat Laser:
– Destroy waves of bots
– Initiate/Control/End Teamfights

– When people walk into kitten nests
– After deploying kitten in fight
– Prevent bots from taking out main turrets

Key enemies to watch out for:
– Vet: Really? Do I have to explain it?
– Tank: Burns Kittens fast
– Gunner: One shots kittens with slam
– Wascot: Annoying

Special thanks to Brick for helping with Support!

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