Super MNC Veteran Guide

Super MNC Veteran Guide by AmIAnnoyingNow

(Here’s my attempt at a guide to being an effective rage inducing veteran.)

The Veteran is an amazing class, his hook ability, grapples, and high health pool make him a very good initiator and meat shield. The difference between a good and bad veteran is incredible. He also in my opinion has some of the best phrases in the game.

The Skills:

Ka-Claw (aka Klaw):
The most hated skill in the game currently, which means for you it is your most loved skill. Use of this skill separates good veterans from bad veterans. It requires you to be very aware of your opponents and their goals, and requires that you are able to predict where they will be in the future. There will be a much larger section dedicated to the Klaw.

Skid-row Throw:
A grapple with a knockback and a good duration of grapple time. Can be used to ring out players or get assassins farther away from teammates. Try to always point it so enemies are farther from their goal at the end (farther from the teammate being chased or closer to your base for certain death.
I usually don’t level this till last as I don’t use it for damage and usually don’t need to use it more than the level one cooldown allows.

Freight Train:
A charge that gives the veteran much needed (and somewhat excessive) mobility. It does a very good amount of damage and can be used as a grapple when desperate. Very useful for getting around, make sure you jump before using it. Freight train followed by a lunge tends to catch people off guard, but can put you in a dangerous situation with no escapes. Particularly useful for getting commandos out of peoples faces (Especially yours if you get caught with low health).


Flying Falcon:
This weapon is ok. The homing effect locks on to bots, making it pretty useless for harassing players in your lane. But it does do AoE damage. It’s also great when there are no bots around though.

The alt fire stuns bots and unshielded turrets. This is completely overpowered and should be abused in a coordinated team. You can effectively dive a turret for a kill with little to no punishment, and keep it stunned for almost the entire cooldown of the stun. Make sure to use it on bouncers.

Hot Seat:
Your hotseat will have many dents in it, primarily from you bashing pros faces into it with its grapple. The actual melee damage is quite strong as well and the swing animation is quite rage inducing to whoever you are killing. It cleaves, meaning you can hit multiple bots at a time with it so you’ll be using this most of the time. Press reload to do a lunge forward.


There are many ways to build up the veteran, there are some common themes though in my builds
-Level 2 klaw early.
-Level 3 Freight train at level 4

Utility: Klaw, Freight Train, Defence, Klaw, Frieght Train Defence, Wait, Klaw+Defence, Offense, Offense, Offense, Frieght Train, Skid, Skid, Skid
This sacrifices your damage completely and maximizes your annoyance. Your goal is to klaw people, and if a teamfight breaks out you charge in and grapple someone (Preferably the highest level player) trying to absorb and deny as much damage as possible. You want to be the focus so the rest of your glass cannon team can melt them. Sometimes I do freight train 4 before offense if I feel I need more mobility. Only do this if your team is competent.

Fatassin: Klaw, Freight Train, Offense, Freight Train, Defense, Offense, Defense, Offense, Defense, Freight Train, Klaw, Klaw, Skid, Skid, Skid
Press tab to find you’re fed? It’s time to fatassin. Immediately go to the jungle and beat their commandos face in, then spend the rest of the game running beating people’s face in with a stool. Try to let teammates get kills, despite your killing power you cannot really win solo.

How to Veteran:

Pre-anni – You want to stay back and shoot bots with your pathetic homing eagles. Pay attention to who’s paying attention to you. Klaw the people that are not.
Anni – If it is a poke fight and your team is nearby, try to claw one of the harassers. Keep an eye on everyone’s health, as soon as you smell the faintest whiff of an advantage, charge in and start the beatdown. If they focus you instead of your teammates, you are winning, if they ignore you, try to zone people out of the fight with grapples, freights, and klaws. Make sure your team is competent enough to follow you in, if not just try to fish people.
Post-anni – Keep an eye out for players that are out of position, and charge-grapple them. Even more importantly, keep an eye out for teammates in trouble and rush to their aid, you have great mobility to abuse. Otherwise just follow your team around and try to pull opponents out of position so you can grapple them.

Fatness: You are fat and have a lot of hp, this makes you an excellent meatshield for retreating teammates. Always try to put yourself between your opponents and your fleeing teammate. Just make sure you aren’t running into a hopeless situation, 2 deaths is far worse than not being the hero.

Knocking them around. – Freight Train is an excellent skill. Use it to get around of course, but it also does very good knockback and damage. I’ve caught plenty of commandos off guard by freight training them and immediately lunge grappling. It’s great for getting in and interrupting a chaingrapple fest on your allies and generally just annoying the heck out of everyone. You can also use it to push bouncers away, but your flying falcon alt is usually best for stopping bouncers.

Knocking them around, part two – Skid-row Throw is excellent for putting an out of position player even farther out of position. Also, usually if they were knocked toward your base, they will try to run past you to get away, a perfect opportunity to freight train them even further into your base.

Knocking them around, part three – Freight train people that use jump pads, it’s hilarious. Particularly if you get a good hit on someone using the loco moco anni jump pad. It’s a good way to deny people trying to interrupt your anni activator.

The Klawwwwwwwwwww.
Face it, this is really the only skill that separates good fattys from the bads. You need to land klaws. How do you do that you ask? Think before you klaw. Do not spam it every time it comes up. The mere fact that you have the claw will keep them shaking in fear of the klaw.

The first thing you need to do is get inside your targets head so you may eventually leave its dent in the hotseat. What is their objective at the moment? Harassing, shooting a bot, running away? This is your first hint where you should aim the klaw. Now factor in how far they are. Note that enemies act like imbeciles, it is impossible to fully predict their motives and movement, so the farther away they are the less likely you’ll succeed.

It is important to be unexpected, keep an eye on the outlines through walls and don’t ever throw a klaw at someone looking straight at you (Unless they are really close). I enjoy quickly rolling around a corner and flinging at whoever’s look of horror is most appealing.

Once you get prediction down, you’ll start running into those troublesome players that actually avoid your klaw. This is when you start bringing out the skills. Aim for guaranteed shots. But wait, the klaw is slow, how can we possible guarantee a pull? Well there are actually plenty of situations and ways to greatly increase your chances.

First off, you can change your aim during the windup. This means at very close range, players will not be able to dodge. This is very useful for commandos and flying assaults in your face. Keep in mind that if someone jumps, they become fully predictable for a brief moment so take advantage of it.

Next, grapples. You can easily time a claw to pull someone as soon as they come out of a grapple. This almost always catches people off guard too, decreasing the chance that they’ll counter it. Also during a grapple gangbang on your teammate, people tend to pay less attention to the big fat guy aiming a claw at them. You might be able to recover the situation by getting a kill out of it.

Jump pads move people in a (usually) predictable fashion, if you see someone running for one, klaw them out of the air and then be real smug about it.

Purchases freeze players as well, and it’s usually pretty obvious when they are going for one.

Certain skills will also freeze players after/during execution or move them in a very predictable motion. Here’s a list.

Assassin’s Leap – The assassin does not change directions in the air, aim for the landing point.
Karl’s Prop hop – Landing point is also predictable.
Wascot’s crook hook – Landing point is predictable.
Combat girl’s combat laser – Rooted during execution.
Veteran’s Ka-Klaw – Rooted during execution.
Gunner’s slam – Cannot be pulled during execution, but can be afterward.
Tank’s spin – Rooted during execution
Gunslinger’s Bullet storm – Rooted during execution.

Once you get used to these tricks and are able to pull them off reliably, you will be feared (And probably inspire even more whining about the veteran on the forums).

Endorsements – It really does not matter. Bacon Rate of fires would probably be best for his melee damage, but honestly I just run health regen right now and don’t have any problems. I’ll probably switch to RoF when I have more cc than I can spend.

– Once again, whatever you feel like. Vet juice is useless, so you will pretty much only use it defensively. I’ve recently become addicted to spunky lime since I like to overextend a lot and the hp boost has gotten me out of many bad situations. It also makes you an even bigger meatshield in clutch situation. I’m also addicted to money magnet.

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