Loong Online Planting Guide

Loong Online Planting Guide by Seraph

So you’ve seen these random piles of sparkling earth around some villages and may have wondered what they are. Well, no they’re not the droppings of some blood sucking creature, but seeds planted into the earth for you to grow and harvest to earn experience and gain prizes!

Now you may ask “But how can I take advantage of such a great opportunity?” Well little Jimmy (or Jenny), it’s really quite easy. You will need to have water and fertilizer in your inventory in order to grow the Baiwei, Rose or Zhenyao earths you see.

There are two types of water and fertilizer: Vital and Celestial. You will need quite a few of the Vital water and fertilizer as it takes a five of each to grow your plant. Celestial water and fertilizer however is top notch as it will only take one of each to grow your plant!

“Where can I get such items?! I MUST GO PLANT NOW!”

Settle down there Jimmy (or Jenny), and I’ll tell you where! Just go to your friendly neighborhood Sundries vendor to pick up some Vital water and fertilizer. You can also look in the Dragon Market for the Celestial water and fertilizer, as well as special promo packs that combines them with seeds for you to plant!


Oh and pay attention little Jimmy and Jenny. Sometimes the GMs will announce that Seraph, Sikyu or Gardener will host special planting events. During these times Plants of all types will be spawned in many different areas that Sikyu and Seraph will hint at. But you better hurry to these spots as they will be harvested quickly!

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  1. Thien Nguyen says:

    I heard that we can trade Celestial items for planting at special Npc in randomly place. If that is true how can i find him?

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