Loong Online Skills Basic Guide

Loong Online Skills Basic Guide by Pandamoniums

I have seen a couple of people ask about skills trees and weapon choices so i decided to write a basic guide to help provide new players with more information.

Most of this guide has been copy from either the game itself or the website and is a very rough guide. Do not take any of the talent descriptions for the best and only way of doing things. As what it says is not always the best thing to do.

There are no classes in “Loong”; you are free to choose where to spend your skills points in the Skill Trees. But it is important to remember that you can only put points in three of the trees – two weapon trees and the Battle tree.

Skill Trees
External skill trees

The Sword Talent is an External Damage (Sword masters have many special skills. Their attacks are good at piercing enemy armor and causing great damage.
Good at dealing critical damage and will be an excellent damage dealer for a team. Swordsmen are effective at dealing injury damage over time. can reduce the enemy’s movement speed and increase their own speed.
Advice to Sword users:
Main Points: Skill — Improve Hit Rate and Attack to increase the effects of critical hit and general damage.
Assistant Points: Strength — Improve Ext. Attack to increase crit rate and Ext. Defense to reduce close combat damage.


The Broadsword talent is an External damage talent, known for the powerfully devastating attacks.
Broadword(typo in game :O) masters are good at stunning their enemies with their heavy weapons. An opponent that cannot fight back is an easy target.
Their power can reduce enemy’s armour defence as well. They are are also very good damage dealers and great at AOE Skills
Advice to broadsword users:
Main Points: Strength — improve Ext. Attack to increase crit rate and Ext. Defence to reduce close combat.
Assistant points: Skill — Improve Hit Rate and Attack to increase the effects of critical hit and general damage.


Polearms include spears, staves,(With a lot of skills to improve their own defense. Polearm users can take more damage than any other class and they are the best for tanking bosses or other difficult opponents.
Advice to Polearm Users:
Main Points: Physique — To improve max HP and External Defense.
Assistant Point: Strength — Improve Ext. Attack to increase crit rate and Ext. Defense to reduce close combat damage


The Bow is the only long distance External Damage Talent that offers a very long range of attack and good dodge ability.
Bow masters are agile warriors capable of delivering powerful attacks that pierce armor from a long distance away.
They are quick and agile with special bonuses to increase their dodge abilities, which make them difficult targets to hit. Bow users can often dispatch a target before it even gets close.
Advice to Bow Users:
Main points Agility — To improve dodge and defense. Improving defense can help reduce received damage
Assistance Points: Skill — To improve hit rate and attack,(

Internal skill trees

The Yang Talent is an internal damage talent that focuses energy for powerful attacks.
With medium range attack abilities, Yang Talent users are some of the most powerful damage dealers, using internal energy to attack, defend,(Unlike the Yin Talent, Yang users rely on pure Internal force to defeat enemies. Their skills help to ignore enemy’s armour, make themselves invincible, reduce damage to themselves,(Advice to yang Talent Users:
Main Points: Spirit — To improve both Internal Attack and Internal Defence. Internal attack effects the amount of critical damage.
Assistance Point Skill — To improve Hit Rate and Attack and improve critical hit and damage


The Yin Talent is a medium to long range Internal Damage Talent with excellent damage and abilities.
Instead of the shear power of the Yang Talent, Yin learners tend to be calm and cunning. they are good at controlling and destorying enemy minds and can prevent ememies(typo) from escaping.
Yin users can also freeze their opponents. They have a wide range of abilities which make them powerful opponents in PvP.
Advice to Yin Talent Users:
Main Points (Assistance Points: Spirit — To improve both Internal Attack and internal Defence. Internal Attack effects amount of critical damage.


Unique and powerful healing and long distance Internal Damage abilities, This talent acts as the main healer for a team and offers good damage over time effects.
With great ability to heal one player or a whole team, they can also revive team members who have died in battle. Their knowledge of toxins also make them formidable enemies.
Never underestimate the power of toxins and poisons! These can turn the tide in a though battle.
Advice to Healing and Poison Talent users:
Main Points: Qi — To improve max MP and internal Defence, which helps healing effects
Assistance Points: Spirit — To improve Internal Attack and Internal Defense. Internal Attack effects amount of critical damage and damage from poison skills.


Zither Talents are long range Internal Damage talents that offer powerful attacks and excellent buffs for temmates.(typo)
Playing songs on their Zithers to improve attack and defense, of focusing the power of their music as a powerful attack, Rhythm users are a welcome addition to any team
Having a zither user on your team can often be the key to winning a tough battle. Their attacks are powerful,(Advice to Zither Talent Users
Main Points: Spirit — to improve internal Attack and Internal Defence. Internal Attack effects the amount of critical damage.
Assistance Points: Skills — To improve Hit Rate and Attack, effects critical hit and damage,(

Battle skill

This is an accomplished talent. thought it is not aggressive itself, it offers great methods to improve combat and battle abilities. At the last stage of this talent, you will be able to cast any skill without any casting time!

Choosing your talents.

It is advised to choose two talent trees. When choosing your talent trees you wish to follow perhaps you should consider:

Main; This talent would the talent tree you invest the majority of your points in

Secondary; This talent tree you would be your back-up talent tree for either passives/buffs/stuns/de-buffs/etc though you can also choose to go for more attacking skills but this all depends on what your main talent tree is.

Do main and secondary compliment each other; Example, Bow/sword the stats used are almost the same and there skills compliment each other. (possible to use swords speed buffs / de-buff to increase your advantage of your range attacks giving you more time to deal more damage)

Will you enjoy your build; Make sure you enjoy the build you are going to make. Example- Don’t go polearm if you enjoy doing high damage.

Skill requirements
There are 4 sets of skills per talent trees.

Basic; Level 1-19. You can put skills into this as long as you have required level.

Intermediate; level 20-39. 16 points need to be added into basic before you can learn this skills as well as required level.

Advanced; level 40-80. 56 points need to be added into basic and intermediate before you can learn theses skills as well as required level.

Mastery; level 80+. 126 points need to be added into all of the above before you can learn theses skills as well as required level

Battle: Is different to over skills their requirements go are:

Basic; Level only

Intermediate; 5 points and level

Advanced; 11 points and level

Mastery; There are no mastery battle skills in-game yet just the passive

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