Loong Online Getting Talent Profession Guide

Loong Online Getting Talent Profession Guide by StarCryz

You are finally level 80! One step closer to become a real hero!

From now on you can choose to get a talent profession. After choosen your profession, you will be able to learn more advanced powerfull skills of your talent, and equip the corresponding equipments.

Head out to the world and seek for the Dragon Commander. He will learn you everything about, how to choose a profession and how to change it.
The Dragon Commander NPC is in every main towns.

(In Yellow Emperor Castle; You can find the NPC at [x 2112, z 2650])

When you have found the NPC; Accept his quest. He will ask you to find the Clever King NPC (Check your Quest Summary for NPC track)

Complete your quest and accept the Clever King quests after.
Clever King first quest ask you to kill The Pillaging Demon Marshal in The Secret Land of Peach Blossoms.
The Secret Land of Peach Blossoms is an instance in Jiaye Old Castle/Serenity Mountain map.

You may not be strong enough to finish the task alone! So find a follower to help you out.

After you have entered The Secret Land of Peach Blossoms; You can find The Pillaging Demon Marshal at the big red X

The Pillaging Demon Marshal Boss

After you have beated the boss, return back to the Clever King to complete the quest and accept his next quest.
Clever King second quest ask you to get a Master Pu Yu’s Letter.
You can obtain the letter from the Master of Pu Yu Tang NPC (Can we found in every small villages)

You need to finish 5 rounds of her quest (Each round cost some gold, the higher your level is the more gold it cost!)
After you have got the letter return back to the Clever King and accept his third quest.
Clever King third quest ask you for 200 Gold! When you have turned 200 gold to him, he will give you a Job Transer Cerficate.

After you got the Job Transer Cerficate. from Clever King, speak to the Dragon God General near by and you can finally pick your profession!

Congratulations you are now a Swordsman, Sabre Master, Imperial Guard, Archer, Yin Sorcerer, Yang Wizard, Pharmacist and Bard!

How To Change Profession!

You don’t like your profession? You want new challenges? You can always change your profession after you have picked your first one.
You simple just need a Real Martial Order

Real Martial Order Can be bought from our Dragon Market.
When you have got the Real Martial Order run to the Dragon God General and pick another profession!

There is current a bug with YANG and YIN Profession!
If you want YANG Profession you have to pick YIN PICTURE
If you want YIN Profession you have to pick YANG PICTURE

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