FreeStyle Street Basketball ShutDown Defense Guide

FreeStyle Street Basketball ShutDown Defense Guide by IVIainEventZ

Now It Probably Makes These G’s Mad When I Face Up Their Dribble
OR! These SFs Be Getting Tight When I Block Them Like 4+ Times A Game.
OR! These Cs Be Like WTF How Did This All-Star Alice (StarLife) Block ME?!?
OHH MAN Block Pants ON!?!? 47Block? Fudge Your FreeWill Dunk PF! Don’t Bring That Weak Stuff In Here!

This Is How It’s Done!

* Now almost with every PG there is. Most of them Create a flow before they decide to press A. For an example some PGs who play this game move side to side to make you drift their way and set you up for their crossover. WTF? How to avoid this? WELL! IVIainEventZ leans towards one side to purposely give the PG the advantage. When the PG takes the bait i then quickly shift over and he runs right into my faceup. BAM! TURNOVER!

* Now 90% of SGs in this game spams BD2. With BD2 the charge gives away the dribble pattern. If a SG starts their dribble right, then the last dribble will most likely end left. Analyzing the SG’s Dribble pattern= Turnover all day. Also SGs don’t have high dribble attribute so when they start to dribble you have enough time to analyze the pattern and shift over to cut them off. In Uncle’s CASE. This nigga would shoot 50ft behind the line, as well as SmokenTres, Basically NEVER Jump for these niggas. hold W it will make them miss if they do a face shot. If you read the pumps perfectly then these niggas will be limited to atleast 12-15pts rather than their avg 24+.

* Now! Everyone in this game, has got their block timing up to par when dealing with an SF. But Block Timing Isn’t the ONLY thing you need! You also have to align your character with the SF, if your feet are aligned with theirs then you can get that block easy! Also same concept with an SG NEVER Jump for their fakes, I sometimes jump though because I be hungry for them blocks, but if you hold W they will miss some mid shots as well and QQ about it. If you do this perfectly along with your block timing. Then you will Block the SF just fine. Some niggas call this Kal Blocking, But IVIainEventZ’s SAYS! Just Press D nigga.

* Block Timing is all you need for this one. Unless the PF is 45 or some next special character Spider shit, you will also need Block Pants! Highly Recommended. PFs in this game, well the Pro ones, seem to only use Kiss The Rim, Flip Dunk, Honey Dip, and Flash Jam. As long as you know their Dunk Pattern which means which dunk will come next then you will pad blocks. IlMachinelI on their asses.

* This is actually my favorite. No Lie I be in Freecourt with some Cs to practice blocking them and not be fooled by all their pump fakes and Sky Hook Cancels. This is what I learned! Never Jump for their fakes. Most Cs atleast fake 2Times then try to make their move, if you block them, then they will try again but This Time! Do a Sky hook cancel. Aint foolin me Nigga! I stay still and Hold W, with my faceup in the opposite direction of the C so they won’t be able to back down my PG. DS is the easiest shit to block so if you can’t then i suggest you cancel vs pro scoring Cs. Highly Recommended is POWER SHOES! WTF IVIainEventZ? Power Shoes for a PG? Yeah Nigga power shoes for a PG. This way I don’t go flying when the C goes for his Dunk or Layup, and I can make that block happen! Don’t Bring That Weak Shit In My House!

Now Go Out There And Shut These Hoes Down! Intense Games, Comes From Niggas With Pro Defense. If Everyone Had Defense Like This Then The Game Would Have So Much More Competition.
Thatss All Folks! =]

Also A lil Side Note, The View I Play On Is Action. IDK If You Guys Use This View As Well, But It HELPS Me Alot With My Defense Because The View Is Closer Up, So I Can See Everything. Just Throwing That Out There..

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