FreeStyle Street Basketball Stopping MS Team Guide

FreeStyle Street Basketball Stopping MS Team Guide by Soldier King

Sup, 3 time tournament champion Soldier King here.
I know moving screens isn’t allowed in current tournaments, but it is in the international ones, and I just want to share exactly how to stop it, so you can win against all the teams.  If you were curious, I’m basically the only player that the Chinese and Korean players cancel on because they know they can’t use the offense, and they know they can’t stop me on defense.
Of course they will play me when they see my teammates have no experience stopping MS.  This is a team offense, and the only way to stop it is with team defense.

If this seems too complicated, then have fun canceling MS teams and crying that you lost, or crying when I yell at you when your on my team and your not doing your job.

MS team = PF, G, C.

Scoring method 1: The G scores on his defender 1v1
Defense: You should hopefully be able to stop him 1v1.

Scoring method 2:  The PF uses the moving C inside 2v2, banking on his power to dunk over 2nd lighter defender.
Defense:  Well you can try to blk this, but my method is, force the pf to your own C for the side blk.
O  x       (O is the opponent C)  (x is your c)
x            (x is you)
O           (O is the scoring PF)
In this situation, your c is getting pushed to the right by the ms and can’t get to the left in time.  Your job is to keep the pf from going left to keep him from blocking.
To do that you must move DIAGONALLY left and down through the pf, the key is not to ossolate back and forth and give the guy an opening.  Your only job is to stop the PF from going to the left.  If he dunks from the middle, he can still be side blked.

It looks like this when you move diagonally down and left.
O x   (x is your c)

x O
With a C who can side blk, the PF can’t dunk.  Now your job is to maintain this force, throughout the game so that the PF is always within range of your C to block.

Scoring Method 3:  The C moving screens the g, and the pf power dribbles the g so that he can’t help.

x      O>>>>>>      here your c (X) is in the middle, and their c (O)is running to the pick
xO              here your g (x) is on their g (O)
x                             Here you the g (x) is facing
O                           Their PF (O).

If the pf takes you down with a power dribble, then the team has a 2v1 numerical advantage on you on the outside, and with moving screen, one player has no chance against 2.  So either your c has to help, leaving the PF inside against the G in a mismatch.  Or they scored.

Defense: the 2nd g, must get the other side of the moving screen, keeping the numbers equal, and letting the pf go by him.

x                    xO

Now the pf can get guarded by the C, and the numbers are equal.  While the pf is power dribbling at the top of the key, simply go to the side of him, steal once, if he’s holding the ball, and then run to the side to help keep the numbers 2v2.

Scoring Method 4:
The g runs inside the paint without the ball and uses the moving screens inside the paint to stop his defender from getting him.  Even more advanced is the pf will power dribble the 2nd g, and then the g will use this power dribble as a pick.

Defense: using good teamwork to cover both sides of the court on the ms.  Use faceup, while the g is running without the ball, and cut him off from running freely to the paint.
When the pf tries to power dribble and set the pick, be ready for that, and be prepared to avoid it by side stepping it, or at least stay close to the g knowing that is when he will make his break.

Scoring Method 5:
triple screen.
Defense: just keep numbers the same, if there’s 2 people screening, then make sure there’s 2 people helping.

Don’t engage the power dribble of the pf till he gets to the paint area.  Force him to the side of your waiting C when you do engage it.  If the PF gets past the 3 step range, then let him past you since you can’t blk him anyways.  Face up behind him, so he can’t do a surprise 3 step dunk on your c who has to worry about both the c and the pf scoring.
Block all frogs, hooks, jumpers and standing shots, 2 step toss (jump late when hand released to make it miss), and if you can 3 step layups.  Leave the rest to your C and in return, your C should leave the rest to you.

Always keep the numbers on d the same as the O.  If they have 2 ppl in one area, there should be 2 defenders in that same area.  The offense will use a lot of power dribbles to break one of the defenders and make these numbers not equal, as well as use moving screens to capitalize on these situations.   Make sure you are always pushing the pf toward your C, and be ready to get the dive.  Dive 1 second before the dunk to kal it before they pick up the recovery.

Remember, there is always a way to win, if you just think about it!!!!

-Soldier King out

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