FreeStyle Street Basketball Golden Tips Guide

FreeStyle Street Basketball Golden Tips Guide by FreakStyle

1) Consider your position
Some people that just start off tend not to pay any attention to the position that they are choosing to play. First, take a moment to learn what your position should be doing. Sometimes I see Centers going for 3-point shots. Sure, it looks cool everytime you make the basket, but more than half of the time it won’t even go in. Again – Consider your position and learn how to utilize it.

2) Don’t dribble too much
Now the problem with dribbling too much is that the ball is bound to get stolen eventually. Don’t dribble too much, just pass the ball! I especially hate when a teammate that tries to smash through a Center, only to get the ball stolen.

3) Don’t take rushed shots
Just as in real life — Don’t take rushed shots that have a low chance of actually making the basket. Take the time to pass the ball to an open teammate. The only exception should be if the clock is about to hit 0.

4) Don’t expect the rebound
This goes along with #3. If you take that rushed shot, don’t expect your teammate to take the rebound. It is nobodies personal job to go for rebounds whether you think it is or not, and there is always the possiblity of your opponent taking the rebound. If you don’t get the rebound, don’t blame your teammate, blame yourself.

5) Don’t hog the ball
Simple enough — Don’t be a ball hog. Work as a team and pass the ball. There is a reason you have teammates — Use them. You don’t win a 3v3 by yourself (or atleast you shouldn’t).

6) Utilize your turnovers
I noticed a lot of people tend to get a turnover only to lose the ball by taking a low percentage shot. Most likely you will not be cleared from your opponent right after a turnover so take the time to pass the ball to an open teammate. If you think you can make the basket, then by all means, do so. If not, pass the ball.

7) Go man on man
Choose a man and stick with him. Most people that I have played with go all-out offense and never defense. When you’re on defense, then PLAY DEFENSE. Take one guy and follow him. There are 3 people on each team. Each person taking on another would have a ratio of 1:1. WOW, that hard?

8) Don’t dis your teammate
Sure, go and brag all you want but just… Don’t discourage your teammate(s) by dissing them. If they make a mistake then just shrug it off and keep playing. Telling them that they are useless is not going to help you any.

So basically, to sum it all up:
Pass the ball
Use common sense

And that’s basically all I wanted to share. Thanks to anybody that takes some of this to heart.


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