Dragon Nest Magic Physical Attack and Elemental Potential Comparison

Dragon Nest Magic Physical Attack and Elemental Potential Comparison by chaose5


Which weapon or ring potential is better ?

5.8% Phy/Mag Attack or 8% elemental attack potential?

This question has been asked many times in various threads and in my guides. I decided to do a comparison between the two potential based on my Majesty build.

Similar analysis can be performed on other characters, but i will not show all of them here. They follow the same logic.

If you are interested to do an analysis on your own char, download and modify the excel spread sheet below.

M.att and Elemental Attack v2.0


First, let
m  = base mag attack of your Majesty
M = current mag attack % from potential, crest and fashion.
a =  skill amp (the skill % in your skill description)
b = additional damage ( the number after + in your skill description)
D = current dark attack of your Majesty

NOTE: base attack is NOT the attack stats you see in your character window.

Attack stats in character window = m x (1 + M)

[ My EXCEL spreasheet will take care of this for you. ]

Now, you have a choice to choose between a ring/weapon with 5.8% mag attack or 8% of dark attack.

Lets find out, under what condition the following statement is TRUE:

Damage output with 5.8% m.att is LARGER than Damage output with 8% dark attack

This translates into the equation below:

The final equation states the condition for 5.8% m.att potential to be more superior than 8% elemental potential.

We shall define the right hand side of the equation as the Critical Dark %.

D > Critical Dark %

The equation tells us, that in order for 5.8% m.att potential to give more damage output than 8.0% elemental damage, D has to be LARGER than the Critical Dark %.

Critical Dark % is a function of skill amp (a), skill add. dmg (b) and current mag. att (m).

The table below gives you a list of all dark skills for majesty and their critical dark %, assuming current m.att = 4000 with current mag attack % = 23.60% (2 ring with 5.8%, a A-ranked plate, and a tail)

This shows very clearly that the critical dark % varies with different skills.


To make thing clearer, lets consider an example.

Lets say you currently has 80.0% dark attack, mag attack % of 23.60% and total of 4000 m.att.

1. Given a choice between 5.8% m.att and 8.0% dark attack, which one would maximize your damage for gravity lance?

Answer: 5.8% m.att
Reason: D, Current dark attack 80% > critical dark 77.62%

2. Given a choice between 5.8% m.att and 8.0% dark attack, which one would maximize your damage for gravity switch?

Answer: 8.0% dark elemental
Reason: D, Current dark attack 80% <  critical dark 98.14%

Note that the main DPS skills for Majesty: Gravity ball, Microholes and Poison Cloud, have extremely high Critical Dark %, which is almost out of reach with current gears.


This tells you that:


On the flip side,

8.0% Dark elemental doesn’t affect non-elemental skills such as Spectrum Shower and 9 Tail Laser or glacial spike (water element)

That’s the reason why, i recommend a FULL DARK build for my majesty, without maxing non-dark skills (no spectrum shower, 9tail at lvl2, glacial spike at lvl1) , simply because a full dark build will maximize your Dark Potential %.

However, if you rely on spectrum shower, 9 tail laser or glacial spike for DPS, i would still ask you to consider 5.8% m.att since it will benefit those skills as well…
Also note that, 5.8% m.att might come with 17% crit opt , which is obviously better than 8% dark alone.

Having said all these, the so-call end game gear with S-rank Sea dragon weapon, will not even involve this tough choice: you can get 4.3% m.att AND 8% dark attack appearing on a single weapon/ring (very high chance).

Useful Link:
Chaos PVE Majesty Guide


Another case on my friend’s Sniper choice of 5.8% phy attack or 8% elemental attack.

He is holding an old manticore bow, so most of his skills are dark-based.

His current dark attack is 76%.

Should he choose 8.0% dark elemental or 5.8% phy attack potential on say, a new ring?

According to his build and stats, the critical dark % are calculated as below:

According to him, his main DPS skills are charged shot, twin shot and ankle shot.

Although his dark attack is very high at 76%, his critical dark % for his 3 main DPS skills are still higher than that.

So to maximize the damage of his DPS skills, he should choose 8.0 dark %.

However, do note that 5.8% mag and phy potential comes with 17% crit sometimes, whereas it’s impossible to get 8% elemental + 17% crit

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