Dragon Nest CN Spirit Dancer PvE Guide

Dragon Nest CN Spirit Dancer PvE Guide by Jackalkoh

My lvl70 2nd skill build

build 1

as usual this is my 2nd test build, not finalized as yet, ive change cuz i find the ambolisher combo refresh screw simply dun match.
Finally lvl 70, here is my latest test skill build that i came out with, more testing in progress for a build that suit my game play, description will only be updated once i finalized my build

build 2


build 3

This is my current skill build
1. Kali tree:
Spirit Blow lvl11
lvl11 is recommended cuz of the damage growth.
A gd skill to break SA and the damage consider quite decent and you need 45 SP in this tree to learn ulti anyway other skill dun seems better for the SP
Phantom Guard lvl5
awesome skill when you need that extra protection when casting dance
the reduction damage is very significant for me @ manti stage (my weakest stage)
rest of the kali’s tree is self explainary

Return kick or watever you call it in english, the 1 the kick monster in sky with stun, pls do not learn it, my experience with it is if i ever want to right click to triger breezecall or illusion gaze at times if i got a stunned monster it will trigger return kick instead of the suppose breezecall/gaze

2. Dancer tree:
Lets just focus in to my selection of skills that i lvl6/11/max
Elegance Dance Lvl 6
Yes lvl6 is good enough for me, as i use it for filler skill now, after much experience with it i dun really like the fact that it took so long to land the full board damage and is stationary
Illusion Dance Lvl10
This is wat makes of the dancer different from other class, additional damage to the Spirit Skill tree, additional damage reduction and a mini heal
Max It Skill accessories highly recommended for this
**Additional Note: the FD calculation is not addon to FD value, it is increase in skill description I.E if the skill has 100%+100 damage, casting 50% illusion dance /breezecall dance will change the skill to 150%+150 damage
Stalker Lvl1
damage growth is not worth the sp into it
Dusk Hunter Lvl1
damage growth is not worth the sp into it
Ambolisher Lvl1
damage growth is not worth the sp into it
**i chose the non EX route as i find its damage real pathetic, but mind you if you skip stalker EX you can’t learn dusk hunter EX, but you can learn Ambolisher EX, pls pick that up although not much for damage but for filler
General Dunn lvl10
Awesome dps skill, 1 of ur must spam skill but use with caution as you need control the direction to effectively deal the full damage, +1 accessories is recommended
Dancing Part 1
Get this to max, its ur backup healing (right click)
Ur DPS buff in Darklair, unless ur team is dealing more then 10k damage if not left click right away for additional damage per hit
Dancing Part 2
This is the skill that makes dancer the great burst damage buff, deals additional damage for every % HP monster is lost, like FA for gladiator but this is a team buff so everyone gets the effect
Left click after 1.5s to activate
**After much research, i think the developer need rewrite the description to avoid furthur misunderstanding of this awesome debuff, the actual debuff at highest potential is at 30%hp of monster, but the damage increase is not cap @ increased 70%.
It is instead 70×1.25% if you got technique accessories equipted which gives the maximum potential @ 87.5% instead of the misunderstand 70% increase damage.
Dancing Part 3
Imo this skill is not useful, as there is not much chance to utilize this skill
Refreshing Screw Lvl 11
This is awesome damage filler skill and power escape skill all in 1, Credits to Koinzel’s Build that i’ve tested and create my very own build
Breeze Call Dance Lvl6
Lvl 6 for 50% increament, i basically use refreshing screw and elegance dance for filler skill for continous dps and save this dance for inner fire
Inner Fire lvl 2
This ulti have faster casting time compare to Irwinia Storm, so between the 2 i chose this

3. Spirit Dancer tree:
Wide Stinger Lvl6
Filler skill to maximised the damage growth
Preator Lvl 4
this is obvious max, its 1 of ur main dps skill, things to note for this skill is it only deal damage on monster of same lvl, which mean if you see a slope try to align with them b4 casting, and prior to cast do not use skill that will hit mobs into sky they will not recieve full damage or even miss it totally

Always rem there is the secondary skill to activate with right click for either blade dancer tree or spirit dancer tree, with blade’s skill with a suction effect, Spirit’s with a short para effect.
So basically when i see a bunch of monster, i will mist step into centre of them and use elegance dance, when last hit out i will right click to suck them in, chain illusion dance right click then sufi dancer, rest is up to cd of skill and situation。
My point here is make use of the right click effect to chain to other skill, dancer can have countless combo chaining similar to acros, possibility is up to ownself

Skill Plate Recommendation
Preator 20% damage
General Dawn blade 20% damage
Sufi Dancer 20% damage
Illusion 12% CD

The choice of skill plate is ur most frequent use skill and highest dps skill, illusion dance for spamming
Latest skill plate changes
Preator -12% CD
General Dawn Blade +20% damage
Sufi Dancer +20% damage
Refreshing Screw +20% damage

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