Dragon Nest SEA Crusader Skills Guide

Dragon Nest SEA Crusader Skills Guide by CrimsonEthereal


  1. Purpose of this skill guide
  2. Updates
  3. The Skill Build
  4. Detailed Skill Description
  5. Recommended Healdry (2nd post)
  6. Recommended Equipment (2nd post)
  7. Crusader Video Soloing Cerberus Nest (2nd post)

Purpose of this skill guide
The purpose of me setting up this guide is to help share my ideal skill build. Choices of following this skill build are fully up to you. My build mainly focus on PvE but can be done well in PvP if use properly.

There will be no need for introduction as many of you are familiarise as to what a Cleric/Paladin/Crusader purpose are in both PvE and PvP.

If not, you can refer to http://forum.cherrycredits.com/forum/topics/view/guide-shiba-s-comprehensive-guide-on-paladins or Google/Youtube on Paladin for more information.
Before going to this skill build, I recommend focusing on Intellect(INT) for equipments to maximising Damage as well as a well-balance Strength(STR) for Physical Damage Skills.

Important Note: As a Paladin and a Crusader wannabe, you can’t just abandon STR and go straight for INT. The skills of Cleric, Paladin and Crusader consist of both Physical and Magical Damage Output. Eg. Electric Smite. Having equipments that add both INT and STR with INT having more stats over STR would be good.

The Skill Build

Without further ado, lets go straight to the skill build itself.

Note: The skill build itself is a standard one that focus more on magic damage than physical.

You can also refer to http://dnarmory.com/skill-calc?c=4≻=20&tc;=42≪=50#whQs1vvNUajzh5jvp2q for a direct link to my crusader skill build on a simulator.

Level 32 Skill Build: http://dnarmory.com/skill-calc?c=4≻=20&tc;=42≪=32#bvlp2VEo22v8c3DsFW

Note: The skills name on the link above are not the same as Dragon Nest SEA version. But the skill effects are the same.

Detailed Skill Description

Now for a more detailed on the skill itself. I’ll only describe the necessary skills that you need to get as well as the pre-requirements. The rest of which are somehow not frequently use skills or, not a necessary skill to focus on. Default skill will not be described as well.

Note 1: Some of the skill are shown maxed at level 50. So don’t misunderstood that the skills are maxed. The mastery level can still be continue as the level cap gets higher.

Note 2: Skill name are according to Dragon Nest SEA.

Cleric Class Skill (From Row Left to Right)

Shield Blow – Leave it at level 2 to unlock requirement for Block. Reasons: Not a main combo, can be use for PvP but low damage per level.

Block – Good skill, one of the main defence/tanking skill, stop at level 6. Reasons: Blocking 7 Attacks is just about right for a 15 sec duration skill. Save the rest of the skill point for other skill.

Aerial Evasion – Max it. Reasons: The lesser the cooldown, the better. Good skill for both PvE and PvP. You don’t want to waste any time lying on the floor.

Charge Bolt – Good damage but leave it as level 1. Reasons:Each level up only does a low amount of damage. Save the skill point for other skill.

Counter Blow – Max at level 1, just learn it.

Heal – The only AOE healing skill for crusader wannabe but long cooldown though. Max it to level 9. Reasons: Useful in a party in both PvE and PvP. Great skill for Nesting, especially when teammates are dying.

Toughness – Passive skill. Max it at level 6. Reasons: Reduce physical damage by 17%, a good life-saver for PvE and PvP. It does not reduce magical damage.

Holy Bolt – Good for catching runaway enemies or trap them before Holy Relic drops. Leave it at level 3. Reasons: Good range skill, but damage output is not high, save the skill point for other skill.

Physical Mastery – Give more health! Max it at level 5.

Sliding Step – Good skill for evading enemy attack as well as move faster. Max it at level 5. Reasons: This skill is a must have for every Action RPG. So..yeah.

Mental Mastery – Give more max mana, leave it at level 2 to unlock Attuned Mind.

Mind Conquer – Regenerate MP. Passive skill, max it at level 3. Reasons: As a Crusader, you spam skill. So having mana recovery might be a good thing. Also, 1 skill point cost per level is not bad either, unless u have other skill to invest in, then leave it at level 1 is alright.

Cleric Skill Note: Why no kicking skill? You’re mainly focus on magic damage, kicking does not help much in maximising your damage per second (DPS) since you’re INT based. Why kick when you can spam skill like a someboodyyy!

Paladin Class Skill (From Row Left to Right) *Job Change at Level 15*

Holy Relic – Big weapon slamming on your enemies, isn’t that epic? Leave it at level 11 for the requirement of Holy Relic EX. Reasons: There’s no need for one. You learn this, you’re epic.

Sacred Hammering – Good buffing skill that helps to get a good combo. Leave it at level 3. Reasons: Damage output per level is quite low.

Lightning Zap – Good skill but since the nerf patch, it have been reduced to maximum of 5 mob hits. Leave it at level 3. Reasons: Save skill point for other skill as well as the next skill which require level 3 of this skill.

Electric Smite – Best skill of Paladin, deal high amount of damage. Definitely max it! Reasons: Core skill of a paladin. Without this skill, the dps are reduce significantly.

Thor’s Hammer – Max it, mastery is at level 1. Ultimate skill for Paladin. Reasons: Great ultimate that helps in your dps. Future update on crusader skills might require this skill. *Important – Pre-requirement for Crusader skills*

Provoke – Skill that fully taunt for a duration. Leave it at level 1. Reasons: Necessary skill for Nesting, especially Sea Dragon Nest. As a sub-tank, you doesn’t need Skill Plate for this skill.

Divine Breaker – leave it at level 2. Reasons: Damage increase per level is low. This skill causes threat as well as good for chasing up to enemies after getting knockback.

Armor Break – Good damage output. Reduce a percentage of enemies’ armor. Max it! Reasons: Low cooldown, high damage! One of the core skill too.

Shield Charge – Charge to enemy. Leave it at level 1. Reasons: Good for chasing, reasonable cooldown. But leave this skill at level 1 so that there are enough skill point for other skills.

Autoblock – Leave it at level 1. Reasons: Leveling this is useless as it only increase by 1%. Save skill point for better skills.

Stance of Faith – Good blocking skill as well as reflect damage. Leave it at level 6. Reasons: As there is a limit to how many skill point can be input into Paladin skill tree, leaving it at level 6 would be just nice. 2 second increase from level 6 to 7 is not really efficient.

Aerial Block – Block damage in the air. Leave it at level 2. Reasons: Most of the time, you won’t be up in the air, unless you got owned…

Divine Punishment – Reflect damage base on the damage you receive without Armor and buff, which will be calculated automatically for you, not the damage you see when you receive. Leave it at level 1.

Iron Will – Reduce damage and magic damage taken. Leave it at level 1. Reasons: Skill limit constraint, level 1 is good enough.

Divine Avatar – God mode for 20 second. *Pump this only when the dual ultimate patch is out* Ultimates share cooldown after one is activated.

Conviction Aura – An auto-cast skill that increase Light Damage and Defence. Good for increasing DPS. Max it at level 4. Drain mana per sec though. Reasons: Good aura skill to have as a crusader, makes your damage even higher.

Paladin Skill Note 1: Why no block counter skill? You don’t need it. Your main skill is more than enough. Successful Block will disrupt skill casting, so make sure to time properly between skills. Let Guardian class handle Elemental Aura instead.

Paladin Skill Note 2: Crusader skills require Thor’s Hammer. No Thor’s Hammer = No Judge’s Power = No Judgement Hammer. However, job change to Crusader doesn’t require Thor’s Hammer. And you can still pump The God’s Within after the dual ultimate patch.

Crusader Class Skill (From Row Left to Right) *Job Change at level 45*

Judge’s Power – Buff that increase % of STR to Magic Damage and % of INT to Physical Damage. Max it at level 2. Reasons: As a crusader, you want to see high damage output, so utilize whatever buff you have to help you do so. *Require Thor’s Hammer Level 1. Source – http://www.dragonnestwiki.com/Crusader/Skill_Table*

Judgement Hammer – Throw a hammer infront of you, deal good damage, nice range. Max it. Reasons: Another core skill for crusader, high damage, low cooldown. Just take it!

Holy Relic EX – Max it. Increase Holy Relic damage by 50% more and larger Area of Effect. Reasons: Bigger and better!

Crusader Skill Note: Not much here since updates haven’t been implemented, just max all the skill.

I am playing as a Magic Crusader wannabe too, so I’ll edit this topic when future updates are implemented.

Pardon me for any grammer or vocabulary mistake. I’ll be editing my thread and posts which doesn’t explain clearly or have mistaken information as well.

Recommended Heraldry

Lets just go straight to the point which healdry to use for a magic crusader. For those who doesn’t know what is heraldry and their purpose, go to http://www.dragonnestsource.com/forum/guides/897-dragon-nests-heraldry-guide.html to know more about the heraldry system.

For a magic crusader, you want to maximise as many dps output as you can get. At the same time, maintaining your coolness. Get all Premiums for heraldry as well. The better the grade, the higher the efficiency.

Status Boost Heraldry: Bear(Add STR), Destruction(Add Phy Att), Wise(Add INT), Magician(Add Mag Att), Ultimate(Add Finals), Fatal(Crit Boost), Wind(Add AGI), Life Vitality(Add Max HP), Health(Add Vit), Delay Resist(Resist Interrupt).

Note: Choose Heraldry that best fit you. Critical ignore defence of the opposition. Its a plus to have crit boost.

Skill Heraldry: Holy Relic(Add Dmg), Electric Smite(Add Dmg), Armor Break(Add Dmg), Lightning Zap(Add Dmg).

Note: Change Armor Break or Lightning Zap to Judgement Hammer when it is available.

Special Skill Heraldry: Manticore Nest(Gravity Ball) or Apocalypse Nest(Call Tentacles).

Note: Well, don’t think too far. When the nest is available, lets grind for it!

My Personal Stats Heraldy Build: Bear(Add STR), Destruction(Add Phy Att), Wise(Add INT), Magician(Add Mag Att), Fatal(Crit Boost), Wind(Add AGI), Life Vitality(Add Max HP), Health(Add Vit).

My Personal Skill Heraldy Build: Holy Relic 20% Damage, Armor Break 20% Damage, Electric Smite 20% Damage, Judgement Hammer 20% Damage (Using Lightning Zap 20% Damage for the moment).

My Personal Special Skill Heraldy Build: Apocalypse Nest(Call Tentacles). Tentacles….

Note: May subject to changes…


Recommended Equipment

*Been busy, not done yet. But, comming soon!*

Crusader Video Soloing Cerberus Nest


*All credit rights goes to the appropriate parties.

Thank you for your time reading this guide, I hope you like it!

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