Dragon Nest SEA Majesty Force User PVE Guide

Dragon Nest SEA Majesty Force User PVE Guide by chaose5

9th of June update, “A New Departure” brought forth the new second job advance for all classes. A Force User can advance into either a Majesty or a Smasher. Majesty will focus on the dark skill line while Smasher will go down the Laser skill line.

My proposed build is a PVE build, taking on supportive and disabling roles in nest party, while dealing decent damage with mostly dark elemental skills.

Majesty Build

Skill description:

Sorceress Tree:
* Glacial Spike: Lv1. Glacial spike is a great DPS skill, with short cd, long range, chance to freeze, and short casting time. Note that while being frozen, damage deal to the target is amplified 1.5x (even on nest bosses). Also, it deals double damage on big-size boss . However, due to SP constraint, I choose not to max this skill.
* Poison Cloud (Toxic Spray) : Max at Lv16. It is one of the best skill in sorceress tree. Fast casting, multiple hit, short cooldown (cd) and dark damage attribute.  Poison cloud, micro-hole, black hole and gravity ball are dark attribute skill and the damage can be boosted with % dark elemental attack stats.
* Force Explosion: Lv3. Fast casting, long range nuke. Keep at lv3 as a prerequisite for the dark skill line.
* Shockwave: Lv2, as prerequisite for laser-tree skill. Great for pushing away nearby mobs.
* Meditation (Mana Flow): Max at Lv1. No need SP to learn. A party buff that reduces MP consumption by 20%.
* Counter Spell (Rising Blast): Max at Lv1. Good for standing up fast after you are down. Give you a small window of invincibility too.
* Aerial Evasion:  Lv1. Good for regain position after you are floated in the air. No need to max unless you are an avid pvp-er.
* Physical Mastery (Health Booster): Lv5. Hp is always good.
* Blink: Max at Lv5. Shortest cd is required. Eraser, Microhole, Gravity Ascension and Gravity Switch can be cancelled half way during casting by blinking. This improves the flexibility of the these skills tremendously.
* Escape (Power Blink): Max at Lv5.
* Mental Mastery (Mental Fortitude) : At Lv3. Increase Max MP.
* Mental Training (Attuned Mind): Max at Lv3. Increase MP regen. The Mp regen amount has been boosted recently. There is not need to max this, one level is sufficient. Only put SP in it if you have some odd SP amount and no where else to spend it.

Force User Tree:
* Gravity Ball (Gravity Blast): Max at Lv12. Add a 20% damage inc A crest to boost its damage would be a good idea.Short cd, spammable skill. Notice that the ball deals 2 type of damages. While the ball is travelling, it deals small damage to whatever it touches. However, after a certain duration and/ or when the ball hit  any obstables/floor, it will explode and deal a high amount of damage. After learning Gravity Ball EX, this skill gained a 40% damage boost,  and becomes one of the best dps skills for a Majesty.
* Gravity Lance (Gravity Spark): Lv1. Dark attribute. Short cd, fast casting and SUPER long range. Left click after you blink or teleport to activate. Can be chained easily into microholes for additional damage. It also serves a convenient and quick damage booster after an evasion blink in boss battle. It deals a max of 3 hits on a single target, and need to be aimed at the base/feet of the target to deal the maximum damage.
* Microholes (Triple Orbs): Max at Lv12. Damage is fantastic, espeically on large bosses. It is one of the best DPS skill for force user in boss battle. You can cancel it halfway by blinking. Very flexible. Dark attribute.
* Black Hole: Lv4. This skill is not a DPS skill, but rather a crowd control skill to gather mobs. Dark attribute. I decide to increase it to lvl4 to double the size of the black hole and maximize the suction power. However, the skill suffers from low damage, slow casting and long cd.
*Summon Comet:lv5. This skill has enhanced AOE at lv5. It combos very well with a lv4 blackhole too.  At lvl5, the size of the comet is doubled. This skills has high superarmor breaking ability too. Note that this skill is non-elemental.
*Gravity Ascension (Gravity Crush):Lv3. Dark attribute has been given to this skill recently. However, this skill is still not a good DPS skill. This skill is useful in disabling small mobs and certain bosses in nest such as black smokes in Apocalypse nest and Golem in Manticore nest. It also has very high superarmor destruction ability and good in breaking the walls, stones and pillars in Archbishop nest(hellmode) and Apocalypse nest (hellmode).
*Meteor Swarm (Meteor Storm):Lv1. This skill has bigger AOE and higher damage as compared to Eraser. Non-elemental. It also has very high superarmor destruction ability and can break the superarmor  of some bosses in nest, such as medusa and golem in manticore nest. Some might think that it is not as flexible as the other lv40 ultimate: Eraser because it can’t be cancel half way during its 8.5sec of casting time.
TIPS: You can actually cancel meteor swarm by a simple trick. Press ESC and click “Escape from abnormal coordinate” or type /escape (you can copy and paste too)
* Linear ray: Lv1. Long range, moderate damage, slow cast, multi-hit. No elemental attribute (similar to spectrum shower and Eraser).
* Force Wave (Void Blast): Lv1. Right click after you blink OR teleport. Low damage, but good for interruption and cancel others skill. In PVP, it causes your opponent to stagger, which means you can quickly sneak in a simple normal attack to knock him down.
* Force Shield : Lv2. Passively activated when you are hit. Pretty useless skill but I got to learn to go down this skill tree.
* Nine-tailed Laser: Lv2. A new skill for Force User in Z-mode update. Good damage if all the 9 lasers hit the target, which is easy against large-sized bosses. However, the damage is not as good against smaller size targets. It deals 2 types of damage (touch and explosive damage) and hit up to 18 hits max. The laser explodes upon contact with obstacles, wall and floor. Explosive damage is higher than touch damage. Lv2 is the prerequisite for Energy Reflection Mirror.
* Energy Reflection Mirror (Force Mirror): Lv1. This skill is one of the main reason why I choose to venture down the laser tree. Allow you to summon a mirror that increases 20% magic damage received by the surrounding targets. Last 12sec. However, what really make this skill look sexy is the ability of this skill to block various stuff in Sea Dragon Nest: cerberus in stage 4, binding vine at stage 6 and ice bind in sea dragon battle. Not to mention, it can also block electric ogre hugging and apocalypse spinning attack in apocalypse nest.
*Spectrum Shower (Ray): Lv1. The additional 10 Sp from 22nd September update allow me to learn this skills. Large circular AOE. Additional damage will be induced if used against large bosses like manticore and apocalypse. However, the casting time is relatively slow and it is non-elemental (cannot be boosted with dark %).
* Teleport: Lv1. Add 20% reduce cd crest for it, which reduce the cd from 15sec to 12sec. Keep force user mobile. Right-click after teleport to activate Force Wave or Left-click for Gravity Lance.
* Time Stop: Lv5. One of the most powerful disabling skill in game. For PVE, 8.5sec of time stop at lv5. However, most bosses in nest can’t be timestopped but the first and third bosses in Archbishop Nest and first two bosses in manticore nest can be timestopped. Still very good for disabling various mobs in nest.
* Time Interruption (Time Dodge): Lv2. Left click after being hit into delay to activate a mini Time Stop. 1.5sec of time stop at lv2. Almost useless in PVE, but useful in PVP for counterattack. Lv2 is the prerequisite for Time Acceleration.
* Time Acceleration (Fast Forward): Lv3. After Z-mode patch, this skills is no longer considered as a Force User ultimate. However, it is still one of the best support skill in game. Accelerate the cooldown for all skills of all party members and yourself (not counting this skill) by 80% for 14sec at lv3. Maxing this skill give additional 1 sec  duration as compared to lvl1, which shaves additional 5 seconds CD from all skills.

Majesty Tree:
* Gravity Ball EX (Gravity Blast EX): Lv1 . Add 40% damage to gravity ball. It’s not a new skill but learning this  will enhance the gravity ball. Also, allow the gravity ball to explode three times and has very large AOE.
*Magic Steal: Lv1. Allow majesty to copy buff from target. Pretty useless for PVE. However, it is required to learn the following skill. Note that as opposed to the skill name itself, it doesn’t dispel the buff on your target.
*Gravity Switch:Lv1. This is an extremely powerful skill. It is ranked top 3 in terms of damage/casting time in all Majesty’s skill. However, the cd for this skill is abit long. It is dark elemental. Large AOE, fast casting, extremely good damage. It can be cancelled half-way by blinking away. I believe this skills is superior than Spectrum shower because it doesn’t have any blink spot (spectrum shower can’t hit melee range) and the damage is induced immediately after cast (spectrum shower has much slower casting time).

Skill Arrangement in Skill Panels

I have set the skill panel page change button to “G” instead of the default “~”.

The 6 to 0 keys have been reassigned by me too (see figure below) for easier access.

First page is filled with fast CD and fast casting skills, which i use very often.
First page: 1-Poison Cloud, 2-Shockwave, 3-Microholes, 4-Nine-tailed laser, 5-Mirror, Q-Timestop, E-Gravity Ball, R-Summon Comet, F-Teleport, C-Glacial Spike

The second page is filled with longer cd and/or slower casting skills.
Second page: 1-Meditation, 2-Meteor Swarm, 3-Dark Energy Ball, 4-Linear Ray/Spectrum Shower, 5-Magic Steal, Q-Gravity Switch, E-Force Explosion, R-Blackhole, F-Gravity Ascension, C-Time Acceleration.

I have set Pick Item to X, Revive to Z, Auto run to V, and Reverse Camera-B

Skill Crest combination:
The choice of skill crests for Gravity ball, microhole and poison cloud are pretty obvious because they are the best damage skills for a Majesty with fairly short cd. Teleport is added because of my personal preference because I like to teleport a lot and sometimes, the ability to teleport at crucial moment means life or death.

Poison Cloud – dmg inc 20%
Gravity Ball – dmg inc 20%
Teleport – reduce cooldown 20%
Microhole – dmg inc 20%

Dark manticore – Dark Energy Ball skill
* This skill is more useful compared to other boss skills because it has super long range and it has high superarmor breaking ability. Extremely useful in Sea Dragon Nest to break Ice in Stage 7 and Vine Grip in Stage 6.

How to get Gravity Ball and Teleport A-ranked crest easily
* The answer is “Dimensional Shards”. Use 800 shards to exchange for a Force User lv 16 below crest bag at the scholar NPC.  This bag basically give you a random A skill crest for Force User. But wait a moment, there are only 3 skills below lv 16 for Force user: Gravity ball, Linear Ray and Teleport. This means that you have 2/3 chance of getting the crest you want through this method.

Many readers have asked me about using this build for PVP.

Although i seldom PVP, i do know the key concept for a PVP majesty. To modify the skill build for PVP purpose, simply delevel the BlackHole or remove Glacial Spike to put some SP into Air Kick (Hammer Strike) skill and you should do well in PVP.

Air Kick is commonly used in conjuction with time stop or time interruption to down your opponent, and then start your combo. However, if your opponent is casting a skill just before time stop/interruption, additional superarmor will stay on him and you will not be able to down him with a weak superarmor break skills such as Air Kick. In that case, you will have to opt to higher superarmor break skills such as Summon Comet.

Another important combo starter for PVP is, Blink/Teleport -> Force Wave -> Normal Attack, which will also down your opponent if he has no superarmor/counter attack/blink. The reason why this build is suitable for PVP too, is because you have Force Wave which is rarely pick up by other PVE build. Not to mention, i have added a Teleport Plate which reduces the CD and allows you to be very mobile in PVP.

Typical PVP chain combo normally involves, Gravity ball (imba damage and cd), poison cloud to make sure opponent stays down longer, microholes with just 1 or 2 balls, gravity lance to push the opponent from the 1st ball to the 2nd ball for additional damage, Summon Comet to down your opponent, Gravity Switch for high damage and float, Gravity Ascension and Meteor Swarm to make sure your opponent cannot escape and stays down. And of course, time acceleraton and time stop are extremely powerful in PVP.

Discussion Highlights:
Here i will link a few important discussion and FAQ in this thread for easier reference:

Time Acceleration versus Spirit Boost
DPS Comparison with Elemental Lord, Bow Master and Academic
Why learning Force Wave and Gravity Lance is better than maxing Spectrum Shower or 9-Tail Laser?
How big is lv4 Blackhole as compared to lv1 Blackhole?
What suffix do i use?
What stats enhancement heraldry/crest do i use?
What gear am i using?
Comparison between 40S and 50A gear

Suggested Build for Various Level Cap:

I decide to add this section because players in DN NA and future players from DN SEA might need some references of skill builds at 24,32,40 level cap. The build for 24, 32 and 40 level cap shown here doesn’t require any skill reset and you will eventually be able to reach the lvl50 build shown above.

However, i have also added a skill build for lvl40 which requires you to reset skills (which is given at lvl40+45 in DN China).

Lv24 Cap
Force User is pretty weak at this stage. Minotaur Nest is very challenging to force user at this level. Just pray that lvl32 cap opens soon ^_^

Lv32 Cap
When cerberus nest is released, force user might see a soar in popularity because of the ability to disable most boss in the nest. Timestop disable almost everything in cerberus nest, except cerberus himself. However, Cerberus can be pinned down with Gravity Ascension, allowing your party member to deal damage to him safely for 6~7 sec.

Lv40 cap

If you going down the dark tree, i don’t recommend learn the Meteor Swarm. Getting Gravity Ascension is good enough because you can disable bosses at 1st, 2nd, and 4th stage of manticore nest (normal/hell), and 5 shadows boss in Apocalypse nest (normal/hell). With this build, you don’t even need a skill rest at lvl45 when the lvl50 cap is released.

Lv40 cap

An alternative build is provided here, if you have a skill reset at lvl40 and 45. This build, i believe is superior to the one showned above in term of DPS. You also gain the lv40 laser ultimate: Eraser, which has 75% damage reduction during casting. This build also give you a chance to try out Spectrum Shower, which is the signature move of the laser tree with amazing AOE and damage. However, you will lose the disabling ability of Gravity Ascension. 

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