Bounty Hounds Online Modify CTU Visual Level Guide

Bounty Hounds Online Modify CTU Visual Level Guide by Chexxhar

Hello Community.

I used this Night to farm and level CTU´s, so i can present you a little Video-Tutorial where you can see how i Visualized my CTU.

It´s about 5 minutes long and i tooks my CTU through the LvL 52 Specc from Visual-Level 2 up to Visual-Level 4.

I Hope that this will help you Guys.

There will be more Videos in the Future on my YT-Chann.

So, here it is and we´ll see us in the Future.

Text Instructions:

1) Get your CTU to the Specc you want it to.
2) Use Modify Parts to get Component Stability to 0/100.
3) Use a CTU-Component-Stabilizer.
4) Now you are on next visual level.
5) Repeat it, till Visual-Level 5 :-)

BE AWARE: By switching the Specialisation, the Visual Level will be set Back. :-)

PS: If there are any Questions left, PM me Ingame :-]

Chexx — Engi — Nihilum-Squad — Bellicus Legion — Aurora

EDIT from Tominor: This version is outdated, the visual modification system works differently now, you don’t need the Stabilisers anymore

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Reupload video please… and put some written steps so that if anything happen with your video… we can still follow ur guide.

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