Bounty Hounds Online Pirate Spy Quest Tip

Bounty Hounds Online Pirate Spy Quest Tip by Fuzzy7ogic

Hello Bounty’s

This is another Newbie guide for everybody, this is all about finishing the Pirate Spy quest quickly, no need to wait for him to respawn on his spot. Just follow my simple tip below with screenshot..

Here’s what you need to do:

Click the Red rectangular box on the screenshot “Pirate Spy: 0/1” on your Quest Window, then it will let you to go at Pirate Spy spot. Once you are on the spot, now you need to open your Inventory by pressing “B” on your keyboard, then click the Red square box “Optical Camouflage Probe” and it will summon the Pirate Spy =p. (see screenshot below)

Posted Image

At least you don’t need to wait for Pirate Spy to respawn and do some Kill Steal. Hahaha..

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