Bounty Hounds Online Combat Tactical Unit Guide

Bounty Hounds Online Combat Tactical Unit (CTU) Guide by Xairam

Combat Tactical Units (otherwise known as CTUs) are highly advanced sentient creatures which after the destruction of their home world have lied in slumber across the galaxy in living biomachines called cores.

Recent advances in human technology have allowed for the discovery of these cores, and ultimately their revival. It was thanks to this event that the CTUs have become mankind’s powerful protectors and allies.

Once awakened, a CTU takes on the form of a mechanical creature built and equipped with highly advanced alien technology that allows them to grow, evolve, and ultimately sacrifice themselves to pass on what they were to other CTUs.

CTUs come in 3 major categories:

• Thunderbolt: Ranged specialist CTUs that are equipped with state of the art particle cannons which spell danger for anything that comes within its range.
• Steelblade: Agile close quarters CTUs with enhanced limbs that allow them to tear apart any opponents that come into contact with them.
• Ironback: CTUs imbued with a specially designed body capable of withstanding the harshest of punishments from both their environment and enemies.

Under each CTU category, there are 6 different types:

  • Thunderbolt
    • Wolf-shaped CTU (Primeval)
    • Wolf-shaped CTU (Irregular)
    • Wolf-shaped CTU (Boss)
    • Raptor-shaped CTU (Primeval)
    • Raptor-shaped CTU (Irregular)
    • Raptor-shaped CTU (Boss)
  • Steelblade
    • Sabercat-shaped CTU (Primeval)
    • Sabercat-shaped CTU (Irregular)
    • Sabercat-shaped CTU (Boss)
    • Scorpion-shaped CTU (Primeval)
    • Scorpion-shaped CTU (Irregular)
    • Scorpion-shaped CTU (Boss)
  • Ironback
    • Wasp-shaped CTU (Primeval)
    • Wasp-shaped CTU (Irregular)
    • Wasp-shaped CTU (Boss)
    • Sapien-shaped CTU (Primeval)
    • Sapien-shaped CTU (Irregular)
    • Sapien-shaped CTU (Boss)

Like your character, CTUs can grow and level up, evolve, and be upgraded to become a powerful and indispensable ally on the battlefield.

To summon a CTU, just click on the Activate/Deactivate CTU button on your sidebar. You can only have 1 CTU summoned at any given time.

CTU Screen

You can open the CTU window by pressing [P] on your keyboard. This window displays basic CTU information such as:
Posted Image

1.) CTU Name
Indicates the CTU’s name.

2.) CTU Class and Quality
Indicates the basic type of CTU and its quality, ranging from 2-4 stars.

3.) Armor Rating
Ranges from 1 to 4; 1 being your CTU’s basic appearance, 4 being its maximum evolved appearance. This is affected by the level of your CTU mod.

4.) Specialization
Your CTU’s current specialization.

5.) Durability
Each time a CTU’s HP is reduced to 0, it is automatically unsummoned and its durability will be reduced. Once its durability reaches 0, it cannot be summoned until it is restored with a CTU Repair Kit. You can get this item from quest and event rewards, boss drops, or the Emporium.

6.) Active CTU
Displays the current CTU that is activated. Each player can have up to a maximum of 5 CTUs as indicated by the available slots. To unlock the Locked slots, you will need a CTU Portable Kit. These kits can be acquired from boss drops, event and quest rewards, or the Emporium.

7.) HP and SP Bar
Indicates your CTUs current HP and SP.

8.) Stats, A. Stats, and Mod Lvl / Mod Max
Indicates the current level stats given by CTU mods and the max possible stats attainable by CTU mods.

CTU Acquisition

CTUs can be acquired either from unlocking cores dropped by bosses, or by crafting CTU Locators which allows you to find/receive random CTU Cores.

You can learn the CTU Locator crafting skill in a quest from Icebreaker Calahan, found in the Wasteland starting map.

Posted Image

• Get the CTU Locator Quest. Calahan will provide you with the starting materials in order to craft a CTU Locator.
• Once you have received the materials from Calahan, click and read the two blueprints. This will open the R&D; Menu [I]. Proceed to the SET tab to craft the CTU Locator.
• Choose the desired CTU Locator that you want to craft. Make sure to pay attention to the success rates.
• Craft the CTU Locator.
• Once successful, activate the CTU Locator for a chance to receive random CTU cores.

CTU Customization
You can customize your CTU companion with the following options found on the CTU screen:

Name: you can freely change the name of your CTU at any time by clicking on the rename button. This follows the same limitations as character names (alphanumeric, case sensitive).

Appearance: A CTUs appearance is mainly affected by its model type and the level of its CTU mods. The closer it is to the limits shown on Mod. Max, the higher its armor rating and appearance will be.

You can also change its color by clicking on PAINT to bring up a selection of color swatches to use on your CTUs armor plating. Changing the color requires a special item called CTU Paint Kit. This is available as quest and event rewards, boss monster drops and in the Emporium.

Posted Image


Each CTU comes with a basic skill set based on its type and specialization. You can however add additional skills for the CTU. These CTU skills can be acquired as boss drops, quest and event rewards, and Emporium items.


Once your CTU has reached level 30, it will be capped at that level until you choose a specialization for it. You can open the specialization window by clicking on SPECIALIZATION on your CTU screen.

Each specialization provides the CTU with:

• Higher level cap
• Higher stats
• Higher Mod. Max limits
• Specialized Skills
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Transforming your CTU into a chosen specialization requires that it meets the minimum level requirements, and Spec Exp. Spec Exp can be acquired from doing quests or using special Items that grant your active CTU Spec Exp.

Since changing a CTU’s specialization affects its Mod. Max, it will also affect its Armor Rating. A CTU will revert to a lesser Armor Rating appearance until its existing Mod level is brought back up to its new Mod Max.

Specialization will not remove existing Mods on a CTU unless its Mods are higher than the allowed Mod Max in a chosen specialization.

CTU Upgrading

CTUs can be upgraded with the use of CTU mods. These Mods increase a CTU’s stats and change its appearance. To apply mods to your CTU, click on the MODIFICATION tab on the bottom of your CTU screen.

Posted Image

[ A ] CTU Stats
This indicates the CTU stat changes after upgrading. Successful upgrades will show how many stats have been added to your CTU (green text). When a stats’ text turns red, it means that the CTU has maxed that particular stat in its specialization. The more red text/maxed stats a CTU has through upgrading, the higher its Armor Rating (appearance) will be.

[ B ] Click on the “Choose a modifier” to bring up a drop down list of CTU Mods you have available in your backpack.

There are 3 Types of CTU Mods:

• Thunderbolt Mods: Raises Ranged Attack and Max SP
• Steelblade Mods: Raises Melee Attack and Crit Damage
• Ironback Mods: Raises Max HP, Def Lvl, and Dmg Reduction

CTU mods can be found from boss drops, event and quest rewards, dismantled CTUs, and Emporium.

[ C ] After selecting the desired Mod to use, simply specify the amount of Mods, then click START.

Mods have a 50/50 base chance of upgrading a CTU. This chance does not change regardless of how many or how high the existing Mods are on a CTU.

Each failed upgrade attempt will reduce a CTU’s stability. Once the CTU’s stability has reached 0, the CTU cannot be summoned. You must use a CTU Stabilizer to restore its stability to 100 before you can resume upgrading or summoning it.

Stabilizers can be found from boss drops, event and quest rewards, dismantled CTUs, and the Emporium.

Mod Screen
The mod screen showing the CTU’s Fghter and Battloid form will also show the CTU’s current and higher Armor Rating available for its model. Click on the [<] or [>] to scroll through the different Armor Rating appearances of the CTU model.

CTU Dismantling

Your CTU space is limited. In order to make new space, you must dismantle an existing CTU to free up space. Dismantling CTUs are not a total loss. Whenever a CTU is dismantled there is a chance for it to leave part of its being for use with other CTUs. To dismantle a CTU, click on DISMANTLE on the CTU screen.

Posted Image

Once the Dismantling window is brought up, here you will see what materials you can possibly get from dismantling a CTU, as well as the chance that you will get them.

Below that, you can see what other possible materials you can get from dismantling the chosen CTU if it has reached a particular level.

Once you have decided on dismantling a CTU, click on START to begin the dismantling process.

Dismantled CTUs usually provide:

• Spec Exp Databases
• CTU Mods

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