Bounty Hounds Online Foggy Bay Map Leaders Guide

Bounty Hounds Online Foggy Bay Map Leaders Guide by Skimi

The insecttype Mapleader is this Crab thing. I guess everyone questing in foggy did notice him. It is a tank and spank fight. This boss is very easy, he does little damage on the tank and there is some debuffs, which can be dispelled. Dispelling them is not essential, but i think the debuff lowers the skilltime of the tank. The only mean thing about that boss is, that he has this shield regeneration. Maybe you can interrupt that spell, we didnt pay attention to that and just dps’ed him down.

the mechanicaltype Mapleader can be found at the end of a pier at the marina.
This boss is a range attacking boss. As far as i remember, he did have a dispellable debuff, but again i dont know what the effect of it was. From time to time, this boss does an AOE fireattack, which leaves a quite dangerous burning area on the ground. This attack can be interrupted. If you dont have an interrupting class, you should move out of the firezone, or even avoid getting hit by it. the healer will thank you, your experience bar aswell. there is only a little room on that pier, so kill engaging trash and continue bossfighting.

in the 3rd warehouse, the raptorboss can be found. Typical for raptor bosses, he does buff himself with berserkbuffs, every now and then. This makes him stronger, the longer the fight takes. Since we most often killed the mapbosses with 2 or 3 people, this one was really a challenge. If you take more players, the boss does not hit that hard at the end and will be more easy to kill. He has one random aggro attack but should switch back to the tank soon.

the humantype mapleader is a tapir guy patrolling up in the north. he patrols some piers and the spot of the overlord crabs. In this position there is no autoattacking trash, so this is a good place to fight him. This boss is very easy on the one hand, but very dangerous aswell. the most important thing about him is the movement. from time to time, he casts a special attack, where he spawns this nasty chemicalbrawler like lightning clouds around him. if you stay in this aoe circle, you will get alot of debuffs, and you will die. interrupt that spell(if that works) or run out of melee range until those clouds disappear. then engage him again and do some damage. he is a little slower with that clouds around him, so you can easily kite him. as far as i remember, it was more or less a random aggro fight. this does not matter since he does minor damage(except the clouds). Since you dont want the guy to reset, while you run away from the clouds, you should look for an orientation spot. f.e. the electrical inductor spot, and run around in circles on that spot. rangedps is good for this boss, if you dont interrupt the clouds.
we killed him with two people, engi and shock, which took quite a long time, both around lvl 45. This shows how easy that boss is, but dont underestimate the clouds, they will surely kill you, if you dont run away from them.

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