Bounty Hounds Online Comprehensive Guide

Bounty Hounds Online Comprehensive Guide by Selsius

This tutorial is base on the experience and knowledge i accumulate during the last 4 months. Explanations will be mix with my personal opinion of the game. So i’m not god and what i’ll talk here is not the only true. The purpose of this guide is to give you way to improve your character and know more about BHO mecanism.


Bounty Hounds Online is a free-to-play MMORPG which take place in SF world. There are five playable classes: Shock Trooper, Heavy Gunner, Chemical Brawler, Engineer, and Agent. Every character class has its unique play style of melee or ranged attack as well as supporting abilities.

Character class

Shock Trooper
Heavy Gunner
Chemical Brawler

Personal rank of character (best to worst):
PvM/PvE : Heavy Gunner/Chemical Brawler/Engineer/Shock Trooper/Agent
PvP: Heavy Gunner/Chemical Brawler/Shock Trooper/Agent/Engineer

Why this rank : The main problem is all weapon get the same stat, Class stats give close nothing (Will/Power etc). So the difference between all char is given by their skill (% and capacity) + the mechanism of skilling…which lead to get big difference in dps on long time for PvM/PvE and short for PvP.

1. Attribute points
Will (Max SP/SP recovery/Max shield)
Power (Melee damage/Critical damage/Block reduction)
Accuracy (Range damage/Critical damage/Shield Recovery)
Stamina (Max HP/HP recovery/Defence)
Reflexes (Critical chance/Evasion/Block chance)

2. Useful titles

A top 6 of needed title for all class

  • Rising Star (Attack +5%)
  • Champion (HP+5%/attack +2.5%)
  • Heaven Shacking Thunder(Max SP+5%/attack +2.5%)
  • Know-it-all (Defence+10%)
  • Dueling expert (Attack +3.5%/Evasion 2.5%)
  • Crushing defeat (Critical chance +2.5% /Evasion +2.5%)

3. Weapon skill effect

XX is function of the weapon level. This table is dedicate to final gear build : In BHO there is no dedicate gear for each class, you can wear what you want ! Furthermore it’s more interesting to get double/triple gear when you have not useful debuff compare to powerful one’s (cf. unable to move/unable to skill). You could see elemental weapon set view here

Shock Trooper

Bad DPS mechanism in PvE/PvM position
PvP is quite similar if you get a good opponent. As Berserk build if i don’t inflict max damage in very short time i’m dead because i don’t get any control.

Stat build recommended : 2 Power / 1 Reflexes (DPS) or 1 Power / 2 Reflexes (Tank)
Skill build recommended : Berserk / Templar / Shielder

I won’t explain each skill one by one for shock, he don’t get a lot and they are easy comprehensible.

Berserk build is based on maximazing the effect of blaster which work well on close range against opponent (PvP issue). Left tree maximized with 6/6 on Photon shocker to get the maximum debuff hit available (10% with enhance + 6% photon) but be clear on something this debuff is useless for the moment.

That’s why i worked on Templar build which give more control solution against opponent interrupt skill + paralyze but reduce blaster elemental damage done and other damage skills. Elemental damage are not blocked (we don’t have any elemental resistance and do the maximum damage. It’s the same if you get 4k def or 2)

Shielder is based on the natural defense capacity of shock who get the best defense skill of the game (defense + evasion) and the combo Photon shockwave + light guided excitation which make you tank like a boss

PvM/PvE skill combo : Light cross/shocker/optic guide/sonic jet (if available)/spiral
when face low aoe all and use blaster.

PvP : optic guide / blaster / spiral / overclocking / etc (anyway the start depend of how far your opponent is : could start with blaster directly)

Gear build recommended (pictures are link to gear) :

  • PvM/PvE/PvP (against non elemental weapon) :

Chips build : Crit/Eva/Crit/Eva/NA/NA (Chips process will be explain in craft part)
Dictator Set Si55 :

Jewelry/Accessory :

  • Evasion/attack


  • Attack

Laser elemental weapon Annihilate set :
Chips build : Attack/Attack

Final stat Berzerk :
Title Crushing defeat (2.5%crit/2.5%eva)
Buff included (Amplification (6))
Evasion/attack jewelry
Miss 5.38% in Hit (bug from elemental weapon)
Add 156 damage in elemental (bonus from elemental weapon)

Final stat Templar:
Title Crushing defeat (2.5%crit/2.5%eva)
Buff included (Amplification (2)+Protection(2))
Evasion/attack jewelry
Miss 5.38% in Hit (bug from elemental weapon)
Add 156 damage in elemental (bonus from elemental weapon)

  • PvP :

Chips build : Crit/Hit/Crit/Hit/NA/NA
Avenger Set Si55 :

Jewelry/Accessory :

  • Evasion/attack


  • Attack

Ice or Electrical elemental weapon Annihilate set :
Chips build : Attack/Attack

Final stat Berzerk :
Title Rising Star (Attack +5%)
Buff included (Amplification (6))
Attack jewelry
Miss 5.38% in Hit (bug from elemental weapon)
Add 156 damage in elemental (bonus from elemental weapon)

Final stat Templar:
Title Rising Star (Attack +5%)
Buff included (Amplification (2)+Protection(2))
Attack jewelry
Miss 5.38% in Hit (bug from elemental weapon)
Add 156 damage in elemental (bonus from elemental weapon)

Heavy Gunner

Link to Sado build discussion on gunner (put as Dementer build). Compare to Shock build, for me a single gear needed. Heavy gunner is actually the best dps of BHO

Stat build recommended : 2 Accuracy / 1 Reflexes
Skill build recommended : Striker / Dementer

Gear build recommended :

  • PvM/PvE/PvP :

Chips build : Crit/Crit damage/Crit/Hit/NA/NA (balanced build)
Dictator Set Si55 :

Jewelry/Accessory :

Ice/Electrical/Fire elemental weapon Annihilate/Annihilate/Warrior set :
Chips build : Range/Range

Magma Twin GlaiveLavaburst Cannon

Final stat Dementer :
Title Rising Star (Attack +5%)
Buff included (Thermal conduction (2) + Atmospheric Reflectance (2))
Attack jewelry
Miss 5.38% in Hit (bug from elemental weapon)
Add 156 damage in elemental (bonus from elemental weapon)

Chemical Brawler

One of the best DPS mechanism
Stat build recommended : 1 Power / 2 Reflexes (Tank)
Skill build recommended : Avenger / SwashBuckler

SwashBuckler build : you can refer to Deiana build post

Avenger build start from the remark of Deiana about the global non use of Frost regeneration (which can stay useful in PvP situation). All point lost on pre-requirement for it go on left tree to get Sudden Frost and maximize Frost density plate. Frost density plate is a must have for chemical (immune all attack) for pvp or pve in critical situation.

PvM/PvE skill combo : Frost particle leap (aoe) / Frost attack (aoe) / Shrapnel (single target) / Sudden Frost (aoe+knockback)

PvP : place the most earlier Frost attack (multiple attack = multiple capacity to debuff your opponent)
Blaster strike / Frost attack / Frost particle leap / Shrapnel / Sudden Frost and so on.. Think about Frost density plate if it’s shock to counter blaster or gunner hellfire.

Gear build recommended :

  • PvM/PvE/PvP (against non elemental weapon) :

Chips build : Crit/Eva/Crit/Eva/NA/NA
Dictator Set Si55 :

Jewelry/Accessory :

  • Evasion/attack


  • Attack

Ice elemental weapon Annihilate set :
Chips build : Attack/Attack

Icebound CestusIcebore Launcher

Final stat Avenger :
Champion (HP+5%/attack +2.5%)
Buff included (Frost prediction (6) + Frost opiate (2))
No jewelry
Miss 5.38% in Hit (bug from elemental weapon)
Add 156 damage in elemental (bonus from elemental weapon)

You can also works on a “pvp” set like i’ve done for shock to get better Hit/Crit capacity


This character can get two face : DPS/Healer. You can decide to mix the capacity (as hybrid) or go for full pure build.
Stat build recommended : 2 Accuracy / 1 Reflexes (DPS) or 2 Accuracy / 1 Will (Support)
Skill build recommended : Conqueror / Paladin / Saint

Tip : Heal is function of your DPS (that’s why healer have to wear Si55 weapons) elemental damage are not taking into account in the formula of heal skills

Build explain :

Conqueror is based on full DPS issue. Nothing more to explain full left tree build

Paladin build is based on taking “stuka” which is an aoe stun and invest the rest in support build

Saint is my actual build on Engineer. As it always play in group this build capacity give the best support you can ever get in game in long run. My heal go from 6.6k to 14k, give 12% defense, give sp regen 65/5s, rez. Those kind of char is required for last instance or cambria event. Tanks/dps take a lot of constant damage (counter with superconducting medical device lvl 4 = 428 hp every 3s during 24s) or big damage (4k to 15k depend of boss). This char is very particular in term of consumption … you are very dependant of your build and set during your lvling. You can’t max directly your heal skill or you’ll be very fast in lack of mana. Major Heal 4 cost 429 sp per cast (the biggest cost sp skill in the game is a heal spell )

Gear build recommended for DPS :

  • PvM/PvE/PvP :

Chips build : Crit/Crit damage/Crit/Hit/NA/NA (balanced build)
Avenger Set Si55 :

Jewelry/Accessory :

Ice/Electrical elemental weapon Annihilate set :Chips build : Range/Range

Icebound CestusIcebore LauncherLiquid Plasma BladeElectromagnetic Aftershock Crossbow

Gear build recommended for Healer :

  • PvM/PvE/(PvP) :

Chips build : Crit/Crit damage/Crit/Hit/NA/NA (balanced build)
Dictator Set Si55 :

Jewelry/Accessory :

Si55 weapon Annihilate set :Chips build : Range/Range

Final stat Saint :
Heaven Shacking Thunder(Max SP+5%/attack +2.5%)
Buff included (Defense (6) + sp regen (6))
Attack jewelry
Miss 6% from ultra crit chips


Particular skill system play with “mark”. Agent got a lot of control skills but not big damage skills like gunner or shock.
Stat build recommended : 1 Power / 2 Reflexes or Full Reflexes
Skill build recommended : NightHawk

As i don’t play a lot Agent this my theorized build of agent. Right tree enable you to control your target (debuff/no skill/ interrupt skill) close the gap with target and deal damage with umbra conversion/exhaustion. Umbra snipe just help for putting mark on target. Invest the maximum in evasion gear for pvp : it will enable you to avoid a lot of hit.

Gear build recommended :

  • PvP :

Chips build : Crit/Eva/Crit/Eva/NA/NA
Avenger Set Si55 :

Jewelry/Accessory :

  • Attack

Ice/Electrical/Bio elemental weapon Annihilate set :
Chips build : Attack/Attack

Icebount CestusIcebore LauncherLiquid Plasma BladeElectromagnetic Aftershock CrossbowAvenger CirclebladesPrimordial Swamp Hunting Rifle


2 basic questions : Why ? How ?

Why because you need early in the game to solve quest with craft. But the main purpose is to make your own stuff and by extension to make your elemental weapon which are bound craft item. How will be explain with what it follows.

[I] key show you the windows for craft :

As you can see there is multiple internal list of items :

1. Melee Weapon

Great Sword
Twin Glaive

2. Ranged Weapon

Sniper Rifle
Heavy Machine Gun

3. Armor


4. Items

CTU Potions

5. Sets (as showed on screen)

All Instances sets
Elemental Weapon

How to up it ? : Simply by making items ! The best way is to make potions.

Requirement for crafting Instance set :

DA Normal set : lvl 7 to 9 (5 Stars items)
DA Difficult set : lvl 9 to 11 (6 Stars items)
SH Normal set : lvl 14 to 16 (5 Stars items)
SH Difficult set : lvl 17 to 19 (6 Stars items)
SI Normal set : lvl 19 to 21 (5 Stars items)
SI Difficult set : lvl 21 to 23 (6 Stars items)
Cambria Weapon set : lvl 24 (6 Stars items)
Chips V : lvl 25 (lvl max)

How to make item ?

Instance craft

For Weapon/Armor/Items, they are automatically added to your list when you have the level requirement. For Instance set, you need the blueprint in the Instance.
As red line for instance, you get blueprints from boxes (gloves and boots) from sub-boss (shoulders and helm) and from boss (chest and legguards).

this is what it looks like and you have to drop all formula for each (6 pieces * 5 char + 2 for weapons) for each instance. Also all mats require for instance set drops from the instance (except thunderphyte or live micro gold which are buyable at Miscellaneous npc in town). You get 6 different items + 2 for weap. Blue items drops from monsters and boxes, purple should drops from monsters and more from sub-boss and boss, weapon items drops only from boss.

Exception for DA :

Blue stay from monsters and boxes
boots/gloves purple items from monsters
helm/shoulders purple items from sub boss
chest/legguards/weapon purple items from Ripley

Name:  woo.jpg Views: 236 Size:  82.1 KB

Why only 2 weapon blueprint ? Ask XPEC ! But for now you get 20% to get one of weapon. Example for melee you get 20% to get Great Sword/Twin Glaive/Cestus/Dualblades/Circleblades.

Name:  ww.jpg Views: 232 Size:  34.3 KB

Cambria elemental weapon work on the same way but you need lvl 60 to access to cambria instance. Each instance drops the two weapon blueprints from the boss.

Green items drops from monsters and blue/purple drops from boss or purple from boss and blue from sub boss (for bio/fire)

Name:  cam.jpg Views: 237 Size:  69.9 KB

Normal crafting

With normal craft you could up to 4 stars items (red). I’m gonna explain the craft for it as it’s the most difficult case. Let’s craft a lvl 60 weapon ! What should i need ?

Blue sword come from below craft death strike craft (can obtain green and blue sword)
Coarse ordonance Component comes from drops of monsters 41+
Raw Ping Iron come from pits on map like prison or foggy
Introductory Thunderthyte are buyable at miscellaneous npc
Blemished small Mutated Elytrum could be gain as reward from legion/squad bosses or you have to go on prison and kill the insect map boss. Every map got 4 bosses so take care about the good one (insect/beast/machine/human). Each boss drops 2 kind of items.

Tiny = Dipole
Defective = Shadow Canals
Coarse = Foggy
Blemished = Prison

Detail of basic mats drop list :

Defected ordonance Component/Defected armor Component : monsters below 41
Coarse ordonance Component/Coarse armor Component : monsters under 41

[M]key and tick last boxes to show mats pits on your map

Wasteland pit drop list :
Nebula flower / Raw copper Ore / Glass particle / Electrical resistor
Dipole pit drop list :
Serpent Weed / Raw copper Ore / Man-Made Fiber / Electrical Capacitor
Shadow Canals drop list :
Serpent Weed / Raw Pig Iron / Man-Made Fiber / Electrical Capacitor
Foggy drop list :
Blood-Tailed grass / Raw Pig Iron / Man-Made Fiber / Electrical Inductor
Prison drop list :
Blood-Tailed grass / Raw Pig Iron / Man-Made Fiber / Electrical Inductor

Disassemble system

You remember Miscellaneous npc ? You will love it !

Chips craft

Normal chip craft :

Silicone Fragment can be obtained from mats pits or Instance pits
HP energy extract can be buy at Miscellaneous Npc
Chip IV come from previous craft (cascade craft)
Etching Gas come from the disassemble of armor 31+ (higher is the armor more gas you’ll get)

For getting a Chip V you need :
50 Silicone Fragment
10 HP energy extract
84 Etching Gas

Ultra Chip Craft:

Silicone Fragment can be obtained from mats pits or Instance pits
HP energy essence can be gain via roulette (explain on mercenary card)
Chip V come from craft
Alkaline Earth Metal come from the disassemble of 3/4/5/6 stars armor/ from Maximilian instance / Boss box from new instances


Upgrading advancement :

How i can do ? You need to go in DA/DA2/SH/SH2/SI/SI2 instance and drop Advancement Kit Chest (I/II/III/IV is function of the difficulty of the instance. More the number on the box is higher more it gives better kit)

[U] key make you open a window where you can improve your advancement or transfer advancement from another item and put chip on your item. For the basic transfer you put your item on top an kit on the top slot place like on screenshot. You can see how the stat are modified with the advancement and how many you need to reach to the next level.

Name:  Image5.jpg Views: 233 Size:  59.9 KB

Inherit Process :

How it works ? You place the item you want to improve on top like before but you put your old gear on inherit slot. What the benefice from that ? You transfer directly all the advancement you accumulate on your old gear to the next but you lost the old gear (who care ? ). Take care about penality if you transfer from 4 stars to 5 for example ! If it’s between same kind of rarity item you won’t have any penality.

Name:  Image6.jpg Views: 231 Size:  59.8 KB

With this you can now increase already your DA set then transfer all to the next one and be more efficient on low level because you know what you have farmed won’t be lost !

Put your chips

As you see there is a second choice in the windows. Choose it and put your gear on top. All gear don’t have the same number of slot (chest/legg = 3 slots, helm/shoul = 2 slots, gloves/boots = 1 slot). You can put only one ultra per gear (except gloves/boots which seems accept only normal chip)

Name:  Image7.jpg Views: 234 Size:  39.9 KB

You can also see a “replace slot” for changing chips. If you have to, it’s cost diamond ! and lost the chip anyway… so if you have to change chip make a new armor and transfer via inherit all your advancement. Like that it won’t cost you any diamond !

Modification of your gear skin

[V] key open you the windows for it. Put you gear on bottom slot, the blueprint on top and voila !

Crafting New costumes

Easiest way is to go on Sunshine at Fashion Guru npc which gather all (Basic mats buy + military R&D;). For military R&D; a legion development is needed.

Mats come from all new instances and Lunar Ore power source come from the exchange of Lunar Battleground at exchange Reward npc (see Daily/Weekly Events/Instances for location of exchange Reward npc and instances.

Unlocking last Jewelry gear

To unlock last jewelry gear you need to complete the worst thing of this game : Prison Title 1500 quest title (done via cycle quests). On prison, you get 2 npc who sell Jewelry (one at guard mainly melee jewelry, other at top map for range). You need to buy two red things and convert it with the help of npc reward at Foggy close of SH/SH2/SI/SI2 npc entrance. The transformation require 1 coin boss reward from SI for rings and SI2 for device/necklace.

Name:  ii.jpg Views: 230 Size:  52.7 KB

Device buff activation :
Defense activation (level 5) : HP +20%, Eva +10%, Block rate + 5% (20s of activation)
Attack activation (level 5) : Melee/Range attack +20%, Crit chance 10% (20s of activation)
Range activation (level 5) : Range attack +20%, Max SP 5% , Recover 7% of Max SP every 3s (18s of activation)

Mercenary Card

you can access it with [G] key and get your salary from there. You get two kind of salary : daily and weekly. daily correspond to all instance/quest/R&D; you’ve done during the last day. Weekly correspond to the result of your achievements

Each corner of the card display the achievements your character has acquired.
Yellow corner shows the Conquest achievements (Instance Insignia)
Green corner shows the Community achievements (Friend list/Pk list etc.)
Red corner shows Entertainment achievements (Mini-game, Cambria, duel, pay shop)
Blue corner shows Exploration achievements (Map title, personal achievements)
By clicking on corner you can check which title you get and what are the requirement for other.

You can modify your card presentation via the modify button

All stats achievements are displayed on the rank list

Salary use

You can use you salary to play roulette, pay item on emporium or pay your entry on ctu camp. For roulette you can found Effie in Sunshine City (x:500 y:442) or Eva (x:280 y:304) in pmc hq.

To get essence you need to fall on First Price (red)


With this screenshot, you can see how you can access to the title panel. After open it you can chose what title you want to apply.

Tactical device

You can access it via [X] key. At lvl 10 (if i remember well) you win a first chip to unlocks a first part then you unlock it completely at lvl 30.

The first part unlocked is pick up item. You can puts on your Tactical device without pre-selecting anything and get pick up item unlimited.

After lvl 30 you access all configuration of your Tactical device. Be advice about one thing : more you thick option more the time is divided. Choose only Character skills when you want AFK. The maximum time available is 8H of “boting”/8H for reloading it at PMC hq (tactical device recovery center).


Free version of teleport (only one destination which can be learned). Keep PMC hq destination.


CTU : Overview

Thanks GMS for screenshots !

Access via [P] key or via the right shortcut bar (green square). You can deploy your CTU or close it via the right shortcut bar (red square).

How to get it ?

You will obtain your first three different CTU Cores by following the in-game tutorial. After that there are only two ways to obtain additional CTU Cores: R&D; and boss drops. Bosses drop CTU Cores directly with chanced to get either low or high quality cores (5% to get a 4 stars).

You can learn how to craft CTU Core Guides by doing the missions “[15] Core Guide I” and “[25] Precise Core Guide” provided by Icebreaker Calahan who can be found at the Guard Post in the Wastelands (X: 236; Y: 775). Guide Components can be exchanged for medals found in the CTU Training Camp and Introductory Micro Rare Earth gan be purchased at any Miscellaneous npc. Decay Core Guides provides CTU Cores of lesser quality than the Sophisticated Core Guides.

Name:  cra.jpg Views: 217 Size:  55.8 KB

In order to craft Sophisticated Core Guides you will also need to purchase Precision Detectors in the Emporium. There are two types of Core Guides that have different looking models: primeval is the standard, and mutant versions can be crafted using the Military R&D; which requires a Legion with the appropriate technology, plus the Boss cores which get their own skin.

Sophiticated Core Guide-Primeval comes from craft CTU
Machine Reassembly Crystal comes from T-Rex instance reward boxe
Machine Mutation Component comes from Lunar Battleground (reward boxe?)

A CTU that is continuously in combat will deplete its durability. When the durability is completely depleted, the CTU will cease to function. Take care about durability ! You can repair it via CTU Repair Kit available at CTU training exchange npc (first choice on previous screenshot).

How they level up ?

For understanding how they level up, i need to introduce you how to change their specialization.

The specialization of your Combat & Tactical Unit has certain level and specialization value requirements. As soon as they are met, you can choose the desired title for your CTU and transform it. The specialization tree spans 3 levels in total and adds an additional specialization route per level.

Watch the specialization by column system. Here you get a resume of requirement for each specialization and the short track you can do to get a lvl 60 CTU (green line). You can see there is cap level for every specialization. In order to push the cap level you need to specialize it.

You also have the option to disassemble any of your CTU. By doing this you will receive a certain amount of machine modifiers and CTU specialization point. How many modifiers and CTU specialization point you will get depends on the value of your CTU. The higher your companion’s level and specialization is, the better the outcome will be when you disassemble it (the best is disassemble lvl 48 CTU).


Another vital option in your CTU menu is “Modification” which gives the armor lvl of your CTU and make him visualy evolve. Three different types of modifiers allow your CTU to increase some of its abilities: Steelblade, Thunderbolt, and Ironback Machine Modifiers. You can win them by participating to CTU Camp or disassemble CTU.

Name:  ble5.jpg Views: 219 Size:  97.1 KB

Every machine modifier class has its own unique way of improving your CTU’s stats. The easiest way to find out what each modifier does, is to open the modification menu for your CTU and select a modifier. Preview values provide details on each modification.

Every CTU has a limited amount of modification levels. The modification cap, and how different machine modifiers affect your CTU’s abilities also depend on your companion’s specialization. These values are shown in the specialization menu. When you reach component stability to 0, you have to use a stabilizer (gain at last reward of CTU training camp or buyable at CTU training exchange npc). When the component stability is completely depleted, the CTU will cease to function. Get one stabilizer before starting this !

Skill and Spec

Where you can stop specialization is up to you. Watch carefully the amount of stat given and the 2 skills you’ll get with. For my thunderbolt i stop it at sniper specialist to keep skill 500% damage on target which i can’t get with the last snipe specialization.

Extending slot

You can pay them from the emporium or drop it from SH/SH2/SI/SI2 last boss

CTU Training Camp

Where i can access it ? at PMC HQ.

You are limited to 5 entry per day in each camp and pay an entry fee with your salary.
Edit Patch of 29 February : The limit change to 8 per camp and you can reset them

Daily/Weekly Events/Instances

Daily/Weekly Events

Bounty Hounds Online has several in-game events that run daily and weekly. The players who participating can win events rewards like Honor or Participation Certificate (which can be exchange to C-EXP or EXP at exchange npc in Sunshine), Craft items.

List of events which takes place in BHO :

  • CTU Training Camp (Lvl 20, 40, 60) Access from PMC HQ
Place where you fight vs a CTU boss and its summoned CTUs. You win CTU upgrades or stabilizers and special coins to purchase CTU skills or items.
  • Memory,Demolition and Reflex Training (Lvl 1, 35, 40) Access from everywhere.
Mini-games that give you a chance of winning EXP via Honor or Participation Certificate.
  • Lunar Battleground (30-44lvl/45-60lvl) Access from PMC HQ, Wasteland, Sunshine chan 1
PvP event where you can win crafting materials or coin which you can exchange for equipment modification blueprints. Event is divided in two part for enable low people to avoid lvl 60 people when they 30. Available every day at 20H GMT+1.
  • Cambrian Expedition (Lvl 60) Access from PMC HQ
Time released maps where you can hunt monsters and bosses that drop rare materials used for crafting elemental weapons. Lvl 60 requirement and each kind of instance is available 2 times per week.
  • Monday : Electrical/Ice
  • Tuesday : Fire/Laser
  • Wednesday : Bio/Ice
  • Thursday : Fire/Electrical
  • Friday : Bio/Laser
Patch Notes 1.114.51
  • Saturday : Fire/Electrical
  • Sunday : Ice/Laser/Bio
  • T-Rex Invasion (Lvl 40) Access from PMC HQ, Wasteland, Sunshine chan 1
Help to defend the PMC HQ from The T-Rex. Defeating the boss yields rare crafting materials and certificate. Available on Sunday only 19H GMT+1.

How to participate ? Via your calendar !

And don’t forget to reset instance every time you done it. There is always a delay time when you finish any instance. With reset button you refresh directly the timer and can go to a new one.

Name:  re.jpg Views: 80 Size:  10.8 KB


Bounty Hounds Online has several dungeons which are ‘instanced’ and limited to 5 times per day. This allows you to get more EXP from there than normal monsters and special item drops used in crafting (A party is strongly advised).

There are 11 Instances available:

  • Lvl 25 Death Alley (Dipole Island, Milto (X:980, Y:518))
  • Lvl 29 Angelina’s Guest House (Dipole Island, Hana (X:815, Y:138) )
  • Lvl 30 Death Alley (Hard Mode) (Dipole Island, Milto (X:980, Y:518))
  • Lvl 37 Abandoned Irrigation Canals, Miro Shadow Canals (X:486, Y:572))
  • Lvl 40 Searock Hamlet (Foggy Bay, Pilot’ Feist (X:870, Y:650))
  • Lvl 45 Searock Hamlet (Hard Mode) (Foggy Bay, Pilot’ Feist (X:870, Y:650))
  • Lvl 45 Smugglers’ Lair (Foggy Bay, Cassiel (X:511, Y:502))
  • Lvl 50 Stardust Island (Foggy Bay, Pilot’ Feist (X:870, Y:650))
  • Lvl 53 Emergency Exit (Nightmare Prison, Daum (X:243, Y:40))
  • Lvl 55 Stardust Island (Hard Mode) (Foggy Bay, Pilot’ Feist (X:870, Y:650))
  • Lvl 60 Arena: Maximilian (Celestial Ring, Steel Tournament Register (X:212, Y:130))

And don’t forget to reset instance every time you done it ! Every member of your party !

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