Bounty Hounds Online Chemical Brawler Skills Analysis

Bounty Hounds Online Chemical Brawler Skills Analysis by SoullessHuntin

I wanted to know what other players think of the left skill tree by giving there opinion if it has usefull skills.

In my opinion the left skill “tree” misses agro skills

Lets start at the top:

Icebound attack: I like this skill cs of its nice damage and low cooldown and low sp cost -> spamskill

Frost Particle leap: Not much to say cs its the only “teleport” skill this class has and because the brawler is a melee focused class for me a must have.

Icebound Magnetic Field: Nice but useless…If you spamm the Icebound attack you will get the buff rather often but in my opinion its useless cs this is not a crit class. Sure, with a high reflex your chance will increase a bit… a agro skill would have been better

Frost Blaster Strike: nice to keep an enemy by you when you lsot his agro but else useless

Icebound Shudderstrike: Way to low damage to use it as an AOE…the slowing is nice but because of the cast time and the rather small area of effect a bit hard to use in the right moment…

Frost attack: Really nice skill dealing low damage in fast succession to enemies in front of you. In my opinion a very good AOE skill despite the fact that it has a rather high sp cost. Low CD.

Magnetic Frost Shield: Awesome especially in PvP

Sudden Frost: Nice AOE damage but high CD… Crystal Iron Sharpnel is often better even though single target

Radiation Coldfrost: Decreasing the CD is awesom but 20 seconds stay rather high.

The left skill tree has more AOE skills for those who wana attack loads of enemies at a

Ok and here comes the right skill tree.

These are the skills you will be going for first as a real Tank. Containing Agro skills, nice damage on single targets and buffs, its all you need to keep those big old mean bosses by you.

Plasma Storm: The only AOE skill that you will get with this skill tree. Nice Damage/SP cost, moderate damage and a cast time of 1 second.

Magnetic Frost Gear: Increases the damage you deal. Damgae = agro and a passive skill.

Frost Prediction System: Increases the block chance and Reduction. Lasts 20 mins, lovely.

Frost Opiate: Increases your HP for 20 min. Not much to say

Frost-born Neutraliser: Allows you to remove effects from you. Always usefull PvP and PvE.

Crystal Iron Shrapnel: Your first agro skill, deals nice damage and 3 times the agro, low CD moderate SP cost. Great thing.

Magnetic Frost Activator: allows you to pull groups of enemies to you, nice skill because you anyway lack AOE skills and allowing you to pull all to you is sometimes more then enough for a group to survive.

Infection: % chance to place a DoT with Crystl Iron Shrapnel. Giving your agro skill an agro over time buff is always nice.

Close-Combat Electron Shield: Decreasing the enemies melle attack on a melee hit serves us right in PvP and PvE combat.

Frost Density Plate: Finally the Invunerable skill. Not much to say.

Ultra Frost Regeneration Mechanis: Healing you by 50% of your max hp. Awesome life saver if the healer forgets to pay attention. High CD. Godd for soloing.

Accelerated Regeneration: Reduces Ultra Frost Regeneration Mechanis CD. Nice to have but hopefully you wont need it to often when playing in a group. Good for soloing.

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