Bounty Hounds Online Level 1 to 25 Guide

Bounty Hounds Online Level 1 to 25 Guide by Teufelich

be it your first time here or just further reading cause you want to here is a short little guide to help you

1) CTU’s (aka Pets)
These guys are handy… if you are level 10 and don’t have one yet don’t panic. there are plenty of ways to get one.
First lets cover the classes of ctu’s
Melee = this your close combat pet comes in Dog or Scorpion
Assault = ranged combat pet comes in Wolf or Raptor (baby dino)
Defense = mini tank pet comes in Bug or Drake (baby dragon)
You get one at level 5 from a mission chain starts inside PMC HQ (beginners area) or just outside from another mission. Find Icebreak on the platform. He gives a mission every day to get another CTU. His counter part Frost (in main city) does same also. so 2 at least per day.
The HOW question: left click you ctu icon (round thingy in backpack) then on right of screen hit first icon that opens your CTU menu. Pick the CTU you want to use, close menu, click second icon on right of screen and walla.

2) what class to play:
Well theres 5 to choose:
Trooper : Standard solder, but you can specialize them as you want and make em good
Agent : melee, neat tricks, has evades
Scientist : melee, can be tank or damage dealer.
Artillery : ranged, AOE’s (area of effects = nukes).
Bioengineer: ranged, debuffer or healer.
To spec them the way you want to play is all you can do. You can not make a well rounded character and expect it to do good at anything in BHO. You have to spec if you want to do good.
Example: Tank is a Scientist, that spends all their stat points in Stamina and only train the right 2 lines of skills.

3) R&D;
Yes, translation is not done. Its shoty at best for R&D.; There is nearly no guide for it, and lacks any help what so ever.
What you need to do to make nice gear once you are 25 is: (Armor and Ordanence materials are a must for every stage.)
Collect Copper ore, glass fragments, the yellow vials from the sparkly flowers (nebula something or other)
just make stuff… pay attention because some things you will not get R&D; XP once you pass a level. Do this until you can make level 20 chest armor.
after that you need fiber, copper ore. this point the flower extract is just if you want it to make stims in my opinion.
Magic level is 9 on R&D;, that way you can make your DA armor.

4) covered nothing as for leveling
Familiarize yourself with the minimap, the icons on you big map, and understand you can click somewhere on your map and you will automatically go there. ALSO, most all the quests 1-25 you can click on them on your quest window and it will drive you exactly where you need to go.
Exclamation points ! signify Quests: Red = very important, Yellow/orange = quest, Blue = daily/repeatable
Question marks ? signify status of quest: Orange = ready to turn in, Blue = in progress

Now, from 1 – 25 you DO NOT need to worry about making yourself new armor, new weapon, or buying SP/HP stims. You will get good armor from quests up to this point, along with weapons and you’ll get lots of stims from the countless killings you will perform. Pay attention and look at your map and you will be 25 in 4hrs of game time.

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