War of Thrones Tokens Guide

War of Thrones Tokens Guide by Lucifal

What are Tokens? Tokens is the ultimate currency to upgrading and improving your char beyond normal!! What are tokens for?

1. Pet, Mount and Relic upgrades
Every time this powerful stuffs are upgraded, you will need Pet Training Guide and Identification Scrolls. 1 Token is used to exchange for 3 of those. However, as your Pet,Mount & Relic gets higher level, the amount of Guides, scrolls needed are increased. So you might need more Tokens to exchange for more upgrade items!!

Example would be Rank 8 – Rank 9 , you will need 136 upgrade items. Thats 46 Tokens, or you can buy those in cash shop which is 816gold!!!! So Tokens would help non-Mallers in this case!!

2. Orange Equips & Vindicator Purple Equips
Orange and Purple equips are the most powerful equips in game, as they can be upgraded without losing their gemslots & inscriptions and give the best basic stats!!

How to get them? Its much harder than those upgrade items, as you will need to get Artifact Shards. 5 tokens = 1 Artifact Shards!! Sounds easy? Here’s the exchange rate for respective items.

Orange Equips like this ring Image costs 50 Artifact Shards. They start at Lvl30, and you can upgrade them to Lvl40, lvl50 and Lvl60 all for another 50 artifact shards or more!! The only good thing about them is higher basic stats, and all gemslots + inscription are carried over!!

Purple equips. OMG, this is the equip with other stats that can be upgraded with GOLD!!! (Not recommended for non-gold user). Each equip costs 150 Artifact Shards!!! That’s 750 Tokens!!!
*NOTE* Purple can also be upgraded for non-gold users, but very tough.

Image – Helmet
Image – Shoulder
Image – Armor

3. Fashion Equips
These are additional items equipped to your fashion slots to change your character’s appearance. What’s more, they also provide awesome stats once upgraded. And how much to upgrade each? 50 Artifact shards!!!

Image – a christmas fashion set.

How to get Tokens
This is the fun part.

1. Heaven Sent Token
Every 2hrs, starting from 12.30am, each city (total 42) will generate a random Token Bag with/without Guardians. Each bag will give 1-2 Tokens, and maybe 1 Sweet Token (opening this will give another 2 Tokens). Its pretty straightforward to this event. Just Click the Trumpet icon Image at the top right of the screen. Go to Heaven Sent Token Event Image and you will see a Participate button at the bottom. Click that, and you char will automatically run to the nearest available Token Bag.

2. Fierce Counter Attack
Every 2hrs, ALL DAY, Boss from instances will re-spawn randomly at Cities for revenge. It is your chance to kill them again for Equips & Tokens!!! At the event page, go to Image icon and click the participate button at the bottom. You will then run to the nearest available boss to fight him.

Be warned however, that killing these bosses are not easy, and you can only SOLO them. Also, while you’re fighting them, other players can PK you to get a chance at killing the boss instead!!

3. Instances
You get 1-10 Tokens by completing Instances of various levels at Heroic or Legendary setting ONLY. And of course Blue equips and lots of experience according to your Level.


With this basic Token information, now go forth and hunt these valuable currency to make a POWERFUL char and enjoy the game!!!

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