War of Thrones Gaining Mall Items Guide

War of Thrones Gaining Mall Items Guide by Spectra

Are you getting pwned daily by mall users or looking at the Top 10 and feeling miffed that you can’t own the same items?
Fret not, this is a basic guide on how to get the items you need over time

First you need to understand WoT is a game which takes up a lot of time, which means a F2P and a P2P player have about the same chance of owning the same items, it’s just a matter of when. So here are some tips which you would or would not know.

1. Pets
You can get them from treasure hunting with bamboo maps, the rate are rather low but you have a chance

2. Ancient Arena
One of the best grinding spots for level 50 and above. Each spot offers you different type of mobs, so if you’re a 2hander find the dual weapon mob and grind away. It’s harder than the average mob but gives you better experience and mall item as loot.

Loot: Satin Bag, Low-Grade Diamond, Legendary Upgrade Kit, Smart Beans, Relic Essence, Evolution Stone, etc.

3. Token’s
These items aren’t hard to get, you just need to put in some effort to do instances, Token from Heaven, Fierce Counter Attack Events. An average day, you can get around 50-100 tokens and even more depending on how you play.

Tokens can be exchange for; Artifact Shards, Pet Training Guide, Identification Scrolls, etc

4. Trade
One of the most important thing in any MMORPG, TRADE <3
You can trade items which you crafted, like Pure Mythril Bars, Pure Adamantium Bars, Healing Potions, sub stones, evo stones, etc for mall items which you want such as relics. You just need to find the right buyer

5. Costume’s
Just grind at Blackice Spire and you can collect Fantasy shards which can be exchanged for them.

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