War of Thrones Getting Good Gear and Leveling Guide

War of Thrones Getting Good Gear and Leveling Guide by PKK2

hmmm sup guys this is the PKK2 from the server s1(sea) and just like to give u some tips im not good at this it might just be my first time posting but here goes…

1.firstly do ur quests xD and to get epic gear u shud really pick the tokens here and there and exchange them for the shards because those shards can exchange legendary gear
you may find the merchants in newkeep/somerset and waymarsh theyre inside the city go deeper to find them

2 secondly do try to get friends to help u or seriously its gonna be a really boring journey doing it alone and u might even quit and thats what i dont want to happen try to avoid socketing ur gears at low level save it for the high level because if u do its seriously a waste of cash and time do it when u have free time and when ur high level

3 and oh yeah instances do them they give a load of exp and the greater study guides can stack thats what i love about it xD u can stack a study guide a greater study guide and a study mastery for a total of 170% exp!! isnt that cool xD

4 lastly avoid leaving ur char in autopilot with gold get the vip its a much better option rather than wasting gold per minute so thats it.

Oh yeah feel free to tell me if i miss out things or said some wrong stuff xD but i hope i can make another better one with screenshots in it and better tips

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