War of Thrones Classes Guide

War of Thrones Classes Guide by Makupas

As my Title speaks this Guide will help new Players to pick the Class they wanted and will also consists of WoT 101s that will help them understand the game mechanics as it is, discussions are welcome but please present Facts and not Opinions. Thank You.

Contents of the Guide:
I. Guide to Class Selection and Stat Building
II. HP Drain 101
III. Critical Hit 101: “Dual-wielder Critical Deficiency Syndrome”
IV. Stats 101: “The Source Code”
V. Inscriptions 101: “Crit damage vs. Damage”

I. Guide to Class Selection and Stat Building


II. HP Drain 101
1. per point of HP Drain you absorb 10 per hit (i.e. 100 HP Drain can absorb 1000 HP per hit)
2. HP absorption CANNOT go above your ACTUAL DAMAGE per hit (i.e. Even if your HP Drain value is 100 you cannot absorb 1000 if you damage your opponent below 1000)
(e.g. this video shows that the attacker is a cash-user and the defender is yours truly)


(Video Disclaimer: This video is for presentation purpose of how HP Drain works and is not intended for pun or trolls to cash users)


(this image shows the attacker’s stats)

– My stats are in my signature
– I have 71 HP drain points in which i can absorb up to 710 HP
– My double slash hits for 1600 thus paving way to 710 life drain ( Actual Damage > HP drain Points = Max HP absorb 710)
– My pet hits for 138 thus with my pet I drain 138 even with 710 equipped life drain (Actual Damage < HP Drain Points)
– MY Barrage hits =-*
-* (Normal Hits) for 515 -526 thus I absorb 515 – 526 ( Actual Damage < HP Drain Points)
-* (Critical Hits) for 805 – 808 thus I absorb the max value of 710 Hp (Actual Damage > HP Drain Points)

Note: In order to maximize HP Drain Point Players must then Scale their Damage output and HP Drain Points otherwise stacking HP Drain will not maximize your inscriptions and gemstone socketing

How to compute for Attack power needed to maximize your HP Drain?

X = [Y/Skill Multiplier]/[1-Opponent’s Defense Percentage Reduction]

where X is your Attack power needed, Y is your targeted HP Drain points

for computation purposes we take my training partner’s Defense of 3745 which brings up to 26% Damage Reduction
and we take Barrage skill level 6 of 40% or .4

X = 710(.4) / (1-.26)
= 1775 / .74
X = 2399

HP Drain =1000
Attack power required = 3378

Hp Drain = 1500
Attack required = 5067

Note: This computation does not take into consideration the class strengths and weaknesses (classic Rock

III. Critical Hit 101: “Dual-wielder Critical Deficiency Syndrome”
1. per Agility point you gain 2 Critical Hit rating
2. Critical damage are computed 150%(some have modified Crit Damage) after damage reduction(Damage reduction is discussed above)

[(xDamage – xDefense)(xCrit Damage)]

Note: Critical Hits DO NOT ignore a portion of a character’s defense

3. It is established that Critical rating suffers a diminishing return
4. Critical Hit ratings are negated by Stamina’s (+1 Block)
ref: also known as Resilience

ric***m wrote:
here’s a rough outline of how stats negate each other~
Accuracy Dodge
Damage Damage Reduction
Damage Reduction Sunder
Crit Block

Average Normal Damage (16hits) = 2096
# of Critical Hits over 23 hits = 7
Critical Chance = 30%
Average Critical Damage (7hits) = 3262
Computed Critical Damage from Average Normal Damage (2096 x 1.56) = 3270 (there is no portion of the armor being ignored)
Damage – Def = 739
Damage reduction = 26%

1. During combat my Critical Rating was at 1021
2. During combat training partner’s Block was 128

“Dual-wielder Critical Deficiency Syndrome” – basically is an established flaw that multiple hit skills suffer significantly lesser Crit damage against single hit skills

*Polearm / Highlander / One-hander’s 1st skill
-2500 damage * 200% skill * 150% crit = 7500 crit damage

*Dual-wielder’s (1st skill)
-2500 damage * 100% skill(2hits) * 150% crit =
-first hit crit = 3750
-2nd hit normal = 2500
-total damage = 6250

dual-wielder CRIT is only 125%
*Dual-wielder’s (2nd skill)
-2500 damage * 34%(6hits) * 150%(crit) =
– 2 hits critical = 2550
– 4 hits normal = 3400
– total damage = 5950
here crit is only 1.19%
that’s over 2000 damage difference…

Conclusion: All multi-hit skills suffers this syndrome but only Dual-wielding Class suffers above all.

Reference: Cryptic
Critical rate at 25%.
Critical rate damage at 150%
Damage at 2500
Skills at 200% per single hit, 100% per double hit skill.
Single attack:
Chance for single critical: 25% (7500 damage)
Chance for no critical: 75% (5000 damage)

Double attack:
Chance double critical: 25% * 25% = 6.25% (3750 + 3750 = 7500 damage)
Chance for single critical: (75% * 25%) + (25% * 75%) = 37.5% (3750 + 2500 = 6250 damage)
Chance for no critical: (75% * 75%) = 56.25% (5000 damage)

Percentage to do at least 1 critical: 6.25 + 37.5 = 43.75%
Double attack has a way higher chance to do at least one critical per hit compared to single attack.
Damage deal are equal when doing a critical hit on skills.

Usage of skill 100 times

Single attack:
Single critical: 25 * 7500 = 187500 damage
No critical: 75 * 7500 = 562500 damage

Total damage = 750000 damage

Double attack: 6.25 * 7500 = 46875 damage
Double critical: 37.5 * 6250 = 234375 damage
No critical: 56.25 * 5000 = 281250 damage
Total damage = 565250 damage

Damage difference = 184750

this is a computation presented by a player, although we did not share the same view but his computations are legit and actually strengthens the “Dual-wielder Critical Deficiency Syndrome”

IV. Stats 101: “The Source Code”
1. All stats are based on my current characters
2. All computations are derived by myself, if there are discrepancies please notify me, but I deliver this will full confidence that the numbers tallied, checked and recounted for the benefit of everybody
3. This section will help you understand of which affect most of you stats so that you can invest/level it ASAP

Stats Source
Below is an image displaying the number of sources where a player can gather for stats


Damage / Defense / Health Source

Damage Source
Modified damage is computed as:

{[Title bonus + Achievements + Buffs + Passive + Str bonus + Relics + Equipment(Weapon, Gems & Inscriptions)] x Attack modifier} + Fate Bonus

As presented in the image above, the Major damage source is from Strength, if someone has 780 Str, his damage source from Str would be 2340 from Str alone, it would be x2 of a 4-star level 50 weapon… if you want damage stack str like crazy

Guild skill and Gems are good sources for Str as shown above

Defense Source
As shown above, one good source for defense points(and health points) is the Support skill Defense;
Level 3 Self Defense
+400 Def
+2400 Hp
but one should not neglect the Title bonus it’s about 1/3 of my total defense points, get the title Knight as early as possible

HP Source
Hp source is a bit tricky, you get a lot of sources for it, ranked as follows;
1. Gem Socketing
2. Title
3. Relics

I did not include the Attributes Str/Stam/Agi in the ranking because these come by as you level up

V. Inscriptions 101: “Crit damage vs. Damage”


The first 2 tables are based on my own equipment, it’s a graph identifying the ratio of critical damage +% to +damage inscriptions,
as you can see stacking critical damage +% inscriptions deals more average damage with only 30% chance to critical over 10 hits as identified on the next table

The last table is a scaled attack ratio based on the strongest player on S3.

Conclusion: Stack Critical Damage +% inscriptions > +Damage Inscriptions

Disclaimer: Most of the topic coverage are about Agi-built Dual-wielder. Subject to change when major patch updates are released. Still waiting on the GM’s fix on broken Agility Stat.

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