War of Thrones Quick Start Leveling Guide (1 – 20)

War of Thrones Quick Start Leveling Guide (1 – 20) by Jberwock

-This is the step by step leveling guide for newbies-

1st. On you first 3 days of playing War of Thrones you will receive
[Tampered Armour Set 1] – 1st Day
[Tampered Armour Set 2] – 2nd Day
[Tampered Armour Set 3] – 3rd Day

this Packs are too useful on start and Mid Playing of the game
because this set gives a bonus options..

such as:

(5 parts) + Set Monster Exp+10%
(7 parts) + Set Monster Exp+20%
*note Only 5 parts of this gear you will obtain for free*

each pack contains those following items

[Tampered Armour Set 1]
Tampered Iron Helm
Tampered Iron Pendant

[Tampered Armour Set 2]
Tampered Iron Left Ring

[Tampered Armour Set 3]
Tampered Iron Shoulderpads
Tampered Iron Charm

*as you could see there are only 5 parts to be get for free, the 2 other parts can be bought on [ SHOP ]

which are:

[Tampered Iron Right Ring] = 50 Gold
[Tampered Iron Breastplate] = 50 Gold

2nd. Now Lets Proceed on Leveling

From lvl 1~10

Complete Novice tasks to level up Quickly which entitled as [Activity Quest].
From Doing that quest you will receive a PASS.
*PASS is a card which allow you to travel from one town to another.
When you Reach level 4 you will receive your first Relic ([Book of Knowledge])
*this Relic Gives you +10% Monster Exp which helps you a lot on leveling and also give some attribute points to improve your stats.
And On reaching Level 6 you will receive a Mount ([White Steed]).
* this Mount gives you +10% on Movement Speed which helps to travel faster from Town to Town.
Then, when you reach on level 8 , you will get your first Pet ([Tibbar]).
*[Tibbar] gives you 1 stats each on its 1st grade, but as long as you using it and gaining exp and let you upgrade it, and everytime you upgrading it, it gives more additional attributes.
And unlike your mount, [Tibbar] is also fighting for you during PVM and PVP.
After Completing Mainline Task , you will unlock Second Specialization Slot to Learn more skills.

* there 3 specialization skills which are Healing Skills , Poison Skills & Defense Skills.

Healing Skills – Passive & Buff Skills major in healing Self and Allies.
Poison Skills – Passive & Offensive Skills allow you to Increase Poison Damages Skills.
Defense Skills – Passive & Buff Skills gives additional Defense on Self on Allies.

Before Reaching level 10 you will Get Title Quest, Which leads you to promote as Corporal.
*Titles are helpful because it gives additional attributes to your character, the high The title Rank you are,the more attributes you will get +daily Salary/Wage.

NOTE:”Each Title have a corresponding quantity of Merit points.Merit Points can obtain from Instance Quests & Sideline Quests.”

After Promoting to Corporal , you are now able to get [Epic Weapon].
*[Epic Weapon] are differentiate depend on the Skill Specialization you have.

Skill Specialization:

One-hand – Use 1 hand weapon and a Shield.
Two-hand – Use 2 hand weapon , such as Sword, Axe & Hammer.
Dual Wield – Use both hand with 2 Swords,Blades,Axes or Hammers.
Poleaxe – Use Spears or Poleaxe.

And now From level 10-15 Do finish Daily Quest and mainline Quest to get more Experience.
And on level 15 you are now able to do [Instances]/[Instance Quest].
*You can now participate to [RockShore].

*Each instances consist of 3 difficulty levels.

►Normal – Gives Green Items, Map part Piece = 0 Sp Consume
►Heroic -Gives Map part Piece ,Token ,Blue Items= 20 Sp Consume
►Legendary -Gives Map part Piece , Token(s),Blue Items (rare attributes) = 30 Sp Consume

TIPS: Use [Greater Study Guide]+100% exp & [Study Mastery]+50% exp to gain more exp inside an instance.And also do it with a party to gain more experience.

Where i can get [Greater Study Guide] & [Study Mastery]?

[Greater Study Guide] – Voucher Shop , Daily & Weekly Rewards.
[Study Mastery] – Voucher Shop , Daily & Weekly Rewards.

Do this as a Guidelines till you get lvl20..

i hope it would helps

ill add Other Tips and Guides when I’m not busy.. currently i need to get to work with some stuff..

Thanks and have a Happy leveling.

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