War of Thrones Level 1 to 50 Tips and Guide

War of Thrones Level 1 to 50 Tips and Guide by KucaLana

hmm, i got some guide to write down here that u suppost to do if y’ll NONgold player… (sry my poor English 

1-lvl 1-20 -1stly, juz do ur main quest till u feel tired already to do that and be sure u get the ur 1st FATE on main quest lvl 20.
-u can up lvl 1 to lvl 20 in less than 1hour only( juz complete ur main quest)
-juz do ur main quest n dun waste ur exp reward!
-IMPORTANT! pls dun pick ur MERIT INSTANCE QUEST if ur merit already full! dun waste ur merit quest coz later u need it!!!!
-Y”LL NEED TOKENS!!! so, always join token event !!

2-lvl 20-40-u can get ur 1st orange weapon if u be title to Coperal with easy merit quest.
-if u lot of time afking, pls afk for ur gemstone shard 1st coz next lvl 40 u need lot of gems for ur gears, ( me recommend do afk gems in Coldgrass n Cloudsedge (all both lvl60maps,coz there got high % to get it)
-after y’ll got nice blue weapon lvl40, of coz y’ll dun need that orange weapon lvl 10 rite? wat y’ll gonna do with it?? me prefer go SMELT it n u will get x4 RAINBOW GEMSHARD.
-tips to do FULL SOCKETING? dun scare lose ur money for socket, that it (ur LUCK system dun helping anymore for tis)
-WANNA be a LUCKY, after 00.01am server refresh, be see ur luck n motsly u will got LUCKY! n this time if nice n good time for making gems n pull the treasure.
-..gonna will update if me got more interesting info

3-lvl50-this lvl y’ll need farm ur mining skill coz…WANNA upgrade gears! sure u need bar or ingots.. how to get it? afk for point mining skill..
-IF u u got lvl 40 gears, y’ll need farm cuprite rite? if u got lvl 50 gears need farm uranium rite? So where the 1 spot to get both of this??? go WINTERSPING or PINEHILL.. i tell u..
– TIPS if u got ORANGE ITEMS n wanted to upgrade ur nice gear eh( SURE I WAN UPGRADE LOL)… 1st juz upgrade up 1st orange at lvl30 coz this lvl need low ingredient like only brass bar n brocade,.. THE NICE THING IS=if u upgrade lvl30 orange up to 9-10 star n u can get lvl40 or lvl50 orange withpur upgrade it anymore!!
-wanna easy farm FANTASY SHARD(tis thing for exchange ur fashion)? better party or solo?…be lvl 50 n juz go SOLO normal run only n juz need kill 1st bos n sure drop x1 FANTASY SHARD n go out n repeat this till u wanna stop or got wat u wan, juz t8 15 minute per FANTASY SHARD better than do full party full run 1 hour juz got 1-2 shard n MAYBE U CANT GET THE SHARD coz Blackice only have 4 map/4boss only!!!
-wanna easy farm ARTIFACT SHARD?? farm ur token.. me can farm 10AS perday!?? …..

that all, i will update this if got more info.. THX….
feel free to post whatever u wanna to know i will answer y’ll…

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