Crystal Saga Soul System In Depth Guide

Crystal Saga Soul System In Depth Guide by Toshihito

This guide is aimed at advanced players looking to further understand and plan out their soul system, whilst still providing enough information for new players to easily pick up and understand.
The soul development system provides various passive upgrades for characters level 30 and above. There has been no indication of any active skills associated with it. Bonuses are immediately applied upon acquisition and will not ever be lost..
Cosmetic auras are obtained at 500, 1110, 1700, 2300 and 3000 soul completion points. It is not known yet how most of these auras look like.

500 points aura.

Materials necessary for upgrading souls
Crystal Energy (CE): almost a non-issue here, you get way more than is required through a day of being online.

Ice/Brilliant/Void/Heart/Light Shard: Semi-rare drop from the final boss of each dungeon after indigo.

Purified Crystals:
Drops from dungeon/world bosses within a certain level range of your character, the closer the higher the chance. Currently suffering from highly inflated prices across servers.

Soul Shard
: The under looked portion of soul upgrading. Obtained via 3 different avenues:
1. Combining Soul Root Crystals at the Village Elder in the Tree of Life. (Max 5 a day)
2. Obtained via the crystal ladder event, 1 per 10 floors completed. (Max of 3 a day)
3. Bought in Cash Shop for 165 crystals. (Max = your bank account)

Soul root crystals are obtained through the following means:
– Chance from the disenchantment of purple gear.
– Random occurrence from baths. (Approximately 15-18 a day)

Further basic information can be found at Crystal Saga Soul Development Guide , particularly regarding upgrade prerequisites.

Strategy Suggestion

General Strategy
While upgrade costs increases exponentially, it is note worthy that upgrade benefits increase exponentially as well. In fact with only soul crystals increasing in cost exponentially, it is arguable that it would in fact be cost effective just to get a soul to level 10 first. The clear drawback is that your character would receive no improvements at all while you’re in the process of accumulating resources.

Spirit of Ice

  • 1.1, 1.2 ,1.3 and 1.4 provide the most effective benefits for your character without having through any irrelevant prerequisites.
  • 1.7 is undoubtedly the best soul in the tier, but involves going first through 1.5, which is less effective in terms of PvE effectiveness as it only offers crit and AP defense.I would recommend that given limited resources, only obtain the upgrades for each soul up to level 3 or 4 depending on personal preference and dedicate the rest to just 1.1-1.4.
  • After level 5, the costs start to spiral out of control and it would be advisable to focus on another soul tree instead.
  • There is no immediate need for 1.6 and 1.7 as their bonus can also be found in later soul tiers and less resources will be wasted on 1.5

TLDR version:
Level up everything to 3. Focus on 1.1 – 1.4 to approximately level 5 to get maximum cost effectiveness for defensive stats. Minimal upgrades for 1.5 -1.7.

Upgrade Costs
The following tables will detail the specific cost of soul upgrading for those who’s interested in building upon this further, or estimating the resources they would require.
The starting levels are highly intensive on purified crystals, with soul shard cost rising exponentially while other costs increase at a linear rate. Exact figures are provided below.

*** IMPORTANT NOTICE: Values for higher souls levels have not been verified, data was based on China servers and it is now know that certain changes were made to the soul crystal costs ***
*** Credit to PaperHeart for providing much of the soul shard costs for later soul levels ***

This guide will be a continual work in progress. I’m looking for signs of people’s interests or opinion as i develop it further.
If there are any discrepancies are found, feel leave feedback below. I will be working to add towards these tables daily should time permit. Please leave feedback if people are interested in looking at such information.
Information based on Chinese server data, with augmentations made accordingly for the English servers.

Spirit of Brilliance

A more offensive tree.

Spirit of the Void

For all things critical. Literally.

Spirit of Light

The love of healers and mages.

Spirit of Heart

The provider of hit points. Many Many hit point.

Spirit of Immortality

Spirit of Immortality gives nothing.

Spirit of Ice, which is up and to the left from the center, gives +16 PDEF, +16 MDEF, +1% End, and +2% PDEF at level 1. That is at the cost of 28 shards, 2 Purified Crystal. Level 2 increases to +26 PDEF/MDEF, keeps +1% End, and raises PDEF to 4%. That costs 36 shards, 4 purified. Level 10 of that node is 1124 PDEF/MDEF, 50% End, and 20% PDEF.

After Spirit of Ice is Spirit of Brilliance. Level 1 is 20 PATK/MATK, 1% Str, and 2% PATK. That costs 28 shards/2 purified. Level 10 of that node is 1411 PATK/MATK, 58% Str, 20% PATK.

Down from the center is Spirit of Light. Level 1 is 2 Luck, 28 Healing, 1% intellect, and 2% Healing. 28 shards/2purified. Level 10 of that node is 20 luck, 1919 healing, 58% intellect, and 20% Healing.

Presumably Spirit of Heart is after that.

To the right of the center is Spirit of Void. Level 1 is Incoming Physical/Magical Damage reduced by 1%. 28/2. Level 10 increases those to 5%.

Credit to:
The Wilterlands
Level 80 Knight

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