Crystal Saga Pet Attack or Follow Command Guide

Crystal Saga Pet Attack or Follow Command Guide by BrotherVT

Are you wondering why your pet won’t Attack and is just following you?
Or you don’t want your Pet to attack, but just follow?
Simple solution, my children.

Look at the following steps:

Here are the pictures:

See how that’s Follow?

Click on that, and it will turn into this.

It will turn into that.

That’s how you make your pet Attack, instead of following. Same principle applies vice-versa if you wish for your pet to Attack instead of following.

Now, as for Pet Loyalty, if it reaches a certain point, your Pet will also not attack. This is the solution to how to obtain Growth Food without having to spend real money.

With the Coupons you get, use it to purchase Growth Food!

This is how you claim Coupons and use them.

Look at all the labeled areas with Red-Boxes. Those are the areas you need to focus on.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

The Growth Food will provide 10 Loyalty to your pet each time it’s used.
Also, when you die, your pet loses loyalty.
Be careful most of the time. ^_^

If anything needs to be changed, then I will fix it.

Anyone can provide constructive feedback on it.

Other ways you can also get coupons – is at a certain Honor Ranking (I forgot which one), you can claim a Military Salary from King Valcroy. The higher the honor ranking, the more Coupons you can get per day.

One Hour of Online Time also = 2 Coupons.

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