Crystal Saga How to be OP After Rebirth Guide

Crystal Saga How to be OP After Rebirth for All Classes Guide by nitro001

I. Knight awakening skills
1. Bloodlust. 8 lvls of upgrade.
Unknown cooldown.
Allows you to suck a certain percentage of HP away from targets During battle.
Vampire coefficient:1% at lvl 1. Increases by 2% per lvl so probably 15% at lvl 8.
Not learneable alongside shield of thorns.
I would like to say that this is a pretty nice skill. If you are fighting one of the op characters this skill would propably do the most damage for you.
I know a character with 129k HP outside of seng. so at lvl 8 of the skill thats about 19.35k a hit. Plus the damage heal your character. No priests heal that much. Pretty awesome i must say.

2. Shield of thorns. 8 lvls of upgrade.
Deals damage based on targets max HP when being attacked. Permanent.
Max HP: 2%
Additional rebound damage: 8 at lvl 1. Max rebound: 88.
Additional rebound damage: 16 at lvl 2. Max rebound: 186.

I would say that bloodlust is actually more useful than shield of thorns. But that still depends on the cooldown of bloodlust. For example if it continues to increase at the same rate that it did for lvl 2. At lvl 8 you will have a max rebound damage of 774, which the maximum amount of damage you can inflict on a target every time he attacks you. Pretty decent i must say. It is just like having another lvl 60 pet with you. What makes this skill a must for knights is because it is one of the requirements for angelic blessing.

1. Fight on. 6 lvls of upgrade. must have learned bloodlust.
16 secs cooldown.
Attacks neighboring targets every seconds for 10 secs. Deals physical damage and ignore target defenses.
Attack rate : 14% at lvl 1. 24% at lvl 6.
Additional damage dealt: 19 at lvl 1. greater than 169 at lvl 6 if it continues to increase at same rate than lvl 2.

This is a pretty usefull attack too. For an a lvl 80 with angel lord wings. The amount of pattack is at about 7k. so you would do about 1.68k damage every secs. For a total of 16.8k in 10 secs. Pretty decent i must say. But very similar to one of the rogue awekening skills.

2. Angelic blessing. 6 lvls of upgrade. must have learned shield of thorns.
30 secs cooldown.
Causes you to be invinsible for a period of time but also decrease your attack power.
Invinsibility time: 5 secs at lvl 1. 7.5 at lvl 6.
Attack lowered: 35%. 10% at lvl 6.

This is a very useful skill. As most high lvl fights last about 5 to 15 secs this should help you get out of a fight unarmed. I recommend this skill to every knights.
All I have to say is if you want to be op then this is a must have skill.

II. Rogue awakening skills
1. Quick death. 8 lvls of upgrade. Not learneable alongside blade dance.
Cast time: 2 secs.
Cooldown: 15 secs.
Deals physical damage to a single target 10 times in 2 secs; during attacks target’s mobility is impaired.
Attack coefficient: 50% at lvl 1. 64% at lvl 8.
Additional attack: 40 at lvl 1. greater than 516 at lvl 8.
Good skill. Better skill than blade dance.

2. Blade dance. 8 lvls of upgrade. Not learneable alongside quick death.
Deals bonus damage for each amount of damage dealt over 12 seconds; damage will be equal to 3% of target’s max HP.
Max dealable damage: 120 at lvl 1. greater than 1065 at lvl 8.

A nice skill u do 1k more damage at lvl 8 for each of your attacks over 12 secs.

1. Invisibility. 6 lvls of upgrade. must have learned quick death.
Cooldown: 1 minute at lvl 1. 35 secs at lvl 6.
Briefly takes you out of battle and makes you invincible for 1 sec, while increasing a certain amount of pattack. Lasts 10 secs.
Attack increase: 5% at lvl 1. 30% at lvl 6.

A pretty decent skill again. Increases your pattack by 30% and make you invincible for 1 sec. Just a weaker version of the knight skill angelic blessing.

2. Devoid. 6 lvls of upgrade. must have learned blade dance.
Cooldown: 20 secs.
Only useable when HP is lower than 30%. Deals a certain amount of physical damage to a single target, with a chance for instant kill.
Attack: 180% at lvl 1. 205% at lvl 6.
Bonus attack: 237 at lvl 1. Greater than 2047 at lvl 6.
Instant kill ratio: 5% at lvl 1. 20% at lvl 6.

This is the must have skill for rogues. It is by far the most useful rebirth skill. If you have 7k pattack you do 16k damage to your enemy at lvl 6 of the skill. Don’t let that bad boy crit. But that is only if that one fifth chance dont kick in. If it does you instantly kill your target. A rogue might even be able to beat a knight if the knight is not smart. When fighting a rogue knights should use angelic blessing when their life is at 40% like that they cannot use devoid on them. Otherwise the rogue pawn knights anyday. This also an awesome skill for seng. You do insane amount of damage or you kill instantly your foe every 20 secs. Pretty overpowered cooldown not to mention the skill.

III. Priest useless awekening skills.
1. Heavenly protection. 8 lvls of upgrade. Not learneable alongside death cometh.
Cooldown: 30 seconds.
Give an attribute boost to all friendlies in the area , last 30 minutes.
Proportional increase: 5% at lvl 1. 40% at lvl 8.
Bonus: 25 at lvl 1. greater than 200 at lvl 8.
The best awekening skill for priests. and its not that good anyway. At lvl 80 if you went full intelect, you should have aroung 600 points there; which is about 240 attribute points increase at lvl 8. That only gives you 640 more mattack points which is a lot less than what circle of power give you. So circle of power is still more usefull than that rebirth skill. There is a priest with 9.4k mattack at lvl 80 on our server so thats 2.35k increase in mattack with circle of power. So i guess you guys get what I mean. Still pretty useless.

2. Death cometh. 8 lvls of upgrade. Cannot be learned concurently with heavenly protection.
Cooldown: 30 seconds.
Skill cost: 10% HP
Takes a certain amount of damage dealt and converts it into HP regen.
Conversion rate: 5% at lvl 1. 40% at lvl 8.
Lasts 6.5 secs at lvl 1. 10 secs at lvl 8.
This is by far the most stupid rebirth skill for priests not mentioning the skill that roots enemies for 8 secs we already can do that with curses. The most stupid rebirth skill out of all the classes in general. At lvl 8 of the skill if you do 8k damage with your attacks and you have 55k hp (lvl 80 with angel lord), you lose 5.5k hp for using the skill but you only gain 3.2k hp regen with this skill. What you need to watch out for the most while using this skill is not to commit suicide with it. 5.5k hp can kill you pretty easily. I talked to the GMs about it though and they said there is a problem with the skill. Its supposed to be damage reduction percentage not hp regen. But you will still need to watch out not to kill yourself with it. I would just suggest not to get his skill. I am a blood priest so this is fawked up for us, the skill with the most potential has to kill us while using it.

1. Sacred space. 6 lvls of upgrade. must have learned heavenly protection.
Cast time: 10 secs.
Cooldown: 10 secs.
Restore HP to all surrounding friendlies once every 2 seconds. Last a maximum of 10 seconds.
Healing: 150% at lvl 1. 175% at lvl 6.
Bonus HP: 238 at lvl 1. greater than 2318 at lvl 6.
The skill that could easily be the best rebirth skill for priests had to be fawked up by the 10 seconds cast time. You are dead by the time you finish casting it. Or the person that you are trying to heal has already respawned. Lets call this skill a fail. Its a pretty awesome healing power i must say but castime seriously bust your bubble. So i guess that sucks for priest who only use the same healing skill sense lvl 1 to do their job. Light heal is by far the best healing skill for all priest unless you get grace to lvl 5 and likes to wait 3 secs to heal yourself. If grace is lower than lvl 5, light heal does more heal.

2. Blooody acres. 6 lvls of upgrade. must have learned death cometh.
Cooldoown: 30 secs.
Sicles spring up from the ground and all surround targets are detained in their midst.
Lasts for 8 seconds.
Pretty decent skill. But I have to say I would more likely want to do more damage as a bloodpriest or heal more as a holy priest. So rebirth skills could be used better than just to detain targets in place. Give us an uber skill like 7.5 secs invinsibility or 20% chance of instant kill with a 20 seconds cooldown. Not to mention we can already freeze targets for 6 secs if we use all three of our curses right after each other, and not counting the 40% decrease in mobility to foes at lvl 1 of the third curse. Give us something else, this is just a waste of a rebirth skill not usefull to get anyway because its better to get the holy rebirth skills. Don’t want to commit suicide with death cometh.

IV. Ranger awekening skills.
1. Magic defender. 8 lvls of upgrade. Not learneable alongside slither.
Release an anti-magic curse on target and yourself. Increase personal pattack while reducing enemy mattack by 20%.
Lasts 10 secs.
Pattack: 3% at lvl 1. 24% at lvl 8.
Pretty decent skill for an anti-mage ranger. Thats for a total of 20% magic attack decrease and a 15% magic damage reduction for anti-mages. Pretty nice.

2. Slither. 8 lvls of upgrade. Not learneable alongside magic defender.
Releases a snake that will automatically attack a single target within a range of 250. Lasts 16 secs. All damage dealt will be converted into bonus HP healing for the master. Effects are affected by the owner’s mattack lvl; one snake can be realeased at a time.
Damage coefficient: 36% at lvl 1. 50% at lvl 8.
Conversion rate: 44% at lvl 1. 100% at lvl 8.
All I have to say is that trap heals more than death cometh which is a priest skill. Aren’t priest supposed to be the primary healing class? Guess R2 forgot to do their homework.

1. Sipho Kiss. 6 lvls of upgrade. must have learned magic defender.
Cooldown: 4 min 20 secs. stupid!
Deals certain amount of physical damage to a long-ranged target and decreases magic lvl of target’s attack; lasts 10 secs. After the end if magic value is below 20% the target will become dazed.
Attack coefficient: 152% at lvl 1. 167% at lvl 6.
Target magic attack reduction: 10% at lvl 1. 20% at lvl 6.
If a daze ensues it will last 2.5 secs at lvl 1; 5 secs at lvl 6.
Pretty nice skill. I dont understand how the target become dazed though. If the target was dazed everytime it would be a pretty awesome skill. But the cooldown kills any benefit of getting the skill so might as well go with nature skills.

2. Daimon Shield. 6 lvls of upgrade. must have learned slither.
Priodically makes you invincible for 2 secs. Removes all negative effects currently being applied to the character.
Time interval: 12 secs at lvl 1. 7 secs at lvl 6.
The must have skill for rangers. Makes you pretty much op. At lvl 6 of the skill every 5 secs you are invincible for 2 seconds. So I don’t know who is stronger. The knight or the ranger?

V. Mage awakening skills.
1. Thunderstorm. 8 lvls of upgrade. Not learnable alongside valley of death.
After entering battle a lighting bolt will be released every 5 secs that will randomly attack a single target within a range of 600 dealing a certain degree of magic damage.
Attack coefficient: 110% at lvl 1. 131% at lvl 8.
Bonus attack: 146 at lvl 1. greater than 1833 at lvl 8.
So a pretty awesome skill. Additional damage is aways needed. and that is 12.3k damage every 5 secs for any mage with 8k mattack at lvl 8 of the skill. Pretty decent.

2. Valley of death. 8 lvls of upgrade. Not learneable alongside thunderstorm.
Cooldown: 29 secs.
Deals a certain amount of magic damage to all targets within the area.
Attack coefficient: 130% at lvl 1. 158% at lvl 8.
Bonus attack: 185 at lvl 1. greater than 2371 at lvl 8.
Pretty op I must say. You will get a huge amount of kills in seng with that skill. But it is very similar with thunderstorm. So you will have to wait to see the eidolon skills to make you decide which one to pick.

1. Imperial fire. 6 lvls of upgrade. Must have learned thunderstorm.
Cooldown: 15 secs.
Instantly releases 3 fireballs that deal a certain amount of magic damage to all targets within a range of 500.
Attack coefficient: 65% at lvl 1. 75% at lv 6.
Bonus attack: 91 at lvl 1. greater than 791 at lvl 6.
Deaks 18k damage without crit for a mage with 8k mattack so i must say it is pretty decent. Mages have nice skills. and should be able to get plenty of kills in seng. Plus its an aoe, which makes it even nicer.

2. Ice crystal. 6 lvls of upgrades. Must have learned Valley of death.
Cooldown: 30 secs.
Freezes yourself and makes you immune to all damage while removing any negative effects. HP regen every second.
HP regen: 5% at lvl 1. 10% at lvl 6.
Last 5 secs at lvl 1; 10 10secs at lvl 6.
This skill make it for mages after rebirth. So if u want to be op you better get it.So i guess valley of death is the skill you should choose for scion. This skill makes mages the strongest class after rebirth. Next comes knights if they use their angelic blessing at 40% of life. Then comes rogues. then rangers. and last priests. Priest are stupidly useless i swear. Thinking of starting on a new server and changing my class.

I love how all classes get immunity to damage for a brief period of time except that priests get to commit suicide with their rebirth skills.

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