Cabal Online Keys and Commands Guide

Cabal Online Keys and Commands Guide by Enkk

Is long time i don’t write a guide… but now i’m back with this! There are some keys ingame that you maybe do not use and they are really userfully, and there are also some particular command very nice and userfully. So, let’s start.

Hotkeys on your keyboard:

  • F1,F2,F3,F4 = Changes your skill bar (you can also do it from the little arrows near the BAR number).
  • Cltr+ (F1,F2,F3,F4,F6,F7,F8,F9,F10) = Automatically execute the Macro you wrote (or the default one) in Options –> Macro.
  • Print Screen (Prt Sc, Prt Sc SysRq)= Takes a screen of the game in .jpg format, saved in C:….(
  • Scroll Lock = If clicked one time takes off from your monitor all windows [also skillbar and HP/MP/SP bar], if clicked two times takes off also your character. Click again to have back everything.
  • 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,’,ì = Starts the skill positionated on the skill bar.
  • Alt+ (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,’,ì) = Starts the skill positionated on the skill bar (second line).
  • PageDown = Adjusts your camera view.
  • Arrow Keys= Changes view (while in free camera view).
  • +,- (numpad) = Zooms in/out.
  • 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 (num) = Starts the skill positionated on the skill bar.
  • / (numpad) = Opens automatically the Chat with a slash, in the “W” (whisper) state.
  • Enter (numpad) = Opens the Chat.
  • Backspace = Deletes the last letter wrote in the chat field.
  • Tab = Shows the map (while you keep it pressed).
  • Caps Lock = Writes every letter in Caps automatically.
  • Shift= Writes every letter in Caps (while you keep it pressed).
  • Alt= Shows all titles and names (while you keep it pressed).
  • Spacebar = Picks up items from the floor.
  • Enter = Opens the Chat.
  • W,A,S,D = Moves your character up, left, down and right.
  • Ctrl + U = Shows ftp (Frames per second).
  • R = Shows Premium items.
  • T = Shows Quest panel.
  • U = Shows Soul Ability.
  • I = Shows Inventory.
  • O = Shows Option panel.
  • P = Shows Party panel.
  • H = Shows Help window.
  • J = Shows Jukebox panel.
  • K = Shows Skill panel.
  • L = Shows Mail window.
  • X = Shows your Temporary Inventory.
  • C = Shows Character panel.
  • B = Shows Buddy window.
  • N = Shows Maps window.
  • F = Shows Crafting panel.
  • Y = Shows Merchant panel.

Note: some keys might be different on your keyboard, like “ì”. I used the italian keyboard as an example.

Other Keys is not used in the game, except for typing obviously.

Mouse actions:

  • Show details (when the cursor is placed over the objective).

Left click:

  • Drag and drop items.
  • Pick up items.
  • Select items/Characters.
  • Select answers on quests.
  • Move your character until the point clicked (if you click on the floor).
  • On a character name in chat, gives you some options such as whisper, chat, etc.

Right click:

  • Ctrl + Right click on an item: links that item.
  • Adjust camera (if in free view).
  • When clicked on a name or char, it automatically opens the Chat in “W” (whisper) position, with the name of the character clicked. You can use it also from chat.
  • Shift + Right Click: Separates stacked items (in inventory).
  • When used on items in inventory, automatically equips them.
  • When used on equipped Board summons it.
  • When used on Transmuter/Potions/Return stone actives it.
  • Used on Skill bar actives the skill.

Mouse wheel:

  • Zoom in/out

You have to know that in the open chat you can also use some commands, they ALL start with the slash symbol: /
In the list below, every word in caps means that you have to change the word with the correlated name.

Commands ingame:

  • /n TEXT = Writes in normal chat.
  • /w CHARNAME TEXT= Writes in whisper.
  • /p TEXT = Writes in party.
  • /g TEXT = Writes in guild.
  • /t TEXT = Writes in trade.
  • /l TEXT = Writes in shout (everybody on channel will see you).
  • /c TEXT = Writes in chat channel.
  • /time= Gives you the time on server (GMT) (userfull for TG and CA).
  • /follow (and select a char) = Follows the character.
  • /buddy CHARNAME = Requests buddy.
  • /party CHARNAME = Requests party.
  • /block CHARNAME = Puts in block list.
  • /dance = Starts dance 1.
  • /guild = Opens guildboard.
  • /dance2= Starts dance 2.
  • /filter (word)= Makes you look at shouts with only the “word” in it. It’s case sensitive.
  • /sync = If used while dancing, automatically synchronizes your dance with the nearest dancer.
  • /bi1 (if warp is allowed) = Warps to Bloody Ice [first warp].
  • /bi2 (if warp is allowed) = Warps to Bloody Ice [second warp].
  • /ds1 (if warp is allowed) = Warps to Desert Scream [first warp].
  • /ds2 (if warp is allowed) = Warps to Desert Scream [second warp].
  • /gd1 (if warp is allowed) = Warps to Green Despair [first warp]
  • /gd2 (if warp is allowed) = Warps to Green Despair [second warp]
  • /pl1 (if warp is allowed) = Warps to Port Lux [first warp]
  • /pl2 (if warp is allowed) = Warps to Port Lux [second warp]
  • /fr1 (if warp is allowed) = Warps to Fort Ruina [first warp]

Note: if you use only “/x” where is x is one of the chat channels (whisper, chat, guild, etc), it will automatically switch default channel in x.

You can also see all the commands in the table made by Saphena:

Well, that’s all. If you have questions or suggestions or something to add, tell me.

Thank you.

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