Cabal Online Crafting Guide

Cabal Online Crafting Guide by Renver

Before you start with crafting you should know a few things. First off, if you think you can actually make money with crafting then don’t even bother with it. You’d need a lot of luck and even then, you probably wouldn’t make any noticeable profit. (At least on lower levels) Crafting was hard even before Ep2 but now, with 2 slotted drops as rare as an rw3, it’s almost impossible. Not to mention the super low success rate…. Anyway, if spending millions of alz and getting nothing in return is ok for you then go ahead…

Crafting Guide

To start crafting you need to be level 50 and have access to Port Lux. (Check the FAQ at the bottom of the page for more info) You can get the tool for crafting, C.A.Transmuter, from the Core Alchemist there. There are five different C.A.Transmuters and once you choose one you’re stuck with it so choose wisely.

Transmuter types:

Armor: Allows you to craft Armorsuit set
Recommended classes: Warrior, Force Shielder

Battle: Allows you to craft Battlesuit set
Recommended classes: Force Archer, Force Blader

Martial: Allows you to craft Martialsuit set
Recommended classes: Blader, Wizard

Sword: Allows you to craft Blades, Katanas, Great Swords and Daikatanas
Recommended classes: Blader, Force Blader, Warrior, Force Shielder

Artifact: Allows you to craft Orbs, Crystals and jewelry
Recommended classes: Any

Before you begin crafting you should know about the different classes of equipment you can find in Cabal:

You can craft items starting from number 4 (Shadowsteel, Aramid, Citrine…).

Now, press “C”. As you can see there two types of crafting: Professional craft and Basic craft. Let’s talk about the Professional craft first.

A. Equipment type: The type of equipment…. eg. Martialsuit, Martialhelm, Martialgloves, Martialboots if you choose a Martial C.A.Transmuter

B. Equipment class: The class of the equipment you’re going to craft.

C. The crafting experience bar: It shows the progress you’ve made so far in the current level of crafting. You gain crafting experience everytime you craft something. The better the item you craft is the more experience you will get. Each equipment type has it’s own experience bar.

D. The various items which you can craft.

E. The required level and amount of % for crafting the specific item

F. Materials required for crafting the specific item

Materials used in crafting:

Discs: You can get the level 1 discs from Core Alchemist in Port Lux. Levels 2-4 are dropped by monsters.

Shape Cartridges: 5 types (Same as C.A.Transmuters). You can get level 1 cartridges from Core Alchemist. Levels 2-4 are dropped by monsters.

Material Cores: You can get these by crushing armors and weapons with your C.A.Transmuter. You can get different cores depending on the item you crush. (eg. You can Aramid Cores from Aramid equips, Shadosteel Cores from Shadowsteel equips etc…)

Quartz Cores: You can get these by crushing Orbs and Crystal. The type of cores depends on the type of equip you crush. (Same as Material Cores)

Circuit Jewels: You can get these by crushing Rings and Amulets.

Equipment: eg.You need Aramid Martialhelm if you want to craft Aramid Martialhelm of Vampire
On lower levels you need a normal +0 white equipment (ie. The ones you can buy in shops), but as you get to higher levels of crafting you’ll need 1 slotted, 2 slotted, crafted or even enchanted equipment to craft.

Upgrade Cores (Piece): You can get these by crushing upgraded (+X) or slotted equipment.

Force Cores (Piece): Same as upgrade cores (piece).

Honor: Honor is not really a material, but you need it for some high level crafting…

These are just the basic types of materials you need. There’s a lot more mats, which are used for Basic Crafting but I’m not gonna mention them….since I don’t know all of them anyway xD

Getting Materials, ie. “Crushing items”
To crush an item, simply right on your C.A.Transmuter and then left or right click on the item you want to crush. The extract window will appear and you can either drag all the materials to your inventory or click on the “Recieve all” button. The item is, obviously, destroyed. You also get a small amount of alz from this.

Leveling up:
After you get 100% in your current crafting level, you can finnaly start trying to craft the “item of proof” (eg. Aramid Martialhelm of Proof for Aramid Martialhelm crafting). After you manage to craft the item (can take a lot of tries ), you can go to the Core Alchemist in Port Lux who will give you a license card. Right click on it and voila, you’ve just upgraded your crafting to the next level.

Basic Crafting:
Basic crafting is same for all types of C.A.Transmuters. You can create pots, return stones, cores and some other things with basic crafting. All you have to do to start with Basic Crafting is to buy your first formula cards. (Number 1-5 are sold by Port Lux Core Alchemist, but you need honor rank level 2 to buy them)

If you understand professional crafting then you’ll have no problems with basic crafting….


How to gain access to Port Lux?

You have to complete all story quests up to level 50 and the level 50 growth quest. Then you’ll get the quest “The Last Knight”. Complete it and you’ll gain access to PL.

Ok, but how am I supposed to get there?
You can get there by talking to Port Manager Karter in Green Despair.

Help!!!11 I choose a wrong transmuter. Is there really no way to change it?
No, sorry. Once you choose your CAT you’re stuck with it forever.

Is it possible to separate stacks of items?

Yes, hold shift and right click on a stack of items.

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