Avalon Heroes Maguiel Guide

Avalon Heroes Maguiel Guide by Rade

So I have seen many people playing maguiel but not the way I like to play. Also I have been asked to make this guide.
Basic Talk
Maguiel is a phy hero which means both a lot of hp and dmg. However she is not good as a tank (at least in my guide) but still she should be able to tank for a while (if it’s not 5v1). She has low agi which means low attack speed but she doesn’t need it because of her skill Shield Throw .

Recommended Skills
– Iron Wall of Faith – because of protection for 2 seconds and also dispels allies nearby
– Shield Surge – awesome skill that slows down enemy (not dispelable, stacks with deceleration pot)
– Shield Throw – not much to say, a must have on magu

Item Build
– first buy ImageBelt of Giants (+10 phy) and combine into ImageArmor of Chief Gatekeeper of Hell
– now depending if there is someone with hiding ability on the line buy ImageStone of Truthful Vision, if not, get items for ImageArmor of Transcendent Hardness – this way it will be pretty hard to kill you.
– now buy ImageBoots (yea, the base ones are enough in the beginning)
– when you get 3k gold, buy ImageBoots of Red Flame
– buy ImageBattle Hammer, when you get 2k gold, combine into ImageSword of Conviction and Punishment
– in case there is enemy with hiding ability change Stone of Truthful Vision into ImageMask of Divine Power
– now you will have to do with these items for a long time because the next item is ImageSword of Fear
– the last item you should buy is ImageRing of Speed
– if you get enough money, you can upgrade ImageBlessing of Flame and change it for Sword of Conviction and Punishment (if no hiding hero, you can keep Sword of Conviction and Punishment)

Skills Leveling
Level 1 – Shield Surge (much better than Shield Throw, cause enemy will dodge it anyway) – The best skill if you wanna take care of enemy prelevelers
Level 2 – Iron Wall of Faith – protection is always good
Level 3 – Shield Throw
Level 4 – Shield Throw level 2
Level 5 – Shield Throw level 3
Level 6 – Archangel Metatron
Level 7 – Shield Throw level 4
Level 8+ – All Attributes

Some Q&A; (Questions and Answers)
Q: Isn’t it better to buy Slayer’s Ax instead of Belt of Giants first?
A: Imho, no. Belt of Giants gives you +10 phy which means +10dmg and +220hp. Slayer’s Ax gives you only 6 phy, attack speed (which you don’t need, since you will be killing mostly on shield throwing) and 15dmg (which is good, but I prefer both +hp and +dmg)

Q: Why should I buy the base Boots since it only gives 70 move speed?
A: Because if you have on your magu G3 move speed stone, You get 725 move speed which is equal to range heroes with better boots.

Q: Isn’t Helmet of Longing better than Blessing of Flame?
A: Well, yeah it is if you go with Shield throws only but it is really awesome with magu’s ulti. This way when you ulti you get max attack speed, which is worth it and I was able to destroy enemy team’s nest by using one invincibility potion with my build, so suit yourself. ;)

Q: Why do you make Iron Wall of Faith and Shield Surge only level 1?
A: Wall of Faith’s reflects are nice but it all attributes gives you at least some dmg and you need take the maximum damage from maguiel. About Shield Surge – its only job is to slow down enemy which it does good on every level.

Feel free to ask me any question, they will be added here.

– always shield surge + deceleration pot enemy, that way you shouldn’t miss with Shield Throw
– your ulti gives you +20% move speed, can save your life if you are running
– when you get Boots of Red Flame, you can start destroying outposts
– you are invincible when transforming into your ulti

Pwning Prelevelers
– if your kin is at least level 30 and you put all into damage you will have +10dmg
– if you do have G3 phy and all attributes stones, that’s another 9 damage
– if you buy Belt of Giants, +10dmg
– and the last thing, if you buy berserk potion (+20dmg), no preleveling enemy should be a problem, they will probably run because your +dmg will be around +50 on level 1!

How to play
Magu is a team player, so either focus your shields on slowed enemy or stunned/captured so your shields won’t go on waste. Also watch out if your enemy uses protection and you are fast enough/got good ping, you might be able to dispel it in time so the second shield will hit him.
When fighting, don’t go in the middle of the fight, you aren’t tank! Even tho you do have a lot of hp, it’s good to survive for few more seconds to support allies with shields. Maguiel is basically good in combination with any stunner. When there is Ignes or Schao in the opposing team, they will be a reall pain in the ass. Ignes for his mana evaporation – you can’t throw shields. Schao for his mana splash passive – you can’t throw shields. Aka you are useless.

I will add images of items later. Thanks for reading my guide.

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