Avalon Heroes Comprehensive Guide

Avalon Heroes Comprehensive Guide by QZXVB

Just to briefly introduce myself, my ign is Fall and I’ve been in nwo since I started this game. Many people might not know me as I’m a pretty low profile person, but I’ve been in this guild when many great players used to play and I learned this game from them. I know 95% of the people reading this aren’t as fortunate to have good players around you, telling you what effective item/skill builds are. Thus I’ve written this guide to help new and veteran players alike. I guarantee that there will be something you can learn from what you are about to read, because me and my guildmates didn’t know a lot of things either until we’ve tested them.

It might not be evident from this guide, but I used to love passive heroes like many people do, but I was trained not to use them and transition into actives. I didn’t think actives were that good at first, to be honest, but the more I used actives, the more I liked them better than passives. For those people who think takiru/bent etc passive builds are the best, I strongly recommend that you give active a chance. Don’t just play 1 game and say it sucks, but play many games in different situations. Part of this guide is to help you transition into that.

You are welcome to create your own build for public games though, but when I say this, I don’t mean you can take stupid and useless skills on purpose, such as arc’s arrow rain or masa’s passives. Just because someone tells you secmat must go 3 active doesn’t mean you have to, even though I don’t take and never saw anyone have success with passive(s) against the team I play with. The point is that after you take passive and possibly learn that it sucks, you learn which skills fits your playstyle. Just because most yoichi goes plant + passive + entangle doesn’t mean you can’t use other skills. Just because most aprasas use “storm” in their build shouldn’t pressure you to use that skill (because it’s trash imo). Take whatever skill if and only if you can play it just as well, if not better than the standard public game build. Not all skills are good (some sometimes, some never), that’s why you have a choice.

HOWEVER, and this is a big however. This is true for only pub games. There are often set builds for competitive matches (and I can safely assume that majority of the Avalon community never played in a serious match where all 10 are similarly high skilled) and it is all about which team can use their ACTIVE skills well and more effectively early on and which team has a better hero combination (yes this matters too). In a competitive match, there are less skirmishes and more often big battles. You won’t find many people out of position wandering around. Big battles last at max a few seconds, and you want to throw in all the nukes available. Ever seen a 1 active or 2 active secmat in EMS? Why? Because people have tried it and know 100% sure that it just doesn’t work when your opponent is just as good as you are. 75% lifesteal and 75 attack doesn’t matter if you die in 2 seconds. If a team focuses a person, that hero will die 90% of the time no matter how tanky. Do you often dominate solo with yoichi and perform a one man show with a ridiculous K/D ratio? There’s a seriously good chance that that will never work in competitive matches. Yoichi is a good hero, but by all means not the best hero or even the best dps. Because he is a close ranged hero, he is vulnerable to stuns and nukes. If drake happens to immobilize yoi for 4 seconds? All that fast leveling means nothing if you die.

Not many people playing in European Avalon have been to Korean Avalon, but there is no doubt that most of them are better players than here. In fact, there are almost no leavers because everyone is almost equally good from one another and can trust in teammates to do what’s right even if it’s a complete stranger. Obviously there are some skill differences between a pub and a pro, but not by much. EU Avalon skill difference between a pub and a pro is huge. This is, by the way, the main reason why creep/liner designation in EU is so messed up. Because you can’t trust someone to hold a line or because of people who think this is a lining game and don’t leave line, so many people just pre levels with heroes they shouldn’t. Guess the number of people there who play bentlius/secmat/takiru with even a single passive in free server? I KNOW FOR A FACT that it’s less than 1 percent. People will tell you to quit the game if you play like that. I’ve spectated many games in Korean server, and no one has used passives with these heroes. Someone might play it maybe 1 game out of 1000. Don’t dismiss Korean server as being different because you don’t play in it. They play the same game as you do and it has been out for longer. People there know generally what the best build is in 5v5.

I mentioned earlier that hero combination mattered too. I know people in EU say “Hero is only good as the player,” but that is not true when every other person is playing as well as you are. In Korean server select room, you are expected to choose a certain hero because they are most valuable/powerful and the other team expects that you don’t choose some heroes who are considered TOO powerful in combination with others (namely laina, hekami with LP, preto, myowol, and amkatar are usually banned). Then there are “trash” heroes, which are about 70% of the selection.

Do you think you are good? There a good chance that you probably aren’t. If you did well against an opponent, the opponent’s team was probably not very good, there are not very many good players left currently. There is a reason why so many good players of old quit. Because of lack of competitiveness (“everyone besides a select group just sucks”) and stubbornness of people arguing that their build is the absolute best. I will simply repeat what Charisma, said on the forum whether or not you agree with it. If you want to get better, spectate people playing. Don’t always think you use the best build and don’t gloat about being a “better” player than someone. Because more often than not, you have much to learn. Do I think I am the best player? Absolutely not, but I definitely know how to play this game better than most public, and saying that without boasting.

A suggestion to alaplaya would be to bring back rookie server. Don’t know why you guys ever got rid of it because even free server back in the days had better players than we do now. New players need to be able to test builds and learn how skills work against other new players, not against better players. Instead of extending a completely pointless event for another month, why can’t we work to bring more players in? make a new player tutorial? And as someone suggested in the forum, MAKE people play scenario. Get RID of those hero boxes, seriously. It is just a giant waste of time to play scenario over and over again. Just have some incentive for people to learn the game.

Big thanks to ‘biermacher’ with all the proofreading and testing he’s done with me. Also to ‘sarang’ and ‘huhuhuhu’ who provided many obscure information that I didn’t know and to Lastbreath and pumba for additional infos. Sorry to anyone I missed.

I will begin with general rules and game facts that you should follow/know. The three most important points are II, III, and XIV. If you cannot at LEAST follow what is written in these 3 rules, you will have hard time improving.

I. Int heroes =/= line, Int heroes =/= time ring
Heroes such as Adelia, Aprasas, Fletcher, and Myo, hekami all excel at creeping. Sure they can line, but it is usually a waste for such powerful nukers/helpers/disablers. Lines are for heroes who can dominate late game, and those five definitely do not qualify. However, these heroes can line if the creeping team can dominate at all times (unlikely in competitive games) and if the liners can help creepers at 4/5 minutes. Also, just because you play an int hero doesn’t mean you need to purchase time ring. Cooldown reduction is always awesome but int heroes are normally ones who have the least survivability and need lots of hp/armor to survive. Save it for late game.

II. You MUST, and I mean MUST learn how to use the magic protection scroll and dispel efficiently if you want to become a good player.

Why? This is one of the main features that makes this game unique from other dota games. Dispels are incredibly important even though they may not seem so.

Some items that can dispel:
1. Dispel potion – purchased from private shop (hotkey C), it dispels a single target
2. Dispel runes – Also purchased from private shop, it contains 5 charges and can chain dispel 3 targets at once.
3. Spell breaking boots (purple boots) – Purchased from combine shop (hotkey D), it gives mvmt speed and can chain dispel
4. Magic protection armor – Purchased from one of the NPC, gives magic defense and can chain dispel
5. Spell breaking armor – Purchased from storage, gives even more magic def and can chain dispel
6. Staff of purification – A one time use storage item, can AoE dispel. Can also dispel linoram and amurita’s magic immunity.

*Note: Dispel potion has a longer range than any items from 2 to 5.

Dispels are used to:
1. Dispel opponent scroll(s)
2. Dispel a slow on yourself or your ally(s)
3. Dispel rooting skills (yoichi, fletcher)
4. Dispel hex on allies (teolia, gandilva, preto)
5. Dispel DoT damages (secmat, dukan, aiken’s summon, etc)
6. Dispel warcry (pallas), amkatar’s ultimate countdown, and drum buff
7. Dispel silence (myowol, bentilius)
8. Dispel sleep (laina, phelizia)
9. Dispel sight reduction (dukan), Chaos (novek), and inability (myoemchun)

*Note: some effects cannot be dispelled.

If you are rooted, hexed, and poisoned at the same time, one dispel will neutralize all 3 effects. As such, it is crucial to carry more than one dispel when you have space. A good player will immediately dispel slow on himself and not take 3 seconds. How? By always expecting a slow and spamming dispel on himself.

An instant dispel can go two ways: on yourself and on opponents. An example of instant dispel on yourself would be to dispel yourself RIGHT before a negative effect takes place, this is easy with skills that happen gradually if timed perfectly, such as Amkatar’s stun or phelizia’s sleep. An example of instant dispel on opponents would be to dispel their scroll after a projectile is launched but before it hits. This is very hard to do because it depends on the timing of opponent’s scroll.

When to use magic protection scroll (MPS):
1. You are about to die and have no reflex for dispel
2. If you are out of dispel and want to dodge a high damage nuke (fletcher, durof, etc)
3. To evade stun/slow only if you are going to take a lot of damage afterwards
4. To get enough distance away from bing or heathpati’s infinite slow
5. To avoid DoT skills that has detrimental effects (dukan’s slow DoT arrow, Fletcher’s DoT)
6. To avoid or dodge ultimates (dukan, death adder etc)
7. To prevent nachasha from accumulating too much damage
8. To briefly use skills before your mana runs out from shaochun’s mana exhaustion/ to briefly use skills when you are under yohong’s silene
9. To avoid getting captured (seimei, drake)

III. Hp >>>> Armor
People who think more armor is the same as having more hp are very, very wrong. 90% of early game damage that can significantly reduce hp bars will be magic damages, so its important early to buy the red 675 gold hp stone instead of going items such as time ring or crystal of magic or armor. If you are playing heroes who need mana and hp, make sure to buy the 800 gold purple stone. MANY people I have seen play forsake hp first (especially liners who think they are safe because they are in line) and then die extremely fast to heroes such as secmat or keias (look at point VII). If you are creeping, you probably won’t face any serious melee damage until much later. You can purchase magic protection armor, but you can get 4 hp stones for the same price.

IV. Chain boots >>> Red flame boots
If there’s one thing that annoys the hell out of me in pub game is when players purchase red flaming boots as their first item. Red boots cost 3450 gold. That is A LOT of money to save without buying any hp, potions, scroll/dispel and even more money to save if you do buy potions and scrolls. Dispel boots and chain boots cost 1825 and 2325 respectively, and you can buy them in parts. Also, chain boots give more hp than the red boots for 1125 less gold. Now, I don’t recommend dispel boots for most heroes because you are sacrificing 300 hp that comes with the boots. Korean players purchase dispel boots because they have g2/g3 phy/allstat ethereal stones + stat bonuses that come from playing in PC cafes. As a result, many of them start with over 1k hp(we normally start with 500-600 hp), so they have the luxury to go for cheaper boots. However, you can get dispel boots and then buy a 300hp stone to make up for those hp, but it is slightly more expensive.

In the beginning, it is best to buy 500 gold brown boots and then replace it with something better when you have money
If you are a nuker you can go for dispel boots + 300 hp stone
If you are a dps you should go for chain boots
No matter who you are, do not go for red flame boots until late game.

V. You should not go all stats.

A hero I frequently see many people going all stat is MOON. He is often built all stats with just 4 points into passive, but there are skills that just can’t replace +8 stats, such as the dog summon who you can control to steal 2 min or creep at another place for much faster growth. Moon is not a good carry until much later when he has full crit items + hammer of hell (this item is the reason why you would play moon as dps in the first place) and grow much faster than other heroes, but nope, people just don’t use dog. Unless you are playing random, I think most agility heroes are better choices as DPS. For your information, the only amazing moon DPS I have ever seen was played by AlexS, who has/had extremely good micro with dog. Needless to say, I got owned that game. So I would recommend playing moon the way he was intended to be played for most players (with nukes).

Here are the info on +10 to all stats.
10 strength (str) = 1% critical increase, 2.5 defense increase
10 agility (agi) = 1% evasion increase, 15% attack speed increase
10 intelligence (int) = 220 mp increase, 2 mp recovery increase
10 physical constitution (phy) = 220 hp increase, 2 hp recovery increase

Therefore, +2 to all stats mean:
2 strength = 0.2% critical increase, 0.5 defense increase
2 agility = 0.2% evasion increase, 3% attack speed increase
2 intelligence = 44 mp increase, 0.4 mp recovery increase
2 phy = 44 hp increase, 0.4 hp recovery increase

The stats are decent when you have a lot of it, but they are not AMAZING. There are only a few heroes who require all 4 types of stat.

VI. Learn not to steal line
If you know your liner sucks and keeps dying, feel free to steal the lines all you want, but if you have a good liner in crossroad who specifically asked to line, try not to steal line so much. This is usually true for yoichi plant and cain summon. If you were playing liner and yoichi blocked BOTH LANES with plant, how would you feel? Another way you can cut line is if your liner died and is waiting for the CD to wear off.

VII. Be aware of your surroundings
If you are playing arc and went invisible in the middle of crossroad, you are essentially committing a suicide. I have killed countless arcs this way who think they are smart because no one can see them before someone buys stone of truthful vision. All I had to do is pop vision scroll from storage. If you are playing long ranged dps liner and didn’t take any escape skills, you are also free 300 gold. Tower diving or ganking is relatively common after 10 minutes. ALL long ranged DPS except arc have an escape skill, so it’s not an excuse not to take one. If you die without having an escape skill and couldn’t run to towers fast enough, stop whining. Some very uncommon but should-be-used escape skills are heathpati’s overrun of the wolves and jack’s escapement. If you have no clue where your opponents are and are scared of getting ganked: 1. pop up a far seeing scroll/buy telescope and/or 2. listen for your enemies/creeps in the fog, you can hear them auto attacking 3. and get ready to use whatever escape skill you have

VII. Learn how skills/ items work
When I see 90% of people play chadol with spin, I am convinced people don’t read skill descriptions. The damage per second at level 5 spin is 200. The damage per second at level 6 is 200: so what’s the difference? It lasts a WHOLE SECOND LONGER from 4 sec to 5 sec. The normal damage increase per level from lvl 1 to 5 is 40, but from 5 to 6, you add 200 damage..that’s right, so why you wouldn’t add 6 points into spin is beyond me. When kalshutein’s archers kill you, instead of complaining how OP those insane range crits are, just buy bloody cloth so you can reflect easy damage against them. Learn every skill and think about how to counter/avoid them.

IX. Different types of damage
Accumulated damage – is damage that stacks. For example, if accumulated damage is 10, it would go 10 + 20 + 30. It can be used by nachasha, maguiel in metatron form, and anyone who wields ultimate item misamenatsu. Nachasha and maguiel’s accu damage does not stack with misa. Accumulated damage is pure magic damage, meaning armor and absorption are ignored, but it does not work on buildings, guardian, golem, or any magic immune units.
Additional damage – damage that deals pure damage. It can be used by Jarje, Juajin, mamba, maguiel, anyone who wields Kaiser knuckle, and anyone who receives aiken’s buff. Additional damage and Kaiser knuckle can stack and works on buildings.
Chain damage – damage that initially hits a target and bumps off to other targets nearby. It can be used by subaekrim, myowol, teolia and anyone who the wields ultimate item Shaft star. Shaft star doesn’t work with suba.

Splash type damage – damages anyone nearby the target. It can be used by Juajin, Gai, and Novek.

Splash skill/item damage – 1. Any DoT damage that radiates from the body such as the item flaming meteor, Ignes’ ultimate defense, and kazure’s splash, can all be reduced by magic defense
2. Some poison damages, including yoichi, mitsuki, and nana’s DoT, can be reduced by magic defense
3. Some other poison damages do pure damage, including fletcher’s, humbaba, amkatar, deathadder, yunk’s DoT

*Note: critical hit is also a pure damage but the value itself can be reduced by armor.

Special type damage – Anyone who can deal special damage do the most damage on buildings. None of the heroes in Avalon start with this type of damage but can learn it through a skill.
Heroes who can deal special damage: Juajin, Kazure, Gai, Pallas, Maguiel, subaekrim summon, nanarichi summon, teolia summon, keias (cain)

Pure magic skill damage – any skill damage that ignores magic defense.

Skills that can deal pure magic damage are:
Oriens – Mamba’s tackle, Bing’s glacial frost, Seolbin’s chaotic world/ blizzard, Ruksalem’s water cannon, Masa’s ultimate, Kuro’s crescent strike/ultimate, Suba’s dehydration, Gandilva’s mandrake

Aoenia – Moon’s precise shooting/ shot of determination, Adelia’s wrath of god, Baratsh’s ultimate, Neklit’s magic quenching, Maguiel’s shield throw, Ellinese’s destructive shyness, Skatilo’s TNT, Teolia’s tingling shock.

Armlets can also deal pure magic damage.

X. You gain more exp when you are alone.
Here are two scenarios.
Scenario 1: Keias and Secmat forward lines east in crossroad and kills 4 waves together
Scenario 2: Keias and Secmat forward lines east in crossroad and keias kills 2 waves alone, secmat kills 2 waves alone.
Which scenario gives more net exp? Answer is scenario 2.
When you are alone, it takes 2 waves to reach level 3. When 2 people forward lines, it takes 5 waves for both to reach level 3. When 5 people are together in the middle? Even less exp for each person. This is the reason why you should forward line – you gain more net exp.

Speaking of forward lining..DON’T forward line if you are not going to creep.

XI. Taking down tower as fast as possible is not always a good thing
You don’t need to push lanes in Avalon so fast because the soldiers die almost instantly and there’s only 2 per wave (other games have like 6-7 per wave?). If a yunk destroys all 4 outposts before 8 min, he effectively screwed the liner because now the oriens soldiers cannot die to the aoenia outposts and will start pushing, aka aoenia soldiers will not gather in the middle anymore. This is usually only a problem in crossroad though. Other maps don’t have 2 lanes converging in the middle.

*Note: you DO need to push lanes in mine of oblivion, but that map is rarely played.

XII. Random facts
Hero Distance
2m range – Any hero who can attack close up: many including takiru and pallas without any weapon
4m range – Any mid ranged hero: Shaochun, muchard, yohong, kalshutein, and jarje. Also includes Gai with giant growth on and yoichi with passive. Heroes who start as mid ranged cannot equip beholder’s robe, hunter’s ceritificate, ring of speed, or bugle of bloody crimson.
8m range – subaekrim without water spray.
10m range – Any long ranged heroes such as teolia and mitsuki. Also includes subaekrim with level 2 passive. Pallas with crossbow, pallas with level 1 and 2 throwing weapon.
13m range – Any long ranged hero with beholder’s robe. Mitsuki with shadow counterstrike on. Pallas with level 3 throwing weapon
18m range – Arc with ambush of slaughter on
21m range – Arc with ambush of slaughter on and beholder’s robe equipped.
40m range – kalshutein’s archer range with accurate fire on.

Heros that can go invisible and therefore requires stone of truthful vision to see.
Oriens: Arc, Yoichi, Mitsuki, Ruksalem
Aoenia: Moon, Ellinese, Skatilo, Dukan, Jack shepherd, Teolia, secmat
Heroes that can make others invisible: Ruksalem, Teolia

Heroes with a critical rate buff
Oriens: Takiru, Kurotsuki
Aoenia: Baratsh, Ellinese, Dukan, Vathek, Aiken, Bentilius

Heroes with skills that can lower magic defense: Death adder, Neklit, Myoemchun, Subaekrim.

Heroes with skills that can grant magic immunity:
Oriens: Raiksha, Chadol, Mamba, Hekami, Seolbin (wall of ice), Shaochun
Aoenia: Bentilius, Neklit, Novek, Teolia (makuma), Maguiel (iron wall), Amkatar (mummy)

Heroes with skills that can heal themselves or others:
Oriens: Heathpati, Yohong, Phelizia, Aprasas, Hekami, Gandilva, Ruksalem, Kazure, Mamba, Mitsuki (recovery)
Aoenia: Baratsh (50 hp recovery on self confidence), Secmat (with ulti), Dukan, Bazraal, Adelia, Laina, Humbaba, Aiken.

Heroes who require mirror of unsummoning: Laina, Shaochun, Aiken, Yoichi (optional, but very helpful)

If you are facing one of the heroes who can control other units, make sure you have an int hero purchase mirror of unsummoning. If the int hero doesn’t have mirror or if there isn’t an int hero on the team, make sure to buy mp stones to have enough mana to unsummon with non-int heroes.

When you are in the low ground attacking a target on a higher ground, your accuracy is lowered by 20%. Similar to starcraft.

You might have noticed that many good players don’t purchase sword of conviction and punishment for long ranged agility dps heroes. The reason for that is not because this sword is bad (42 atk 40 atk speed), but because there are better items for similar prices. Let’s assume you are playing phelizia. F1 and F2 spots are the ones you are using for scroll and dispel and F7 and F8 for poison sword and boots. That leaves 4 slots. Let’s discuss the 4 items that are better than sword of conviction

1. Beholder’s robe – Obvious item for any long ranged dps, 3m range increase is excellent.
2. Kaiser Knuckle – Another extremely good item for agi heroes, fast attack speed with armor ignoring 25 damage per hit goes really well together
3. Armor of transcendant covertness – An item that gives hp as well as agi, good for surviving.
4. Blade claw of storm – in comparison with sword of conviction, this item gives 2 attack less. So why is this a better choice for 150 more gold? It gives 15 attack + 15% attack speed + 25 agi. 1 agi does not equal 1 attack speed but actually 1.5%(1 agi does equal 1 attack though). so the total attack speed you gain from blade claw is (25 * 1.5) + 15 = 52.5%. Moreover, you gain 2.5% more evasion.

You can later sell poison sword to buy sword of fear, bleeding dagger, sword of the dead or any of the expensive items.

Other items that you could potentially replace the above 4 items with are: northeasterly armlet, sword of deathblow, sword/shield of true vision or more hp

Sword of conviction is generally for non agility dps heroes such as pallas or arc. However, that’s not to say you can’t get it, but you can usually get high attack speed without conviction as an agi hero and sword of fear can remedy the lack of damage. It is also good for terror characters such as juajin or kazure.

Although staff of great magician gives 55% attack speed, the most out of any item, it’s not advisable to get it for any heroes besides teolia (and maybe amkatar), because many dps don’t have any need for the int bonus from the item.

XIII. Be smart when choosing to help teammates out

If your teammate, who is alone, calls for help, do not help if you as well as your teammate are going to die in the process. Even if you have a home port, it is something you should not waste.

If you are about to die in the first couple minutes of game, it’s sometimes better to die than use port because of short revive time.

Don’t complain about people ksing. You can get that 300 gold VERY easily. Each gold isn’t as valuable in Avalon as it is in Dota and LoL. Some heroes were just made to killsteal: adelia, yohong, 3 active bent.

XIV. Learn how to use storage

If you want to be a better player, knowing how to use storage items is a must. I’m not talking about storage items with durability but rather items that disappear after one use, like potions. It is important to have all the lobby shop items stocked at all times with the exception of stat books and elephant summon, which are optional.
Let’s go through some..

Indomitable HP/MP potion – these should preferably be used when you are under fire and trying to save yourself/when taking damage from dukan’s ult/when yoichi is chasing you and you are about to die to his dot/or when fletcher(or anyone else) is being aggressive with his dots and constantly harassing you before C shop potions are available.

Otherwise, it is much better to use total restoration potion as long as you do not get hit by an attack. It costs less storage points, costs less money, and heals more. I normally use 2-3 of these per game.

Enhanced vamp pot/berserker pot – people often use these to forward line during early game but berserker can be extremely good during mid game on most carries who don’t have decent damage output (lejena, suba)

Far seeing scroll – an overlooked item. Maybe 30m sight range is not too useful on a creeper, but to a liner it can mean life or death. If you’re playing on crossroad, you can quickly spot a gank coming your way from one of the diagonal routes(if you stay on the same elevation and play carefully).

Detection scroll – pretty self explanatory, it detects any hidden heroes in an area where you spot it. It does not reveal areas wherever you happen to move to (like the real true sight item does). When a hero is detected, he will be visible to everyone for 60 seconds instead of going invisible when he goes out of detection scroll range. This is probably one of the most important items to have early game especially given that people play yoichi and forward line in 99% of the games to get fast level 6.

Tempest – When used, it floats a hero for 10 seconds. This may not sound that good but when used in a battle, 10 seconds is an eternity. It can also be used during early game to deny opponents 2 min spawns. When using this item, you have to put the cursor directly under the opponent. If they scroll, or if you miss, the tempest won’t have any effect. The most common use, however, is at the end game to kill the nest without too much hindrance.

Small Wooden Box – When used this item gives 2 more item slot but the effect of the item does not apply while in that slot (so you still have 8 true item slots). The two most common purpose for this item is to hold golem and to hold ruksalem’s water bomb. You can also put misamenatsu in the extra slots when you are about to die, and you won’t lose it.

One more thing I use is speed potion, I know they don’t sell it in the lobby shop, but it’s useful when playing terror yunk.

XV. General line and creep info specially requested by blackstars
Many people may not agree with what’s about to be written, but this is mine and many other friends’ knowledge on who should creep and who should line, for example when a team has 2 potential liners while crossroad only allows 1 liner. I never play passive when I have a choice, but I will try to consider all of the builds.

Key- A: Must line. No questions asked.
B: Best thing is to line but can creep if a liner spot is full, but will be significantly weak in early and mid game.
C: Can creep but better in line
D: Can do well both in line and creep (I don’t mean at the same time, but often with different builds)
E: Can line but better in creep
F: Must creep. Waste of liner spot.
G: Special

A: Arc, Chadol (pure passive), Phelizia
B: Juajin, Kurotsuki, Heathpati, Nachasha, Subaekrim
C: Takiru (passive), Raiksha, Mitsuki, Kazure, Shaochun, Nanarici
D: Chadol (hybrid, active), Mamba, Yoichi, Myowol,
E: Yohong, Aprasas, Yunkwanchung (active), Hekami, Ruksalem, Mushita
F: Takiru(active), Masa, Bingkyoyoung, Gandilva, Seimei, Myoemchun, Ignes, Seolbin, Muchard

G: Yunkwanchung (should not line or creep after level 9 if playing terror)

A: Jack Sheperd, Moon (passive)
B: Pallas, Baratsh (passive), Ellinese (passive), Bentilius (passive), Moon (active), Secmat (passive), Dukan (passive), lejena
C: Jonathan, Teolia, Amkatar, Maguiel, Gai, Preto
D: Kalshutein, Novek, Skatilo, Aiken, Neklit, Jarje
E: Adelia, Durof, Death Adder, Vathek, Laina, Keias, Fletcher
F: Bentilius (active), Bazraal, Secmat (active), Drake, Humbaba, Ellinese (active)

These are many hero builds and tips that I have compiled from playing Avalon. Note that several heroes will not be on here: 1. Most beginner heroes, 2. heroes that are played too commonly, 3. New heroes, 4. Heroes that I can’t play well (not too many, but I will try to add them later with help of friends)

Most of this assumes that the magic damage hasn’t been reduced by magic defense and also that you are playing in crossroad.


Takiru: Bite + Hurricane Claw + Rage Dash

When I first started this game, the only hero I used to play was a passive takiru. I even thought it was a bit overpowered at that time, but not anymore. In my opinion 1/3 chance of hitting a critical hit is not high enough early on and can get takiru killed quite easily. This is the build for dominating early and mid game to pave way for your late game heroes to shine because you can net a lot of kills with 3 active. Rage dash is used primarily as an escape skill but can damage creature barracks from the 6 min spawn location in crossroad. Why am I telling you this? You can take down creature barracks with arc (with eye) + rage dash while all your teammates camp at the 6 min spawn without triggering guardian. Active takiru is probably easier to play than passive takiru for me because you don’t die easily.

Things to know:
1. Rage dash doesn’t allow takiru to physically cross walls or barriers, but it does allow him to cross buildings, strangely enough.
2. Bite doesn’t actually bite for 6 seconds. It bites for 3 seconds where you are invincible for the duration and then slows the enemy for another 3 seconds.
3. Bite and spin have great synergy with flaming meteor.
4. Takiru has a terrible mana pool. Make sure you buy grand nature diamond.
5. Transforming into tiger gives 1 sec invincibility.
6. Passives are not bad skills, but just takes too long to reach their full potential. Besides, tiger has all the abilities of a passive takiru.

Chadol: Liner build – kick stab/spinning kick + flutter + plain breathing
Active build – spin kick/kick stab + energy blast + flutter/kick stab
Hybrid – spin kick + plain breathing + whatever

Chadol is quite possibly the most versatile hero in all of Avalon and unique in that all of his normal skills can be granted 10 points rather than 4. You don’t have to play the build I give you, any build works well for chadol. However, I’m going to say flat out that I don’t use the ever popular hybrid build, just because I don’t like it and is inefficient imo.

Things to know:
1. If you want to use plain breathing most efficiently, max flutter along with the passive. 10+ seconds of magic immunity while having 24% chance to stun is nothing to laugh at. As a close ranged melee hero, chadol is vulnerable to nukes without flutter.
2. You may think you can creep well as a passive chadol (without any nukes), but against good opponents chadol will get raped more often than not.
3. spinning kick at level 6 does maximum of 1000 damage. Especially good with flaming meteor.
4. Each level of energy blast increases the distance of the blast and the speed of the blast. At max level, the nuke also can dispel everyone in range.
5. Kick stab is used to teleport to enemies or allies, similar to katarina’s shunpo skill from LoL.
6. Kick stab silence can be dispelled.
7. Only activate reckless hit if you are hugging the enemy or running into each other.

Kurotsuki: Crescent Strike + Devil of the Evil Soul + Counter

A hero that can reach incredible damage as a close ranged attacker. He is the only hero besides arc who can reach 4x crit multiplier. Although all his skills are somewhat good, the above three are how I use him.

Things you should know:
1. Hammer of hell and lifesteal is a must item.
2. crescent strike and ultimate can be used to dodge projectiles. Ulti does 600 damage.
3. Kurotsuki can solo guardian early with the right equipments and with no interruptions
4. In order for kuro to be dominant, it’s crucial that he lines.
5. Counter is a skill that when activated, allows kurotsuki to move to the enemy that auto attacked him. As such, it’s not wise to activate it when you are running away.

Arc: Arrow of Sudden Death + Silent Search + Eye of Damyungjagung

Arc is considered a very hard hero to play because of low movement speed, item dependency, and lack of escapement skills. Yes, arc can get 4x crit multiplier, but he can only make use of that late game. A good opponent playing against arc will make sure there is no late game because no matter what arc does, he cannot escape from a gank. If you are playing arc for fun, he will greatly enhance your awareness skills.

Things to know:
1. You must never, never, never, go invisible in the middle of crossroad.
2. Only reason you should go invisible is in a safe spot for longer range (shooting at the 6 min spawn while teammates kill guardian) or if you need to launch arrow of sudden death
3. Eye should be spammed near arc as soon as cooldown is over
4. If arc is not dealt with early and mid game, each crit becomes as powerful as maguiel’s shield throw.
5. If lining, always try to stay near the tower
6. As a gauge, you should have enough hp to survive all 3 of secmat’s actives. (ulti not included)
7. When playing in a team with arc, try not to destroy outposts so fast. The longer arc can line, the better he becomes.
8. Hammer of hell is a must buy.


Yohong: Dimensional Hideout + Ghost Walk + Rainbow Dance

This is one of the harder support to use, and in my opinion the 2nd best kill stealer after adelia. You can often replace rainbow dance with the grand elemental stance only if the two have good teamwork. I master it last though, after ghost walk and dimension. I use 2 armlet yohong because she can deal decent aoe damage combined with ghost walk. Normally mana isn’t a problem for yohong, but it does become a problem when she starts using armlets. A good yohong will be very annoying for aoenia players because she prevents them from focusing down hero by hero.

Things to know:
1. Dimension should be used when: secmat is using ultimate on someone, someone is captured by drake, stunned, one particular hero is focused, to evade projectiles, to heal (duh), and to buy time. A smart secmat will often use her ulti on yohong, make sure to use ghost walk to run away so she either bites another target (and then you can go dimension that person) or bites you where none of her teammates are around.
2. Dimension should not be used when: 5 enemies chasing a single ally or to screw your allies around (unless you know them).
3. Although yohong is important, try to save your carry if you can.
4. Ghost walk should be used to: Kill someone, damage a building, run away, chase, or to absorb projectiles.
5. The aoe dispel may not seem that special, but along with dimension, it is what makes her extremely annoying and an excellent support. Pallas’ buff is essentially useless around yohong with this skill. Make sure you use it when people start using scrolls. Lastly, this skill can dispel linoram and amurita’s magic immunity!!!
6. While opponents are running from yohong’s ultimate, it is better to use dispel potion rather than the dispel skill, because the skill requires her to be stationary and she will lose distance.
7. Although yohong is an agi hero and she has an agi passive and she COULD go dps, I’ve never had success playing her that way and she dies very fast given that she is a mid ranged hero while most better dps are long ranged. Also, something about her attack animation is just really slow and weak. Maybe it’s just me.
8. The longer the game lasts, the more useless yohong becomes
9. I usually put one point on dispel and then master dimension and ghost walk. (ghost walk first)

Mitsuki: 1. Creep – Shadow Deliquescence + Weak Point Discovery/Movement of Darkness + Deadly Poison
2. Line – Whisper in the Dark/Shadow Deliquescence + Weak Point Discovery + Movement of Darkness

Mitsuki, a Japanese kunoichi, is in my opinion one of the strongest dps by just raw power. With both of her passives, her DPS attack can reach some ridiculous levels. There is nothing scarier than a mitsuki with misa. However, when focused, she goes down very fast just like any other ranged dps.

Things to know:
1. Creep mitsuki uses shadow deliquescence + poison + 2 armlets early game for nuking and one of the two passives for late game dps. Should only go creeping if there are no better candidates.
2. Cooldown starts running as soon as you use shadow deliquescence, NOT when you attack a target with the skill. Therefore, you can use the skill twice in a row for 360 + 360 = 720 damage.
3. Poison is more used not for its damage but for the fact that it’s AoE and that it reduces defense by 8.
4. Whisper in the dark is unique in that this is the only switch skill that doesn’t cost anything. However, it prevents you from attacking, so you have to constantly turn it on and off.
5. Whisper in the dark does not make you invisible like shadow does(unless you used both at the same time, but that would be a waste of skill) and the speed buff does not stack with shadow either.
6. With her high agi gain + agi passive, mitsuki is one of the easiest hero to achieve 500% attack speed
7. Do not save ulti, it has the shortest cooldown out of any ultimate in the game at 50 seconds (besides switch skills).
8. Do not put points into ultimate level 2 if using stunning spear. The stun percentages do not stack.
9. EDIT: The current version of Avalon has 2 levels of ultimate, but will turn into 1 level with all the effects from both levels + 30 attack power.

Nachasha: Illusion Copy + Illusion Walk + Queen’s Power (can replace clones or blink with other skills but NOT queen’s power. But this is the best way to play line nachasha from experience)

Nachasha is based on a nine-tailed fox (duh, one of her skill even says that) and one of the best DPS on the oriens side due to free misa and tons of survivability skills. To counter nachasha in recent patches, the developers created baratsh and reduced her accumulated damage from 16 to 14.

Things to know:
1. Clones can be used to remove any harmful/beneficial effects, including dukan’s ultimate and nachasha’s own scroll. If you are playing dukan, you should never ulti nachasha.
2. I know some of the guides tell people not to buy beholder’s robe, but it doesn’t really matter if you can micro. (so put the real one at the same distance as others)
3. Do not get magic protection armor, the aura will not appear on the clones.
4. Do not clone yourself when you are being attacked by a melee attack, because as soon as the clone breaks into 3, the opponent will start auto attacking the real one for 0.5 seconds.
5. Use clones to give vision on a high ground or to reveal certain areas.
6. When facing baratsh, use clone AFTER he uses invincibility.
7. Use clones to trick opponents. For example, say you are facing keias and he starts attacking the wrong clone. Take the low hp clone and start running, he will try to kill that clone even if he’s going to die because he will think that is the real one. (more often than not). What he doesn’t know is that you’ve been auto attacking him for a while at full hp and he is at a critically low hp. If you are alone and ganked by more than 2 people, try sending a clone to another direction, many people will follow it.
8. Accumulated damage stops accumulating if you don’t attack the same opponent for more than 2 seconds or if the opponent uses scroll. However, if the scroll is dispelled fast enough and you can send another projectile within 2 seconds, it will continue to stack.
9. Survivability early game is more important than accumulated damage.
10. Accumulated damage is pure damage, so nachasha can kill makuma.
11. Accumulated damage does not work on buildings.
12. If a projectile misses due to evasion, the damage does not accumulate, but it still continues to stack if you send another projectile within 2 seconds.
13. Damage will not accumulate if nachasha does critical damage, but it still continues to stack if you send another projectile within 2 seconds.
14. nachasha becomes ridiculously overpowered with stunning spear.

Subaekrim: Gate of the Sea Dragon + Upswelling + Water Spray

Suba starts as a mid ranged hero. But unlike other mid ranged hero such as yohong or muchard who normally have 4m attack range, suba has 8m range, but she is still considered mid ranged. (Anyone that is not 2m or 10m is mid ranged, I suppose). However, her passive at level 2 gives her 2m extra range for a total of 10m range, which is the same range as that of long ranged heroes. So she is technically a long ranged hero who can’t purchase beholder’s robe.

Things to know:
1. Gate of sea dragon does heavy damage, but takes couple seconds to open. Unless you can force your opponents to stay where the dragons are going to pop out, it’s usually not a very productive skill.
2. Use blink to dodge projectiles
3. Suba is the only ‘long’ ranged hero whose projectile doesn’t take any time to reach the opponent. This is good in that none of her attacks are wasted. Sometimes a long ranged hero’s projectile does no damage if the opponent hero has enough distance.
4. The chain damage from suba’s passive CAN trigger effects (stun spear, poison)
5. Dehydration only does 300 damage and reduces atk speed by 20%, which is close to nothing, so it’s best not to use it. Fluidity would be good if aoenia had 4-5 dps, but that’s highly unlikely.
6. Suba’s ultimate can be used to kill miners on any map. Just go into base to use ulti, and then blink out.
7. Suba’s level 1 ultimate could potentially kill a single outpost tower (3k hp) but sometimes doesn’t because it prioritizes moving targets first (soldiers, heroes). Level 2 ultimate can kill at max 2 outposts by itself. You cannot control the summon.
8. Shaft star does not work with subaekrim

Phelizia: Strong Run + Midsummer Nap + Song of Vitality (can use melody of the weak instead of midsummer nap).

Phelizia, whose Korean name is yongsorang, really doesn’t have anything special about her. She doesn’t have any passives to boost her attack or dps nor does she have good nukes to creep well. On top of that, whenever I play her, her attack animation seems veryyyyy slow until she has at least 450%+ attack speed. However, she does have a low cooldown heal and a simple, but effective escape skill.

Things to know:
1. Using little dragon in maps like crossroad will almost ensure free gold for aoenia. There is only room for 1 liner, and dragon should not be one of them. If phelizia and dragon lines together, the experience going into phelizia will be halved. Moreover, I don’t find any of the dragon’s skills to be even remotely good (unlike mummy’s). I remember ascension flow used to do insane damage when phelizia first came out but patch made the dragon significantly weaker.
2. Using strong run dispels any effects on phelizia, including slow
3. Midsummer nap is like laina’s sleep but gradual. Slows 100, 200, 300 movement speed at 2, 4, 6 seconds respectively. If you dispel yourself at 3rd second, the slow effect from the 2nd second will be removed, but at the 4th second, the 200 slow effect will come back and so on.
4. Song of vitality can damage magic immune heroes as well as golem, but it does not damage buildings.
5. If you are a new player with phelizia, it is astoundingly hard to net a kill early and mid game. Even an experienced player has to steal a kill to fulfill the ultimate requirement.
6. When I said phelizia didn’t have any attack passive earlier, I didn’t include her ultimate. Her ultimate is uniquely a passive that gives attack boost based on how many hero kills she has, up to a maximum of 10. The actual formula is: (base damage/10) x hero kill. Assuming the base damage is 100, the maximum attack boost phelizia can obtain is around 100. With that being said, it is very very hard to get 10 kills with phelizia without being lucky for most part of the game. As soon as you rack up some kills, killing more heroes become significantly easier.
7. Like aprasas’ storm, no hero is going to stand on the song of vitality for more than a second. If you want to use it to damage enemies, make sure they are stunned/hexed/slowed first. Otherwise, use it mainly for healing yourself and allies.
8. You cannot use mirror of unsummoning on the dragon.


Seimei: Summon Shikigami + Terra Magic + Ceremony of Evil

This is the build that most people use, but I’ve seen a couple who choose to max terra magic last. It’s the miniature version of hekami’s purification, dealing massive damage when hit fully (nearly 1k) and doing decent damage even after dispelling scrolls. Hold is good, but I find that 3-4 seconds is enough during early game. I would recommend buying grand nature diamond for mana as she has to be constantly using her skills. I did not know this, but seimei is named after a Japanese legend named abe no seimei who could control a spirit called “shikigami.” Sounds familiar?

Things to know:
1. Although seimei is an int hero, I find time ring unnecessary and waste of money if you can use your skills wisely. I only get it if I have nothing else to get, which is rare. Make sure you stock HP first.
2. Harp is a must, drums optional (seeing as not everyone owns one)
3. Don’t use hold until every enemy around you has used their stuns.
4. Use kamidori (ulti) to steal 4 min creeps and use dispel runes to dispel multiple people if necessary because if you just leave kamidori by itself, people will scroll and try to last hit the creep so they get the exp and not you. To counter this, make sure the 4 minute portal is blocked from the beginning. Also use kamidori to attack buildings/guardians and prevent your enemies from approaching.
5. Kamidori is magical attack, unlike uroboros, which is physical attack. So if you want to take less damage from it, buy dispel armor.
6. Don’t place kamidori at a random place and hope that you can grab someone, it is 95% of the time considered a waste.
7. Take shikigami even if opposing maguiel has cancel summon. You can use it to creep. Just don’t feed her too much money.
8. Magic of terra’s power is magnified if the target is stunned or slowed.
9. Know the animation for when seimei starts charging “hold” skill, I think she puts her arm backward.
10. Seimei is a creeper!! When killing 5 minute creeps, make sure you put at least one shiki on the top elevation so you have vision.
11. You can control your shikigamis while holding someone.
12. When fighting against seimei alone, try to hug her as much as possible so she can’t land terra magic.
13. You can instant dispel your enemy who uses scroll after you start your hold skill. Requires practice.
14. Random fact: Korean skill name for ceremony of evil is “matsuri,” meaning celebration.

Aprasas: Purification of the Wind + Strong Blast + Floating

You’ll notice that I don’t use storm, because I think it’s a useless skill compared to ‘float’ skill that 90% of the aprasas users don’t use. First of all, no one is going to stand in place and get hit by storm. Secondly, if you are using the skill to terror, I would suggest using yunkwanchung instead. Aprasas terror is very slow and inefficient. The cooldown is significantly longer than the duration until you get the time ring, so the tower gradually heals during the cooldown and it just takes forever to raze one tower. I normally don’t buy time ring until after mid game because she needs hp and mana to survive.

Things to know:
1. Purification of the wind actually does damage enemies but the damage is almost non existent. It’s better to heal allies for around 550-600 health (it heals for 480 + int stat). With its short cooldown, it rivals that of adelia’s heal.
2. Strong blast fires 2 shots, doing 720 damage when both blasts hit.
3. Float has many uses, but the cooldown is very long even with the time ring, so do not use it at will. The animation is very fast so it is often hard to block. It can be used: 1. on allies to save them from ultimates (works on allies when secmat is biting them) 2. on enemy carries 3. to run away 4. to gank liners.
4. Float does not work on allies when they have magic protection scroll on
5. Using float and then strong blast as soon as float is over can ensure that you land the nuke. However, from experience, most people will scroll as soon as they come down, so dispel and then nuke. (I have seen instances where you can land the nuke before the opponent can even scroll. I don’t have that precise timing mastered though)
6. Use aprasas’ ultimate to: 1. slow retreating enemies 2. damage buildings with enough armor (snipe radars) 3. When you are about to die and the enemy focusing you will die before your invincibility wears off. Overall, this is not a very good ultimate and doesn’t have too many potent capabilities especially early on. I sometimes skip ultimate at lvl 6 for this reason.
7. EDIT: Aprasas ultimate will deal 200/400 damage (as opposed to 200/300) and ignore magic immunity in a couple of patches
8. Sometimes I keep float at lvl 1 or 2 because the only reason you would want it to last long is to stall an enemy for a longer time during a large battle, but I usually don’t find doing that all that helpful. I normally use float on allies, an enemy that is running alone, or to stall while killing buildings/guardian

Gandilva: Summon Mandrake + Desperate Drum + Mandrake Metamorphosis

This is one of few heroes who can’t kill anything by himself. As such, if you want to succeed with gandilva, you often need a good teammate(s) who can carry while you support that person/people. He has great synergy with seimei because once someone is hexed, they cannot block the 6 second hold.

Things to know:
1. I don’t buy poison for gandilva in the beginning (unless my team is crap) because he desperately needs HP.
2. It’s better to keep hex at lvl 1 or 2 and max heal first because any good opponent will instantly dispel the hex. However, if aoenia has bazraal, its better to keep heal at lvl 1 and max hex first. Having said all this, summon mandrake should be maxed first out of the 3 skills.
3. summon mandrake has a detection range where it will follow the person who triggers it. However, if the person triggered is too fast, the mandrake will stop chasing or explode and don’t do any damage. If near an enemy, try to place it in front of the path enemy will go, not directly on them. It’s like starcraft reaver scarab; sometimes if the target goes too far, scarab will not do any damage.
4. Ultimate is used to block any other ultimates. This is especially true of jarje and secmat, who are very commonly played. You can also use it to save more than one person from death. You could use it to prevent your own death or another single person, but if it seems like a waste, don’t use it.
5. Having 2-3 mandrakes on the high ground/portal will do massive damage. This is especially good on the high ground past the spider in crossroad and the 5 minute portal.
6. A smart secmat will often bite gandilva. Don’t use ulti before she bites because more often than not, she will still bite you (unless you can walk to base in that 4-5 seconds or kill secmat). Just have hp and dispel armor to make her nukes less potent.

Myoemchun: Binding of Agony + Balmy Buddhist + Butterfly of Utopia (or Everlasting Avatar instead of balmy)

Myo is one of the strongest, if not the strongest oriens nuker with plenty of skills that can annoy opponents.

Things to know:
1. Butterfly of utopia does 60 damage but fires 8 shots for a maximum 480 damage. However, the skill itself is quite hard to use because it spreads from a single point to outside, reducing magic armor. Only use it when someone is stunned or slowed. Should be maxed first because it magnifies the damage of other skills as well. If you can’t use this skill, replace it with another nuke but imo this is the skill that defines her.
2. If you are playing against myo, remember that inability can be dispelled.
3. I have found butterfly harder and harder to use because of lag. After I stun enemies, they usually move slightly away from the original spot I stunned.
4. Using karavinka form (ulti) makes myo invincible for anywhere between 1 to 1.5 second.
5. Use ultimate to launch more nukes just in case you run out

Yunkwanchung: Protective Circle + Curse of the Hellgod

I’ve tried all kinds of yunk builds including hybrid, nuker, and terror, and my conclusion is that the terror build is the best for yunk.
Nuker: flaming wheel + fire blast + curse of the hellgod.
Terror: protective circle + curse
Hybrid: protective circle + curse + fire blast (or whatever you want)

Nuker yunk is good in the beginning but gets weak very fast. Also remember that curse of hellgod can be stopped by using scroll. The reason why I only list 2 skills as a terror yunk (also known as zombie yunk) is because he should stop leveling at 8 or 9 with only points into protective circle and curse. If you put points into other nukes while building terror build (becoming a hybrid) that means he will have to be higher than level 9 to effectively terror. Moreover, you can’t kill anyone with just one nuke. If going terror, you want to be lowest level possible because low level = shorter death time.

Things to know:
1. For terror, telescope is a must buy item. Harp only when money is available. Time ring is unnecessary.
2. Early on, do not try to kill outposts with ulti and risk getting stunned. Instead, go for creature barracks first. On crossroad, you can use ulti from the 6 minute spawn to take down radar, one tower, and deal around half damage to the creature barracks. This is good for several reasons. Opponent will see that you are taking down creature barracks, but often 1 person isn’t enough to take down a smart yunk constantly hitting and running early on (before 6-7 minute mark). So more people guarding creature barracks = lose exp/creep. This is the point of terror yunk: because he doesn’t creep after he reaches level 9, he has to force enemies to stop creeping as well. Otherwise the battles will always be imbalanced. If you try ulting outpost at 6, the opposing liner has the chance to kill you. Don’t do it even if the liner doesn’t have any disabling mechanism, it’s just a waste (people try it anyways, so ill assume for the rest of this that they do)
3. If you are lining against yunk and have no disable to counter his ult, pop out a tempest and float him.
4. Crystal of magic does not increase yunk’s damage on buildings. Even if I’m wrong and it does, it’s still a waste of money that you could’ve gotten hp for instead.
5. If playing on aoenia, always know where yunk is. If he’s not on the minimap, priority #1 is to find him. (its fine to let some outposts die though)
6. Do not put points into yunk’s passive if you are going to buy dispel armor. They don’t stack.
7. Again, you want to use your ulti on the most worthwhile targets possible. You don’t want to ult outposts and wait 150 seconds for another one before going for creature barracks. (because you want to ulti first and then hit and run)
8. If there’s more than 2 people camping your target, feel proud. You’ve done your job.
9. Only use ult after checking minimap and checking where everyone is. If you can’t see them, wait. Do not trigger the radar system right before you ult. Know when to cancel ult if necessary.
10. Assuming you are playing terror, for each level, skip putting points into stats or any other skill if you can’t put points into curse or protective circle. For example it should go like this: lvl 1 PC  skip  PC/curse  skip  PC/curse  ultimate.
11. When moving to enemy base, don’t reveal yourself to enemy soldiers. Take a longer route even if it takes a longer time. In another word, from the middle of crossroad map, don’t take direct west or south where you will clash with soldiers.
12. Many storage items are helpful in running a terror build such as: speed potion/adrenaline spell book, transparency cloak, or boots of pursuit (I personally don’t like it, but I’ve seen a couple use it well)
13. If there is a legitimate liner on your team, make sure you creep with curse and poison sword till level 9.

Hekami: Magic shock + Purification Light + Land Protection (sometimes Spell Steal when playing easy games)

Hekami is a very widely used int hero with a very powerful nuke in light purification. However, spell steal is an optional skill for me only because land protection is good when playing against good opponents. Hekami can line, and I know most people line with her, but her harassment capabilities are just not very good by herself. No decent player will run into purification and spell steal doesn’t hurt anyone. However, mana shock will do serious damage on many nukers, and this skill is the reason why I creep. (because liners rarely use/have a nuke, maybe besides some like maguiel).

Things to know:
1. Do not send out the purification light to test if someone will run into it. Only stupid players will.
2. Use purification light when someone is slowed, stunned, hexed or captured. Goes well with ignes, gandilva, and seimei to name some examples
3. Mana shock doesn’t work when enemies have scroll on. Make sure to dispel
4. Mana shock will absolutely rape fletcher specifically.
5. cure of the firefly will not cure anyone when bazraal has the debuff. However sacrifice will work even when bazraal is around.
6. Land protection does not have its cooltime shortened with time ring and can only be used on allied camp.
7. Land protection gives 100% evasion to allied buildings, heroes, and guardian while giving 100% accuracy to enemies ONLY when under the blue bubble. Your job as hekami is to place land protection where enemies wont receive the 100% accuracy bonus, so you will have 200% evasion while enemies will still have 100% accuracy. This is equivalent to you having 100% evasion and enemies having 0% accuracy.
If the line of alphabet is considered a building, you want to place land protection past the letter J (just
estimating) if opposing team has a very potent close ranged melee hero. Against a long ranged hero or
kalshutein’s archers, you can place it past A. If anyone tries to come into the bubble for their 100% accuracy buff, you have to try to ward them off. You can substitute the line of alphabet with guardian as well.
9. The whole point of land protection is to stall and to drive the other team away. The protection only lasts 20
seconds while cooldown is 45 seconds.
10. While playing aoenia, if you want to damage heroes/buildings under the protection, you may use skills or sword of the deathblow (100% accuracy) to do so

Bingyokyung: Multiple Shot + Frozen Arrow + Frost Blast/Frost Orb

Bing is the ever omnipresent “frost archer” of this game. However unlike drow ranger or ashe in other games, she is unique in that frozen arrow has to be individually shot every time and is not a switch skill.
Things to know:

1. Bing is quite possibly one of the best hero to dominate early game because his multiple shot at level 1 does 85 *3 = 255 damage when hit fully with only 2 second cooldown.
2. Multiple shot does more damage the closer you are to the target because you can land all 3 arrows and this makes her one of the best creepers around.
3. Multiple shot/frozen arrow cooldown at level 1 and 2 is 2 seconds and at level 3 and 4 is 1 second.
4. Even though max cooldown of multiple shot/frozen arrow is 1 second at level 4, getting a time ring will reduce the cooldown time of those skills by a slight bit.
5. When playing against bing, only use scroll if you are running away and getting infinitely slowed by her. Frozen arrow damage at even level 4 does little damage.
6. Ice armor is actually a decent passive because bing needs all the mana she can get, but it is often a waste of slot because she has other more useful skills.
7. Frost blast is fun to use and does ridiculous damage at level 4 (around 1600). However, there is the downside of 8 second charging time. Make sure to start using this at high ground only.
8. Glacial frost (ult) can hit ANY enemy target that is not invincible. This includes buildings and guardian.
9. If you have reliable allies who can dispel, charging frost blast after glacial frost can force the target to use portal or die. You can also use it while allies are killing guardian/buildings
10. If you go DPS bing, you will be free 300 gold.


Seolbin: Ice Throw + Charge + Chaotic Frozen World

Seolbin is a popular nuker in korea. He is very tanky as a phy hero and his ultimate complements many skills well. Phy passive and wall of ice is rarely used because he does little damage even with 3 actives compared to other nukers like myo or masa.

Things to know:
1. Ice throw has a fast animation. Sometimes it’s hard to block when playing against seolbin. Ice throw also has a very small aoe diameter.
2. charge still allows seolbin to teleport to the target even if the target uses scroll but will do 0 damage.
3. chaotic world deals small aoe damage upon the target landing.
4. Chaotic world does not land in the exact spot where you threw the target.
5. Blizzard is almost similar to baratsh’s ult but freezes ally as well. This is expected, because the effect that comes after the freeze far surpasses that of baratsh’s. After an enemy is frozen, if they are hit with any melee attack or any skill, they will take 800 damage at level 2 ultimate. The point of this ult is to freeze as many people as possible and use another hero’s aoe skill to deal bonus damage. If an ally is frozen by seolbin, he or other allies can auto attack them to unfreeze, allies will not take any damage.
6. When seolbin uses ulti, there will be a 0.5 second delay before the freeze effect takes place when the opposing heroes can use scroll. If using a skill to unfreeze the enemies, make sure to dispel. The dispel has to be almost instant because the duration of blizzard is short.
7. Skills that complement blizzard well are: masa’s ult, hekami’s purification light, muchard’s ultimate, ignes’ hellfire, kurotsuki’s ult etc.
8. Chaotic world can be used on golem and also can be used to cancel bentilius’ ultimate.
9. When someone is coming down from chaotic world’s throw, there is a 0.5 second delay before the damage takes place when the enemy can port.

Ruksalem: Purified water (usually) + Water Cannon + Deliquesce with Nature

Ruksalem is considered by some as op because of his heal. He is a phy hero with all 5 skills being viable in battle. I normally play him with 2 armlets.

Things you should know:
1. While in healing mode, ruksalem can’t use any skills, move, or attack. He can, however, use armlets.
2. If you see bazraal, teolia, bentilius, and preto, look first at the skills they take and then choose heal. Do not choose heal if: 1. bazraal has breath of plague 2. teolia has ‘be a doll’ 3. preto has jester swap 4. bentilius has conviction of heaven
3. Beware of these other skills: lejena’s shackle, humbaba’s eat up, preto’s ball of frenzy, novek’s exhaustion
4. If no one in the team has skills that can stop ruksalem’s heal, use tempest to float.
5. water cannon has a deceptively long range and can be canceled with esc while charging the 0.75 second delay. It also becomes quite powerful when deliquesce with nature is activated
6. Heal can be used to tank golem and towers
7. Water bomb can be a fun skill, but usually don’t work against good players. Moreover, you can put the inventory bomb to the extra storage slot from wooden box.
8. Water fog is the best skill in Avalon for tower diving at early levels because not only it makes nearby allies invisible, but also immune to all ranged attack (outposts) and some skills (look below).
9. Water fog makes the affected allies immune to ranged skills that are projectiles/are targetable/does damage/are not ultimates. For example, it can block neklit’s bull’s eye or drake’s anchor swing but cannot block adelia’s wrath of god, dukan’s spirit erosion, lejena’s shackles of wind, or durof’s ether cannon.
10. Water fog evasion only works when you are moving. If you stand still, towers and ranged attacks can still deal damage
11. Do not use purified water to heal until it is at least level 3, otherwise your team is at a disadvantage in a fair fight
12. Fun fact: Water bomb inventory item’s cooldown time used to be 120 seconds. How op is that?

Shaochun: Pain of interests + Economical Pressure + Ambition of Greed/ Forced Purchase

A hero who can reach close to 9k hp in tutorial and can surpass it in practice games. However, shao is not much played because of low damage and low dps. It is important that you maximize shao’s attack capabilities early on.

1. Pain of interests has wrong skill info. The level multiplier should be 10/12/14/16 instead of 10/10/10/10
2. Because of already high phy gain by shao, mana pressure must be maxed first before hp passive.
3. Mana pressure does not work against enemies with magic protection scroll on.
4. Mana pressure is extremely effective against nukers and shao can keep it on forever as long as he is near enemies. With that being said, it usually takes a long time to drain an int hero’s mana.
5. A smart opponent will often ignore shao and go for other heroes first. Therefore, it is important to maximize his damage capabilities so that he won’t be ignored at least during early game. I often use 2 armlets + meteor + poison sword to deal extra damage.
6. When shao has over 4k hp, he will usually be the last target to die. Instead of going for more hp, buy attacking items such as sword of fear and/or sword of conviction.
7. At level 4 pain of interests, the max gold you can gain from killing a hero is 1000.
8. Bribe is not recommended because of mirror of unsummoning and the fact that shao cannot heal those monsters.
9. Bribe costs money to use, although not a significant amount.
10. Sometimes refund can be a viable skill when lining. Here’s some examples of how you would use this skill. You must have a fast hand and reaction time to use it properly.
I. You are at half health and being chased by 3 aoenians. Sell everything in the inventory but boots and buy harp to get away faster
II. You are chasing a hero with 10 hp left but he is too far away to reach. Sell something in the inventory to buy an armlet.
III. You could also gamble with the despara items. If you manage to get a despara item to level 2 on the first try, you could sell it for more money than the price you bought it. This is not recommended unless playing for fun.
IV. Ask your friends to drop any item from the private shop so you could sell it and get a quick item that you needed.


Hidden Heroes: Muchard, Nanaricci, and Mushita
These are hidden heroes of the oriens and have skill(s) that are extremely powerful. They are hidden because they give the team an advantage in a fair fight when used properly. A player has around 5% chance (total, not each) to obtain hidden heroes when playing random.

Things you should know:
1. Hurricane bash damage increase from level 1 to 3 is 70 but goes from 210 damage at level 3 to 360 damage at level 4. That is a 150 damage increase.
2. Dancing dragon does is the nuke that does the most damage to a single target at level 1 out of any hero in Avalon.
3. Muchard is invincible while performing dancing dragon
4. Do not level up dragon’s tooth before hurricane bash and dancing dragon are mastered. Although it is a useless skill in the beginning, it becomes very powerful later on.
5. When muchard goes up in the air to perform dragon wave (ulti) and you can’t run away in time, try going directly behind muchard to avoid damage. It sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.
6. Nanaricci’s rat hole can produce a total of 17 rats. They all can deal special type damage.
7. Toxic Germ does high damage to heroes and creeps alike in the beginning
8. Nanaricci’s teleport has the shortest cooldown time out of any teleport in the game. (7 secs)
9. Know the animation for when nana is using ulti. He starts laughing in Korean letters and bends his body forward. There are only a handful of skills that can save heroes from snare, including Adelia and Lejena’s ulti.
10. Put man catching snare on top of a hill or high ground. Also useful when killing guardian/buildings
11. Ether ball is the only nuke in oriens that can slow and can go through magic immunity at the same time. Also works on golem
12. Forced contract deals little damage but prevents auto attack of all nearby enemies for 6 seconds. Also prevents secmat from biting anyone and usage of neklit’s magic quenching. Skills can still be used.


Pallas: Throwing Weapon/Crossbow + Polearm/War Cry + Polearm/Warrior Mindset
Pallas has a total of 3 different weapons at her arsenal, somewhat like juajin of the oriens side. It a less serious game, it’s pretty fun to terror with polearm, but in a serious game it’s best to use only one weapon. Crossbow is the most popular choice because it can hit maximum of 4 people.

Things to know:

1. Throwing weapon advantage: at level 3, gains same range as long ranged heroes with beholder’s (13m). Also gains 60% bonus attack speed
2. Throwing weapon disadvantage: The 13m range and 60% bonus are only for level 3 weapon only. At early levels, this will drain a lot of mana even with warrior mindset. Best to keep it at level 1 or 2 early on.
3. Crossbow advantage: Godly with stunning spear. Can creep easier because she can equip hunter’s certificate (but shouldn’t be creeping anyways)
4. Crossbow disadvantage: Drains heavy mana at level 3 and can only use crossbow fully if all the opponents are in front of pallas.
5. Crossbow should be at level 1 until at least level 15 or so
6. Pallas can equip hunter’s certificate and lifesteal despite the fact that he can use long range weapons because he is initially a short ranged hero, but cannot equip beholder’s robe.
7. What makes warrior mindset good is not the hp/mana regen, but movement speed and sight increase. In fact, I’ve had no mana trouble playing without warrior mindset. I simply had to switch the weapon off when I wasn’t using it. The mana regen from the passive merely allows pallas to keep the weapon on forever at level 1.
8. Warrior mindset is pallas’ only survivability skill
9. War cry can affect any allied heroes, monsters, creatures, and summons. The disadvantage is that war cry is often dispelled along with magic protection scroll, and many forget to use the buff again.
10. Although some people’s opinions may differ, some people might prefer keeping warrior mindset at level 3 and getting a +2 stat instead. The only change from level 3 to level 4 is +3 hp/mp regen increase.
11. Edit: warrior mindset speed increase will go from 25/25/50/50 to 20/30/40/50 in a couple of patches
12. Turn your weapons off when you are not using them

Kalshutein: Summon Royal Guard + Summon Royal Knight + War Cry

Kalshutein has a very obvious weakness in that all of his skills are summons or buffs. He has no nukes and is therefore left useless if all of his summons are rapidly destroyed.

Things to know:
1. Best way to play kalshutein in a real match is to go for fast terror, because the longer the game lasts, the weaker kalshu’s summons become
2. To play kalshu to his maximum potential, harp AND drum are both necessary.
3. Royal archer is easily countered with the item ‘bloody cloth’
4. Ultimate at level 6 is unnecessary. Unlike suba’s ulti, the guardian knight does not do special type damage.
5. The summons become quite powerful with buffs from pallas/adelia
6. In a battle, kalshu’s role is simply to create chaos with many summons.
7. Watch out for Juajin’s high mountain stance as they can easily rip off the summoned knights.

Drake: Crab Grapple + Hand Cannon + Anchor Swing
A hero who can capture, stun, and deal a 480 damage nuke, drake, is quite a versatile hero. He can both deal damage and support effectively.

Things to know:
1. Pirate’s revenge does not stack with bloody cloth. Will someone explain to me how this is a better skill than hand cannon? For defense? Maybe, but the reflection in my opinion sucks.
2. Do NOT use adrenaline boost whatsoever.
3. To effectively play drake, put points into all 3 skills first. Master hand cannon, then grapple, then anchor swing last. In my opinion, level 1 grapple is enough to force a home portal or to kill someone early on. Hand cannon is excellent in creep especially due to its AoE and anchor swing is mastered last because this is the skill that you will use to make opponents force a scroll.
4. Cannon blast (ulti) can damage buildings
5. Drake has a low mana pool. It is important to get grand nature diamond especially when playing 3 active.
6. Drake is not a solo hero, he requires good teammates to help out.
7. Mana is important for drake, but long life is even more important. You cannot be the first one to die in every single fight.
8. If you are a stunner playing with drake, make sure to stun when capture is about to be over, not when it starts.
9. Fun fact: grapple had a 1 second charge time but used to last 6 seconds.

Bentilius: Charge of Zealot + Demon Slaughter + Conviction of Heaven
More often than not, bentilius is played 1 or 2 passive but I can assure you 3 active is much more productive and better for most phase of the game. There are more games where I get misa than I don’t when playing 3 active bent due to being very easy to kill steal.

Things to know:
1. Bentilius has..well…some really piss poor mana pool, it’s even worse than that of drake’s. In fact, it’s so terrible that one ignes mana burn will often knock away all of bent’s mana. If you are playing active, do not go for boots first, do not go for meteor AT ALL, but go for 800 gold purple hp/mana stone (upgrade it to grand nature diamond) and/or blue mana stone asap. A storage item called mp manual might help too.
2. Charge of zealot has a 1 second charge time. The cooldown for the skill doesn’t start running until the bent actually hits an opponent. So if the skill is blocked by scroll while bent is charging, there are no cooldown penalties, allowing bent to simply dispel and reuse the skill.
3. Charge of zealot can jump walls and cliffs.
4. Demon slaughter should be mastered first because of its AoE and low cooldown.
5. Conviction of heaven and humbaba’s shock wave goes really well together.
6. Do not use conviction if secmat is using ultimate or if drake captured someone.
7. It is good to initiate with conviction for your teammates to catch up, or as a final blow so the enemy cannot port.
8. Remember that silence from conviction can be dispelled but not scrolled.
9. Although I previously thought that getting ulti at level 6 was pointless, it is actually useful when retreating against early yoichi harass or even netting an early kill.
10. Ultimate can be canceled by seolbin’s chaotic world. Only use ultimate when seolbin is dead or when you are not around him.
11. However, if bing uses ultimate on bentilius while bent is spinning, he will be unable to move, but will still be spinning.
12. When a target is landing from conviction of heaven, make sure to use demon slaughter after damage calculation from conviction, otherwise demon slaughter does no damage.
13. When a target is landing from conviction, he will instantly be silenced and slowed but will take damage after 0.5 second delay. Regardless, you cannot port after coming down.
14. While in ultimate mode, you cannot pick up items or use port. Remember this when you are trying to steal golem.
15. Using 3 active requires good teammates who can assist. Playing him alone is useless at every phase of the game.
16. Fun fact: conviction of heaven actually used to do damage as soon as skill was used, not when the target landed.

Neklit: Creep – Magic Quenching/Dark snake + Bull’s Eye + Cloak of Protection
Line – Dark Snake + Master Eye + Cloak of Protection

Neklit is a versatile hero who can be considered chadol of aoenia, because all 5 of his skills are useful and all frequently used. You don’t have to use the above builds because most neklit sets can contribute one way or another.

Things you should know:
1. Magic quenching does pure damage and can be used twice in a row. However, frequent usage of this skill will leave you in serious need for mana.
2. Creep build is often accompanied by 2 armlets.
3. Bull’s eye’s animation is fast and sometimes hard to block
4. Place dark snake in a location where opponents can’t see but will still be negatively affected by it. Otherwise it is free gold.
5. Dark snake is one of the two skills that can reduce an opponent’s magic defense and can serve as a scout.
6. Master eye does not stack with ether tunic.
7. Do not place uroboros in a random place hoping to kill someone when opponents are at near full hp. Use it to steal creeps and to stop enemies from approaching while killing guardian/buildings
8. Uroboros deals physical damage, if you want to take less damage from it, buy regular armor.
9. Because uroboros deals physical damage, it can be destroyed by equipping reflect items
10. Passive neklit can really shine with a stunner or drake.
11. Neklit snake sight range will go from 15/30/45/60 to 10/20/30/40 in a couple of patches.

Dukan: Eternal Fugitive + Compromise with Demons + Whisper of Demons (can replace compromise or whisper with arrow of pain)
Whenever dukan ulties someone, it is basically 100% death for many players, but it’s one of the reasons why oriens has so many healers and other mechanisms to help overcome spirit erosion. Also, dukan is known as a DoT hero to some(?), but I can assure you that he is not.

1. Here’s the problem with taking 2 active dukan. It’s actually not bad on the creeping phase, but it’s pretty bad in hero fights. Why? Because despite the fact that each arrow can deal 120 damage for 5 seconds, (that’s 600 + 600 = 1200) these arrows can be dispelled, dealing 0 damage. Against good players, your only source of damage will come from ultimate.
2. The damage from these arrows can be dispelled, but not its effects. The non dispellable slow effect is actually decent, but in my opinion not enough to overtake compromise with demons or whisper of demons
3. For each level of eternal fugitive, you gain more movement speed, starting from 15% up to 30%
4. If you are affected with sight decrease from eternal fugitive, make sure to dispel.
5. In a teamfight, make sure no one attacks or stun you, otherwise you are free gold.
6. When you are ultied by dukan, assuming that no one is chasing you and assuming also that there no healers in team, drop all hp items, and buy indomitable potion, total restoration potion, and regular hp potion and start healing. This process has to be done twice to survive. However, this can only be done once or twice in game due to limited storage points. (Occasional rune of transforming vitality and some other items in storage that can heal may help)
7. If there are healers in the team, ask them to heal you or ask aprasas to float you. But just because someone is healing you doesn’t mean you stop healing yourself with potions.
8. An even easier method would be to BLOCK dukan’s ultimate with magic protection scroll. Know what it looks like and always expect it coming.
9. Compromise of demons does 150 damage to dukan, but the game will not allow him to suicide.

Jonathan: Stylish Jump + Highspeed Loading + Rapid Fire
A good jonathan is extremely hard to kill due to low cooldown of stylish jump combined with highspeed loading as well as long range of stylish jump. Switch location can be a viable skill when creeping, but not for line.

Things to know:
1. With highspeed loading, you gain 40% cooldown reduction on his other skills. That means rapid fire can be on 100% of the time and stylish jump has a cooldown of 8 seconds.
2. Stylish jump can deal heavy damage to a group of creeps. Does a total of 720 damage at level 4.
3. In terms of survivability, jonathan’s rivals that of nachasha’s. He has a movement speed bonus, a long teleport that can dodge any projectiles, and using snake shell (ulti) makes jonathan invincible for 1.5 seconds.
4. Stylish jump is often buggy and can allow jonathan to be killed while teleporting.
5. Change location does work on arc with ambush of slaughter on, but doesn’t work if you can’t see him.
6. Snake shell (ult) stops following a target if they are too far away.

Skatilo: Grenade Launch + Infiltration + 44t TNT

A terror hero who is similar to yunk in that he does magic damage terror. However, he has advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, yunk is a better terror, but skatilo is more versatile. In order for skati to do max damage on buildings, he must get close to them, meaning he will have to take many tower hits. This is a disadvantage in that skati must be constantly healing from tower hits or has to go for early armor. The advantage is that his nukes deal more damage and that skati has a survivability skill in infiltration.

Things to know:
1. Grenade launch at level 4 can do a maximum of 135 x 4 = 540 damage. Similar to bing’s multiple shot, you deal more damage the closer you are to the target. Most effective against buildings.
2. Infiltration’s cooldown gets reduced by 1 at every level and sight range increased at every level for up to 60m (!!!!). That is the same sight range as neklit’s dark snake
3. TNT does 1000 damage to buildings, monsters, heroes, and magic immune heroes/ creatures, but has about 2 second delay before placing the bomb. It also has a deceptively decent diameter.
4. TNT does NO damage if damage is greater than the remaining hp.
5. Do not place TNT near allied buildings or heroes, as it can damage both categories.
6. TNT’s damage cannot be increased by crystal of magic, but grenade launch’s damage can be increased. Thus, the item is not worth it.
7. Bombing request (ultimate) can be canceled during the wait time. It does a total of 3120 damage at level 1 and 3600 damage at level 2. However, level 1 ultimate usually cannot take down a single outpost (3000 hp) because there are several missiles that miss (I’ve never done it) and tower can heal while bombs are falling down. I use my first ultimate on creature barrack radar so I can take down the barrack first.
8. Ultimate is building use ONLY.
9. Skatilo is the fastest golem killer in aoenia.
10. Fun fact: Usage of bombing request used to reveal skatilo’s location to enemies.

Lejena: Wind Wings + Flickering + Gap Movement (sometimes shackles instead of gap)
Lejena is an underestimated hero in EU Avalon, often because her skills are not used properly. Also, she is a weak DPS because she has no passives that boost her attack power, but her support skills more than make up for it. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that lejena has one of the best ultimates in the game. A good lejena is flat out annoying and scary but is a DIFFICULT hero to use to her fullest potential and must be reading the minimap at all times.

Things to know:
1. Wind wings is an amazing skill that allows you to teleport to any allied building, heroes, creature, monster or npc’s near the fountain. Cooldown is only 8 seconds at level 4. In any non-crossroad maps, this allows lejena to DOUBLE LINE, teleporting back and forth from 2 different lines. It is also useful in assisting allies or defending base. Lejena has no problem with mobility because of this skill.
2. Wind wings cannot work on invincible allied buildings nor guardian.
3. Wind wings can be canceled with esc or when lejena gets stunned while warping.
4. Do NOT use wind wings on allies when they are engaged in a battle. The warp time is too long. Try to use it on nearby soldiers or outposts.
5. Use flickering to dodge projectiles or jump walls/cliffs.
6. Gap movement is good in that you are invincible while jumping through enemies (can dodge projectiles if used in time). This allows her to steal creeps that are in pairs as well. However, it is not good in that she cannot control her destination.
7. Gap movement can be stopped by magic protection scroll.
8. Gap movement should not be used in the first 2 minutes to harass other heroes. You could potentially end up right next to enemy tower.
9. I use shackles of wind when enemy ruksalem has purified water or if enemy yunk goes terror build. Wait for yunk to start his ultimate, teleport back with wind wings, and then shackle.
10. Shackles can also be used on allies to send them back to base. Shackles cannot be used on allies or enemies with magic protection scroll on.
11. Path of wind is an ultimate with 1.5 second casting time that can be used anywhere on the map. After the casting time, anyone in the area selected will be immediately teleported to lejena. This is similar to starcraft’s arbiter, but arbiter recalls offensively, while lejena recalls to SAVE allies.
12. Path of wind is the only way to save an ally from bing’s glacial frost. It can also be used on allies trapped in nana’s man catching snare or seolbin’s blizzard
13. Compressed air should only be used if you aren’t confident creeping with gap movement. It actually does decent damage to enemies but only if they can stand still. However, lejena should preferably line.

Ellinese: Creep – Destructive Shyness + Bash of Love + Dreadful Kiss
Line – Destructive Syness + Evangelist of Love + Lovely Muscle

She is an almost-never used hero because of her low damage when playing active and because of the time it takes to build a good passive. Thus, she is rarely played in competitive matches, but can be a fun hero to play. Korean website lists her as an “angel.”

Things to know:
1. Destructive shyness’s movement speed increases at each level, for up to a maximum of 30%. With boots, this allows ellinese to be the FASTEST hero with 962 movement speed. Dukan/jack/mitsuki with boots only have 897 because they are a ranged hero and therefore start with lower movement speed despite having same speed bonus. If someone purchases a harp or if ellinese buys ring of speed, she can run at a constant 1000 speed.
2. Destructive shyness can be used twice in a row for a maximum of 640 damage.
3. Bash of love level differential has a maximum cap of 10 levels.
4. Destructive shyness does pure damage.
5. Dreadful kiss can be dispelled.
6. If you are losing, you should master bash of love first.
7. Overwhelming love can not only damage enemies in a small diameter, but can also be used as an escape teleport.
8. After using overwhelming love, you have 3 seconds to teleport to another direction. However, it can be canceled with a simple right click.
9. Enemies without stone of true vision cannot see ellinese using ult when elli is invisible. She will only appear when she lands from the teleport. Though the animation is fast, if you can at least see her, you can expect ultimate coming even if you can’t block it.
10. Ellinese’s clones deal small damage when killed. This can be good when killing miners.
11. Although ellinese’s clones can deal damage, Kaiser knuckle’s 25 additional damage bonus cannot be used by them
12. Active ellinese is good with 2 armlets but she has some serious mana problems when she starts spamming her skills. Grand nature diamond helps a lot.
13. Fun fact: bash of love’s level difference used to be multiplied by 100, not 80, and used to deal PURE damage.

Jack shepard: Escapement + Night Chaser + Black Glove/Art of Assassination
Jack has a great survivability with his escape skill(s) and is viable as a crit hero due to his +1 crit multiplier bonus. If you want to play jack at his best potential, it is best that he lines. Before level 20, his auto attack only deals average damage, and he doesn’t have any damaging nukes.

1. Dagger swarm’s information says that it gives 15% movement speed increase and 45 damage at every level. This is obviously a typo and should go like this: Movement speed increase per level 15/20/25/30%, magic damage 45/90/135/180, and max attack speed for 1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds. The range increase does not stack with beholder’s robe.
2. Night chaser is what makes jack unique. The best part about this skill comes when jack is level 20, where the skill allows +1 crit multiplier. Make sure to buy crit items.
3. It is best that jack fights at nighttime and avoid all fights at daytime, similar to night stalker from Dota.
4. Night chaser speed buff/harp/adelia’s blessing does NOT stack with dagger swarm. THEREFORE…
5. If dagger swarm is used while night chaser switch is on/ adelia has her passive/ someone buys a harp, night chaser speed buff will disappear, meaning you don’t get the constant 30% movement bonus at night and instead must turn dagger swarm on everytime you need to escape or chase. This is why dagger swarm is not good compared to escapement when you are using night chaser (and you must!!).
6. Escapement’s range increases every level, allowing you to place the mark from further away. This skill isn’t lejena’s wind wings, but it comes very close to it. You can place the mark anywhere on the map within the range, even through fog of war and unexplored areas.
7. Escapement can be canceled by any stunning skills from opponents.
8. It’s best to put escapement mark in a hidden location, so you do not land into enemies by accident.
9. Do not put escapement in enemy base unless you can get out without dying.
10. Using night mirage (ult) will make jack hazy and give him 100% evasion.
11. Auto attack can still do damage while night mirage is on if opposing heroes have more than 100% accuracy.
12. Between glove and art of assassination, I honestly don’t know which one’s better. Choose whichever one you feel like playing with.
13. Jack’s ultimate at night has a cooldown of 72 seconds. The 2nd lowest out of any hero (besides switch skills).

Adelia: Mother’s Touch + Wrath of God + Adelia’s Blessing/Blessing of Courage
Adelia can be a good or a bad hero depending on who is playing it. Because she cannot do much after healing and using wrath of god, I often play her with 2 armlets. However she is an int hero and also needs a little bit of hp to survive.

Things to know:
1. Mother’s touch instantly heals a single ally for the highest amount in the game. Other heroes can heal for more, but it’s not instant or is an ultimate.
2. Wrath of god is the best kill stealing skill in the game due to its long range (15m) and ignoring magic immunity
3. As I mentioned above, wrath of god deals pure damage
4. Adelia’s blessing’s speed buff does not stack with harp, but the mp recovery bonus helps many heroes.
5. Ether of protection is not really that good because magic defense can be made up by buying magic protection armor.
6. Blessing of courage has a really short cooldown time, make sure you spam it everytime it’s available. It can even be used on kalshutein’s summons.
7. Marching song of god (ult) should be used when getting ultd by other heroes such as raiksha, bing, or chadol. Also should be used when ally(s) are about to die.

Teolia: Be a Doll + I’m Gonna Sneak Around + Tingling Shock
Teolia can certainly choose other skills, but in my opinion, ‘be a doll’ and ‘I’m gonna sneak around’ are important in all teolia builds whether dps or support. Her Korean name is actually pronounced “terolia”, not “teolia” and lists her as “demon.”

Things to know:
1. “Be a doll” can be dispelled.
2. “I’m gonna sneak around” should be mastered to level 2 only. It is unnecessary to make other people invisible especially when everyone has stone of true vision.
3. “I’m gonna sneak around” makes teolia invincible for 0.5 seconds right after use. Requires practice.
4. First makuma can be used to take down outposts but I usually go for radars, cannon towers, and miners first. Outposts can always be destroyed by teammates later.
5. Do not use makuma near any heavy nukers such as bing, myoemchun, and masa.
6. Makuma can be used to tank golem and guardian
7. Bing’s triple shot does not work on makuma for some reason (a bug that should be fixed)
8. A good item for dps teolia would be staff of great magician.
9. Tingling shock does pure damage

DeathAdder: Flame of Flegeton + Spirit of Cokitos + Specter/ Chilled Sticks
In case you didn’t know, death adder and mamba are both mouse brands. Anyways, deathadder in general is a pretty boring hero who can’t do much. I will explain why I chose the above skills.

Things to know:
1. Spirit of cokitos is actually a decent terror skill after you get the time ring. Before time ring, the skill cooldown is too long and the tower has too much time to heal.
2. Spirit of cokitos is a channeling skill, similar to yunk’s ultimate.
3. When you are hit with specter, magic defense can go below 0. Nukes will deal extra damage
4. Specter cannot be dispelled but can be destroyed with MPS.
5. Chilled sticks is decent against buildings and creeps but it can be dispelled and scrolled when used on another hero. Also, it will put a strain on deathadder’s mana pool if kept on.
6. Edit: Chilled sticks will be modified in a couple of patches from 16/26/36/46 damage to 14/28/42/56. That is the same damage as nana’s poison.
7. Wall of akeron looks like a good skill, 60% attack speed reduction on any types of attack. It would easily defeat yoichi harasses and such, so why am I not recommending it? Simply because death adder is not a dangerous hero and no one needs to target it first. After flame of flegeton, he doesn’t have much, and meteor can easily be dodged or scrolled. It is not a bad skill in the creeping phase though.
8. When meteor lands, there is a 0.5 second waiting time where the opponents can port before the stun occurs.

Fletcher brothers: Flame Detonation + Chill Attack/Intense Chill of Small Fletcher + Flame of Big Fletcher
Fletcher can be a decent liner because of his amazing harassing abilities but even more destructive in creep. A creeping build is usually better with chill attack because any good player will instantly dispel intense chill of small fletcher. Many inexperienced players will often rush time ring and crystal of magic with fletcher, but that will get you killed extremely fast.

Things to know:
1. Fletcher’s brothers of fire and ice (ult) has wrong information. Currently it says it deals 315/405 damage, but it actually deals 351/477. I tested this extensively through tutorial, so I know this is correct. I was wondering why eu version never changed this skill because Korean version had it changed for quite a while, but turns out that only the skill info was wrong.
2. Ultimate damage cannot be increased by crystal of magic nor protection of spiritual power.
3. Protection of spiritual power, crystal of magic, and time ring can all stack with each other. Increased magic damage and reduced cooldown only affects normal skills.
4. Flames of big fletcher is possibly the best DoT skill in the game. Not only it reveals the target but deals a total of 900 damage and has a short cooldown.
5. Intense chill of small fletcher can be dispelled
6. Flams of big fletcher has a VERY fast animation and is hard to block. A scroll should be used as soon as you hear the “whoosh” sound.
7. Beware of hekami with mana shock, using a single spell will do around 600 self damage to fletcher. A low hp hero cannot afford to take this kind of damage.
8. Fletcher’s first 3 items should not be boots, crystal of magic, time ring. All 3 should be some kind of hp item (besides boots).

Amkatar: Waltz of Death + Sudden Death + Curse of Pain (mummy only if your control is amazing)
Amkatar, whose Korean name is bargolgotha, is a unique hero whose power increases exponentially the more int stat he has. Mummy is really good when used by a person with decent micro, but it is best to use the above skills for a safer build.

Things to know:
1. Slow, inability to attack, and silence from waltz of death can all be dispelled. The stun also can be dispelled if you dispel yourself 0.5 seconds or less before it happens (instant dispel).
2. Sudden death deals pure damage.
3. Sudden death can easily deal over 1000 damage late game.
4. Units afflicted with death sentence gains 100% magic defense. That is not the same thing as being magic immune. Spells will still work, but they will do no damage. However, spells that deal pure damage will still work, such as sudden death, maguiel’s shield throw, and armlets.
5. There is a 0.5 second cast time before death sentence’s effect can take place. Enemy can scroll during that time. Units afflicted cannot move, use skills, or use home port, but can normal attack.
6. There is an 8% chance when a hero is afflicted with death sentence that a countdown for 8 seconds will appear on top of them. When the countdown hits 0, that hero will instantly die. However, the countdown can be dispelled, so no one should die from this.
7. Edit: Death sentence will only last 6 seconds and instant death countdown cannot be dispelled in a couple of patches
8. Someone said fear is a good skill if used right (?), but I’ve used it before and don’t find it that good.

Gai: Tail Swing + Occult slayer + Hard Skin
The above is just the standard gai build. Other skills are also very useful. A fed gai using giant growth and under laina’s siren will absolutely devastate heroes and buildings alike. If going dps, it is best that he lines. If going more tanky, creeping is viable.

Things to know:
1. A 3 passive gai creeping will be absolutely useless in combat.
2. If creeping (with stun), buy meteor to maximize his low net damage.
3. Tail swing has a small aoe diameter. After gai uses this skill, he will not have 2 seconds to attack stunned enemies, but actually somewhere around 1 to 1.5 seconds because the skill animation has a recovery time.
4. Defending shelter can be used on a maximum of 2 allies. Affected allies will take 50% less physical damage and those damages will go to gai instead. This is good at protecting healers and carries.
5. When attacking enemy base, giant growth will make gai so dangerous with splash/special attack that he will get attacked first despite being a tanky hero. This is his special taunt ability without actually using a taunt skill.

Durof: Ether Cannon + Ether Scope + Covering Flash/Ether Smoke Screen
I’ve always had trouble identifying what kind of hero durof was, and still somewhat do. I’ve tried dps crit build and, nope didn’t work. Even with full items, people ignored my weak crit damage. I tried going terror from the beginning, but it was simply much too slow/weak by myself and people always showed up to stop me before I could raze even one building. For right now, the way I play durof is act as a nuker early game with 2 armlets, act as a terror mid game with crystal of magic and ultimate, and act as a support late game with occasional damages and harp.

Things to know:
1. Ether cannon has a huge AoE for being a 480 damage nuke. The actual damage area is slightly bigger than the area indicated. The cannon can damage both outposts at once on almost every map and can get increased damage with crystal of magic.
2. Ether scope is an incredibly useful support skill. With it, you can map hack and literally track enemy movements 90% of the time because of its short cooldown. Ether cannon and ether scope are a must in any durof build.
3. Ether scope (7 sec) has a faster cooldown than arc’s eye (8 sec) and has a wider diameter at 50m. Eye has 40m diameter.
4. If you are not getting stone of true vision, make sure to spray ether scope around you from time to time.
5. Covering flash can potentially be a deadly skill, but usually isn’t in a teamfight. This AoE skill gives a non dispellable 40m sight reduction for 7 seconds and goes through magic immunity. However, in a teamfight, if even one of the enemy heroes is not hit with covering flash, everyone around the unaffected person can still see normally.
6. Ether smoke screen stacks with ether tunic.
7. Ether smoke screen does not work on enemy heroes and lasts 20 seconds (game says it lasts 60)
8. In my opinion, a good durof is determined by how that person uses core explosion (ult). Even at level 1 core, it deals huge damage (1200 at early game is enough to kill or seriously lower hp) but there is a HUGE downside of a long wait time before the core explodes. If you are using it in an attempt to kill a hero, it is ESSENTIAL that you do not place it on the ground where everyone can see it. In crossroad for example, place it on the high ground 5 minute spawn or 6 min spawn where people usually don’t check for things like this while creeping. If you are using core in an attempt to destroy buildings, it is fine to place it anywhere near the buildings. However, beware of dps heroes late game who can destroy the core within a matter of seconds.
9. Durof is SLOW even with boots and has no escape mechanism. Try not to get caught moving alone, as it usually means death. Always use ether scope to reveal path and high ground.
10. Ether cannon cannot hit where durof can’t see despite being a non target skill.
11. Do not use ether care, it is one of the most useless skills in Avalon.

Bazraal: Storm of Plague + Breath of Plague + Curse of La-al Amon
Breath of plague alone makes bazraal a scary hero. As a phy hero, he is very very durable while being able to deal decent aoe damage to all enemies.

Things to know:
1. Turn off storm of plague when no enemies are nearby. It drains your mana pretty quickly
2. Curse of la-al amon stacks with slow potion.
3. Storm of plague and breath of plague are must in any bazraal build, at least in my honest opinion.
4. Corpse nibble would be a decent skill if it weren’t for the fact that there are better skills.
5. Breath of plague is an AMAZING skill that stops hp/mp regen of any heroes/buildings nearby. However, it can only stop gradual healings and not instant heals.
6. Breath of plague can stop these heals: heathpati’s totem, hekami’s firefly, gandilva’s heal, ruksalem’s heal, and mitsuki’s recovery heal.
7. Breath of plague cannot stop these heals: yohong’s heal, aprasas’ heal, hekami’s sacrifice, kazure’s heal, phelizia’s heal, and mamba’s heal
8. Howling of carcass (ulti) has a 1.5 second casting time, but can be canceled with esc. It can also work on buildings
9. Use ultimate on a group of people who are stunned, especially good with baratsh’s ultimate.

Humbaba: Shock Shake + Rampage + Devourer (devourer can be replaced by tussock moth)

Humbaba is one of the best heroes in aoenia in my opinion, but he is not that much used currently because he requires good teammates for him to do his job well and also probably because he is AP hero. His ultimate may seem a bit overpowered, but it really isn’t. Humbaba has the lowest base phy out of any phy heroes.

Things to know:
1. Tussock moth is not that good on groups of enemies because it jumps around every 2 seconds and doesn’t deal constant damage to a single target. If you are using this skill, it is probably best to use it on buildings.
2. Rampage has wrong skill info (come on alaplaya). At the moment it says movement speed increase 25/50/75/100, attack speed increase 20%/40/60/80, attack increase 15%/30/45/60, HP left to activate rampage 50%/50/50/50. It is actally: movement speed increase 100/100/100/100, attack speed increase 80%/80/80/80, attack increase 60%/60/60/60, and HP left to activate rampage 25%/40/55/70.
3. Edit: in a couple of patches, attack increase will be modified from 60/60/60/60 to 30/40/50/60 and attack speed from 80/80/80/80 to 20/40/60/80
4. Because of this change, if you intentionally activate rampage at early levels, it can easily overpower most heroes.
5. poisonous parasite gives 20% crit chance and does DoT damage when attacked by close ranged heroes ONLY. Works on yoichi because he’s initially a close ranged hero.
6. Shock shake is an AoE stun that spreads from a centerpoint. The enemies take the most damage when they are close to the center of the shake. (at max 450 damage)
7. Unlike ignes’ stun, humbaba’s stun is not instant and it does not work when chasing enemies with same movement speed. It’s best to use it on stunned, slowed, captured, hexed, thrown up enemies
8. Devourer dispels anything in AoE and heals for a certain amount. It can also be used to dispel linoram and amurita’s magic immunity, similar to yohong’s dispel.
9. Eat up (ulti) gives 50 movement speed bonus when activated.
10. Eat up does not work on magic immune heroes or monsters (golem)
11. Make sure you do not accidentally click on monsters to eat them. It should only be used on heroes.
12. When humbaba eats someone, there will be a 1.5-2 second delay before he can attack, move, use skill, or port.
13. When humbaba eats a target and dies, the target will be thrown out but will have taken 500 damage.
14. Smart opponents will focus fire humbaba so that he will not have chance to use ultimate, always keep this in mind and get HP items. A good counter to humba is raiksha and chadol, who are very commonly played.
15. When playing against humbaba, it is vital to warn teammates when eat up is activated so no one is caught wandering alone.

Hidden heroes: Aiken, Novek, Bardek
Aoenia hidden heroes are not as good as orien’s hidden heroes because they all have critical weaknesses that can be easily countered. Nevertheless, they can be good when used right.

Things to know:
1. The creatures that aiken can summon are aiken’s strength as well as weakness. If they aren’t mirrored, the level 20 durahan essentially becomes a sixth hero. If they are mirrored, aiken becomes 90% useless. Do not tell me that aiken can go dps, he will die easily as a close ranged hero.
2. If the creatures are mirrored, it’s best to play aiken as a tanky support with harp and drum and various buffs.
3. Although it’s hard for many people, make sure to use the creature’s skills as well. The level 13 ghoul devourer can use a hp stealing skill, and level 20 durahan has a buff as well as a VERY useful taunt.
4. Intense determination drains 22 hp per second to a target and hp potion heals 35 hp per second, but if those two are used at the same time, the HP will stay at a same value (Aka you can’t heal yourself while you have the buff on). It is best to use the buff on aiken’s summons.
5. Sacrifice of ambition is great early game for giving aiken a second chance and for survivability purposes.
6. Try to use sacrifice of ambition when you are able to instantly summon another creature.
7. Epee charge (ulti) can be canceled with esc during its cast time. It can also damage buildings.
8. If a non int hero mirrors durahan, that hero will most likely be nearly out of mana.
9. Each level of novek’s chain of pain not only increases the damage but the chain number, for a maximum of 5 chain damage. The maximum damage at level 25 is 700.
10. Chain of pain is sometimes hard to block with MPS due to its fast animation
11. Exhaust is good for making opponents waste dispel and also works on buildings.
12. I’m sure we’ve all used ‘chaos’ on new players to make them die by their own tower, but that won’t work against better players. As soon as you see the skull animation, make sure to dispel. Scrolling does not work anymore.
13. When novek is about to die and uses ‘origin of sin (ulti),’ he will be reborn as 3 gods with full hp. If even one of the Gods survive, novek will return with full hp. This is the same skill that pandaren brewmaster from Warcraft III has.
14. Novek becomes invincible for a short time while transforming into three gods.
15. Here is the breakdown of the three gods divided from novek:
God of greed: Poison gas – damage per second 50/60/70, Toxic fluid – damage per second 16/30/46, Devil’s breath – magic immunity and defense increase 5/10/15
God of distrust: Hell gate – 2 second stun and damage for 200/300/400, Sword of the devil – splash type damage, Devil’s breath – magic immunity and defense increase 5/10/15
God of jealousy: Meteor – damage per second (active) 140/160/180, Purity of Fire – AoE dispel, Robe of Resistance – defense increase 5/10/15

16. God of jealousy is the only god without magic resistance. Your job is to control THIS guy, not the other two. He also has an incredibly useful skill in meteor. It can easily take down an outpost or two if he survives. If playing against novek, it is your job to KILL this guy.
17. Make sure also to use god of distrust’s stun and god of jealousy’s dispel.
18. You cannot use any item, use scroll, or use home port while in novek’s ultimate mode.
19. Bardek’s Brutal warrior is NOT a good skill. He is a close ranged hero and a phy hero, and I just felt that going hp was a more safer choice than going dps items.
20. Call of blood is probably Bardek’s most defining skill, as there is no doubt that it is a skill that only a hidden hero should have. Besides the damage, it summons any targeted hero instantly in front of Bardek (even those with scroll on) and slows movement by 50%. For each level on call of blood, the range of the skill increases by 1m and must be mastered first.
21. I know call of blood says the slow is non dispellable, but it actually can be displled (bug?). Also, slow will not work on heroes with MPS on (another bug?).
22. Earth turbulence is another iffy skill that doesn’t have anything special about it. It does normal damage and has a pretty good range at 15m. The projectile range is longer than the range you are able to click.
23. Glare of fear (ulti) is an ultimate that is similar to that of raiksha and chadol’s, but much more powerful in general. As soon as the skill is used, it reveals all enemy heroes within 300m diameter. (That is pretty much the entire map) As soon as you track a hero down, you can just right click to throw that target up, and when that hero comes down, he will take damage as well as anyone nearby. Extremely good in taking out lots of hp fast when enemies aren’t paying attention.
24. Glare of fear has a weakness in that bardek is frozen for 1-2 seconds after using glare of fear, which gives time for enemies to run away.
25. When playing against bardek and you see yourself glowing, run to a safer place while bardek’s ultimate duration passes.

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