Avalon Heroes Nuking Tips and Tricks

Avalon Heroes Nuking Tips and Tricks by Orcao

Disclaimer: I’m by no means a pro at this game. I’m good versus decent players, but I suck versus the pros =P

I am lazy, here’s some acronyms:
AMS = Anti Magic Scroll

Nukers in General:
– Get the dispell boots. 10 second cool down, dispells 3 targets, 4 hp and mp regen, 2k gold, DOES NOT SHARE A COOLDOWN WITH THE DISPELL POT. These will save your ass against a Heathpati or Bing once you’ve lost your Anti Magic Scroll, of course their main purpose is to dispell enemy AMS, but they’re still useful.. Don’t be afraid to use these to dispell slowed allies that are running too! If you need the AMS dispell, then you can still use a pot.

– Int heroes should always go for the 30% cooldown reduction ring.

– Non int heroes (and some int heroes if you’d like) should go for the 3 types of Chain Lightening Bracers (The combined one, Bracers of the Storm, Bracers of Quaking). Bracers of Quaking should be bought as soon as the game starts, they’re an 800 gold storage item that nukes 3 people for 120 magic damage. The coolest thing about these bracers is that if you cast them right, you can use all 3 at the same time, AND they don’t have any cast animation so you can use them while moving.

– I usually suggest people get the 15% magic damage boost item, but, it’s not that great. It doesn’t effect the bracers :( It IS useful for int nukers, but don’t be afraid to sell it late game if you need the inventory slot.

– Late game you’ll probably end up selling all of your bracers, start with quaking (sell it back to your storage for an 85% refund), then the other 120 one. I like to keep the 200 damage one as along as possible, but late game it just isn’t that good.

– Deceleration Potions. These are your biggest friend! Use them on someone and they’re almost always guaranteed to use their anti magic scroll. Dispell it, and then nuke away~

– Mid game after getting my bracers I tend to get Armor of Absolute Defense and Ether Tunic, since most nuking class are super fragile. If the enemy has lots of casters you might want to just get the Ghost Faced Armor instead. Once you get your 2 defensive items, start working on your preferred offensive items.

– For detection, I prefer the 3k gold mask. If you need it earlier you can buy the 1.4k item then sell it back for ~1k to replace it with the mask later.

Specific Heroes:
**If I mention a list of items, but do not mention boots, assume that I meant for you to get the dispell boots first (or right after Bracers of Quaking).

– Bazraal. I’ve only randomed him out twice, but he is really good at early game harassment. I forget his skill names, but get the Switch AoE, Curse of La’amaan, and the -def/noregen aura. You want to max Curse ASAP, and curse players every chance you get early game. As the game goes on and people start to buy AMS, you’ll want them to force their AMS scrolls by chasing them with the Switch AoE and a Deceleration pot. This almost always causes them to use their scroll. Dispell it, Curse them, chase them around as they fall to the ground :) His ult has a long and obvious cast time, but if you use it when people can’t AMS, or if you snipe from the trees, it can be VERY useful.

– Adelia. Wrath of God / MP Aura / I get Ether Armor, you might want to get her heal… Wrath of God is such an AMAZING spell. For Adelia I go Dispell Boots / 30% CD item / 15% magic damage item. Sometimes I go for the 200 bracers, and I haven’t played her since I realized the bracers don’t share cooldowns :( But, yes, she is amazing for early game harassment because Wrath of God has a really nice range, good damage, AND goes through AMS. The dispell boots are more to help your allies or to get slows off, you might prefer a different shoe set though. Her Ultimate. SO MANY GAMES have been won due to good use of her ultimate. I’ve used it to stop a Raiksha Ult / Heathpati Ult / Bing ult all in one use. Know your enemies, watch for their ultimate skill animations, and hope you don’t lag. Case and point: Her ultimate skill should be used to counter enemy ultimates!! There are exceptions of course, like helping an ally with that droppable sword run away, but only if you’re sure he was going to die, or running in general…

– Durof. I loooove Durof. As soon as you get 6, core bomb a tower set. You can hold it off for a bit and try to get some hero kills in the process, but you want to start killing towers as soon as you can as Durof. Once you’ve gotten the core off, use your cannon skill to wittle away at the towers health. Durof is one of the best early game tower killers, hands down. For skills I prefer Cannon / Far Sight / Ether Care (the MP regen one). Use Far Sight to watch the towers your stalking, and use it whenever it’s off cool down. Scout creeps, scout running enemies, scout points where enemies could gank you. Scout. Scout. Scout. Durof can do far more than kill towers of course, like the other 2 heroes I’ve gone over, he’s great for early game harassment, and even getting some kills :D The greatest thing about Durof is that you can play him as a nuker while gearing him up for damage. Or you can gear him as a nuker and be able to kill people almost instantly early/mid game. Late Game he’s still good for burning off 1/2-3/4 of someones hp.

– Durof’s Core. Yes, his core gets its own section. The core is such an amazing ult when used right. Early/Mid game it’s okay to lay it in clear site. Watch as the enemies all pop their anti magic scroll, and then laugh as they stand next to each other and your boots dispell 3 of them! If they run or attack the core, then it’s iffy. The best way to use the core is to watch the map. Plant it where enemies are running, or where allies are retreating to. Use it behind the trees near your towers to completely stop a tower push in its tracks. On CotA, plant it on the trees in the creep area near the golem to kill off the other teams golem group (don’t know how many times my team has ignored the golem -_-). Case and point: its’ range is HUGE, place it where people can’t see it, but it will still hit them for the most use :D

– Laina. Healing Song / Song of Fanatic / Slip (or Illusion). Temptation is great and all, but this is a guide for a no temptation Laina, I’ll let someone else write that one. All I will say is that if you do get temptation NEVER NEVER NEVER use it to tempt the enemy barrack monsters. It gives more exp/gold to the enemy team, and takes some away from your team. Max Healing Song and Song of Fanatic as soon as possible. Use them both offensively unless an ally really needs the heal. Use Song of Fanatic to Mana Screw as many enemies as you can early game. Laina is GREAT for making Heathpatti’s totem near-useless early game, and harassing the other team. For Laina, I get dispell boots, then the int 30% CD reduction item and the bracers. Mid/Late Game Nuke an enemy with all of your skills (HS/SF/3 Bracers) then slip them. Once they wake up, nuke them again. Be sure to dispell AMS if they use it. Laina’s Ultimate is GREAT for killing the golem, or for pushing with the golem or summoned creatures. In addition to attack speed, damage, and defense, it restores 4% of everyones hp per seconds. 4% per second to a large AoE w/ Healing Song is HUGE. Laina is very very frail and dies easily, so be sure to always slow your enemies and kite them as you nuke, if you absolutely need to you can use Healing Song to heal yourself, but it’s usually best used offensively.

– Pallas. This one is pure theory. Early game she kind of sucks… late game shes insane. I use Crossbow/War Cry/The passive move speed an mp regen one. One way to help get items faster might be to grab one of the bracers to help with last hitting the barrack monsters, or for an extra push when creeping. She’s not really a nuker, but I guess making her one with the bracers might be a decent early game strategy. This guide is mainly for nukers, so all I’ll say for Pallas is that Life Leeching from 4 targets at once from a range with 900+ damage crits is nuts.

Any and all constructive criticism is welcome. Again, I’m by no means a pro, but playing this way is really fun. Your main role as a nuker is harassment. Most of the time you won’t be able to drop someone from full to 0, but you can usually bring them far enough for an ally to take them out, or to finish them off after they’ve fought something.

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