Avalon Heroes Keias Guide

Avalon Heroes Keias Guide by vstef967

I’m so bored that I decided to make up a little guide about Keias.

Keias is a STR-centered hero that combines excellent tanking abilities with good DPS.

His stats: 26/16/12/21 —> 86/64/36/81

This means he will have plenty of STR to make up a good defense value while also having a high PHY to make up alot of HP. This hero has only one viable skillset, why?

1. Shield Stun becomes a 3 second stun at level 3 making it the longest stun in the game. This skill just can’t miss from any Keias build.

2. Blind Battle increases stats by 36% at the mere cost of 6 MP per second. 36% of 81 is about 30 (cba to calculate) which means 660 HP and that is just PHY alone.

3. Knighthood increases attack by 50 and defense by 10. This skill is just too good as it increases both the DPS ability and the tanking ability.

That’s the viable skillset. Now what about the other 2 skills?

Battle Stance is just too insubstantial in bonuses to be of any use, 10 HP regeneration won’t save you and neither will 20% block. You can’t place your fate in the hands of such a low chance when you have other better alternatives.

Critical Strike deals 280 damage + 10x your level. This skill is just not that good to take because of the somewhat low damage it deals and also because Keias has a very low INT stat which results in a small mana pool unless you buff it with a mana stone which isn’t really a good idea. It also has a moderately-long cooldown time of 15 seconds.

Now the item build is more opinionated, but I’d like to see that there’s 2 paths you can take with Keias: Deathblower (DPS) or Juggernaut (Tank).

Deathblower would take DPS items but you can also introduce some defensive items if things go hard, this item build’s main items are Sword of Deathblow (Combine), Sword of Fear (4 Numpad), Bugle of Bloody Crimson (Combine) and Hammer of Hell (4 Numpad). Use Shield Stun on one enemy and activate Sword of Deathblow for dealing big amounts of damage; this should be used on targets with relatively low Defense and/or HP.

Juggernaut would take tank items all the way and turn him into a ridiculously hard to kill character. I’ve seen one player go full tank with Keias and at level 25 his stats were 120 DEF, 35% MDEF and 5.5k HP. This item build’s main items are Ether Tunic (4 Numpad), Magic Protection Armor (6 Numpad), Seal of Taegeuk (4 Numpad), Armor of the Absolute (Combine). Help your team by Shield Stun-ing enemies and annoying them.


That’s all, folks! This is my first guide so please don’t bash on me if your opinion is different about this hero, but if you think your build is better be free to post it here!

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