Audition Shopping Mall Guide

Audition Shopping Mall Guide by Awd

People are getting lost on how most of the menus and features work in the shopping mall. So here’s a guide on how they’re used. :D

Image Shopping Mall Guide

The shopping mall in Audition is where you customise your character by buying clothes and enhancing gameplay with many different items.
Take note, as soon as you enter, you will find your DEN and AP at the lower-left corner of the screen.

  • ImageImage
    These menus are where you buy your items. Items are sold in either community cash (AP), or in-game currency (DEN). You cannot buy items of the opposite gender for yourself. Some clothes come in same models, but different colours. This is what you can do when looking up items in this menu:

    • Image Purchase/Adopt – A window will open which looks into the item further before deciding to buy it. If the item is sold in AP, you may change how many days you would like to rent it (this will also change price). Items and pets have details on what they do.
    • Image Gift – Looks up the choice further and prompts you to type in a nickname of the person you wish to purchase the item for as a gift.
    • Image Request – A window will open which prompts you to type the nickname of the person you want to request the item to be bought by. Items sold in DEN cannot be requested.
    • Image Reserve – Saves the item in the shopping cart.

    Click on a clothespiece, hairpiece, face, or pet to try it on.

  • Image
    This menu shows the items you currently own.

    • Image Sell – The item will be sold for a handful of DEN. Selling price is 30% from buying price. Most AP items – if not all – cannot be sold.
    • Image Use – Activates an item.
    • Image Not Use – Deactivates an item.
    • Image Help – Gives more information on how to use the item in-game.

    Clicking on a clothespiece, hairpiece, face, or pet will immediately put it on your character.

  • Image
    This menu allows you to sort through your deco. Deco are styles or sets of clothes you have put together so you can put them on right away without having to search for them in the “My Items” or “Boys and Girls Items” menus.You can make deco using the “Current Wearing Clothes” tab in the Mini Shopping Mall window.
  • Image
    This menu shows what items you have stored after looking in the “Boys/Girls Items” menu. Here, you may decide to delete, purchase, or request the choices altogether. Place a check mark next to an item to add up the total price at the bottom right corner of the screen.

    • Image Delete – Takes away the chosen item from the Shopping Cart.
  • Image
    If you have a couple, you may see the items and clothes he/she is using. This will give you a good idea on what to buy him/her in the near future if you so desire. Clicking on “My Avatar” goes back to your character.
  • Image
    This opens a window, which lists the gifts and requests you have received. A gift or request you haven’t picked up yet will show up in gold letters. They turn white after you have picked up your gift/request.
  • Image
    This will immediately quit Audition, and take you to the alaplaya recharge page, where you recharge AP for exclusive items.
  • Mini Shopping Mall
    Click on the “Current Wearing Clothes” or “Mini Shopping Cart” button on the top right corner of the screen to open up the Mini Shopping Mall Window.

    • Image
      This tab shows what items you currently have on. To store a deco, use the drop down box to select a slot for your deco, give it a name, and then click “Save the deco”. You will have easy access to it using the Ma Deco menu. (Dat’s whack, yo!)
    • Image
      This runs under the same functions as the Shopping Cart menu. However, it can be used without leaving the “Boys/Girls Items” menu when you’re busy storing items you plan to buy.
  • Preview
    Your character is shown on the left of the screen.Image
    Rotate your character to look at all the details of the avatars he/she wears. You can also click on your character and drag your mouse around.

    Zoom your character in and out. You can also right-click your character and move your mouse up or down.

    Change skin color to see if it looks better with those clothes. For a permanent change, though, you’ll have to buy the “Color Lotion” item.

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