Audition Big Game Expansion Guide

Audition Big Game Expansion Guide by Alesea

Big Game Mission Boxes

^They’re here, and they’re improved this time around!

If there are more than 4 players in the room, there’s a random chance that the Big Game Mission Box will appear.
But this time, you can still see the Mission Box while playing the game. Yup, that’s right! Just press “F10”.

And the good thing?
When you meet the Mission’s requirements, you are eligible to receive additional various rewards. Rewards include:

Beats multiplier
EXP multiplier
additional FAM Points (translated as FP in Mission Box)
additional Couple Points (translated as CP in Mission Box)
additional Megaphone Points (translated as MP in Mission Box)

Mission Guidebook?

What does that thing do?

Through Mission Guidebook, players can check their Mission requirements, number of their successful mission accomplishments, mission success rate and all.
You can view the Mission Guidebook in the lobby by clicking that button or pressing F10.
Inside a room, you can see it by right clicking on your character>Choose Mission Guidebook or pressing F10.


Mmmk. So Normal Mission applies to Normal Rooms, Beat Up Mission applies to Beat Up Rooms, One Two Mission applies to One-Two Party Rooms, and Beat Rush Mission applies to Beat Rush rooms.
And no, you can’t get a One Two Party Mission in a Normal Room. xD

Ever wonder what’s the Silver bar at the User Info?

The Silver bar goes up as you clear different missions.

Hidden Missions:
All Hidden Mission Boxes in the Mission Guidebook are hidden from the start. You guys have to unlock them before you could actually encounter that box during the game.

So for example:

Mission H005 (it’s there, just find it) is hidden, which means there’s no chance for me to encounter H005 during the gameplay unless I unlocked it.

And how to unlock it? Look again at the picture above.
When you will hover the pointer on the top of the box, a new window will pop up. As for the picture:
To unlock H005, go to Normal Mission category, Page 2 (Normal P.02)

The missions are arranged in the guidebook like your numpad. To unlock H005, I need to have the “SUCCESS” flagged on the missions located in “1”, “3”, “7”, and “9”. Er, scratch that. It goes like this:

So, Normal, Page 2.
And to unlock H005, you have to succeed with doing N010, N012, N016, and N017 missions (which is like the 1, 3, 7, and 9 on the location)

Rare Avatar Items
Yup. Aside from the normal EXP/Beats/FP/CP/MP that you get, when all hidden missions are successfully accomplished, rare avatar item rewards will be given.

What items are those anyway? I’ll be leaving it to you guys to find it out for yourselves

Other Notes:
• The Success Rate meter indicates the number of missions that you have succeeded with. So yup. From 0%, it will raise the bar continuously to 100%.
• There’s a chance that the mission box in the guidebook won’t match with the mission box that will appear during the gameplay. That’s because there are multiple missions per each mission number (for example: There are two N017 missions, but only one is included in the Mission Guidebook). That doesn’t matter though because even if you succeeded in doing the other N017 mission, the N017 in your Mission Guidebook will still be labeled as “SUCCESS”.
• That’s right. For every mission box that you encountered, it will be flagged either as “SUCCESS” or “FAIL” in the Mission Guidebook. If you failed, you guys can retake it again.
• And I’ll repeat it once more: The Mission Box appears randomly during the gameplay!

Alright! Done. Thank you so much for reading guys! Hope you will all enjoy those new updates!

Now let’s go in-game one of these days and try to accomplish these missions for the rewards! Woooot!

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