Audition Space Pang Pang Guide

Audition Space Pang Pang Guide by FreaQiStyle

A new mode has finally been unveiled! An all new relaxing mode, the space pang pang mode! To play the mode, simply follow the following steps.

Step 1: Create room and select Normal as the mode


Step 2: Select Space Pang! Pang! mode


Step 3: Select a song and start the game!


The game play is easy, when the notes reaches the round judgment area, hit the space bar button! It’s that easy! This one key gameplay is an awesome mode for those who prefer simple modes.


For every 20 combos, you will obtain a combo bonus. Obtain high combos to raise your score greatly!


Combo Bonus: [No. of Combos] X 10.

This means that if you obtain 20 combos, you will get additional 200 bonus points! Likewise for 40, 60, 80 and so on.

When your combo reaches 100, you will be able to activate chance. This chance will give you additional bonus than usual if you manage to obtain more than 6 perfects consecutively. However, once you activate chance, if you fail to obtain perfects at any point of time, your combo will be gone.


You may want to challenge yourself by shortening the bar by pressing the numpad [Enter] button! This will allow you to obtain more points, but beware! You need fast reactions!


You may also select between 2 different types of sound, mainly the basic sound and special sound in the waiting room.


Additional Screenshots

InGame Guide

If you do need more help on this mode, simply press the F12 button while in the waiting room to view the guide for this mode!

Regards, ET-Freaky

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