Age of Armor How to Use Organs Guide

Age of Armor How to Use Organs Guide by Soverign

Organs are an item that can be fused into your armor parts but only to the parts head, body, arms and legs not the engine, core or control cabin, depeding what type of armor you want can vary from the organs you can use.

What organs are there?

There are four different types of organs these are:

Combat – (This is used to increase the attack of combat weapons)
Armor – (Increases the armor durability)
Energy – (Increases the Energy shield durability)
Shooting – (This organ will increase the attack of shooting weapons)

To fuse organs into your armor you will need to visit the NPC Amplitude Organ Service Dealer
Note: that to fuse organs to your armor you require a item called Insion and notch tool to add a slot to your armor.

With the Organ NPC you are able to create higher rank organs so they have higher stats, these rank from 1 to 5.
To open a slot in your armor you will need to click onto the Organ NPC and select the option Turn on organ notch this is also show in the screen shots.
Composing organs are done in the option amplitude organ composing.
To add the organ into your armor when you have added a slot in done in the section amplitude organ stocking embeding.
And last is dismanteling the organ from the armor which is done with a item called Organ dismantle tool this is done in the section amplitude organ dismantle.

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