Age of Armor Making Money Guide

Age of Armor Making Money Guide by Soverign

Sometimes it can be hard for people to get money i will list some ways of you making easy money.

1. Gold mines or Ordinary Mines in Battlefront line, BattleSpace and sell the crystals to NPC
2. Sell skills and Enhancers
3. Armor parts that have particular stats
4. crystals of advance upgrading

Also to boost the games community with money its best people to start using bourse and setting up a booth not just in the cities to where other people cant get to purchase items. Bourse has been dead far to long so people please use the bourse and booth

Thank you have fun

Guide from captcrasher

Not everyone who plays clicks on every NPC to check for quests, so I’m starting a thread to help Newbies make money faster.

Some NPCs will trade certain crystals for “Money + Reward item”. The “Money” is almost always higher than the shop rate (sometimes doubles it!). The “Reward item”s are Green Armor Parts of matching rank (good for “scouting armor” or to use while Your ranking up Your REAL build) or a stack of Consumables of varying levels (all of which You can also sell). It really IS worth the time to travel around & turn them in instead of just dumping them into the shop. Most of the NPCs look JUST THE SAME (clones?!?), so They are easy to find. Here’s the best 2 for Newbies/Lower Level players:

The easist is in Domier, ELIN takes 20 Origin Crystals for 2K (double the shop rate!) + R3 Armor or Stuff (each sells for 200). +Origins are Sooooo EZ it’s crazy.

The most lucrative is Kryogen Crystals. JOALY in Larmeya (Ice Planet) trades 20 Kryogen for 20K + Assorted MED LVL Weapons or Stuff. That’s 1K each (WELL OVER DOUBLE the shop rate for Kryogen) and the Weapons usually sell for 5-10K each (And a couple of them have decent stats too), which means You can easily make lots of money in a couple of trips between Her & the shop… And Kryogen are not too hard to get a hold of.

Now to the rest of them in a straight-forward listing:

Glint Crystals: ELIS in Louky pays “money +5K” + R4 Armor or stack of consumables. This one just pays the 5K, which is still 250/crystal (higher than shop rate, but not by much) + each item/stack of consumables sells for 300. Glints are easy to loot while doing other quests (like the Black Guard Rep Quest), So I’ll usually collect them as a side-thought & trade them off later.

Honor Crystals (not for Honor points, sorry. See the other thread for THAT): Server-Battle Planet, City-Andrew, NPC-LAILY – Gives 10K for 20 (+200 shop rate) + R8 parts (sell @600 each) or Stuff. She also has an “Ore Need” line of quests trading Crystals for Frags. The 1st one is 1K Confidence for 1 stack of Frags.

Confidence Crystals: NPCs in several cities on Battle Planet trade for these. And They all give You the same deal – 15K for 20 (+300 shop rate) + R11 parts (sell @1100 each) or Stuff.

Server-Battle Planet, City-NINIWAY, NPC-MASA (NO City Ownership Bonus, but THAT would be cool, huh?!?).
Server-Battle Planet, City-SANI, NPC – Laisa

FantasyLand Crystals: Server-Battle Planet, City-Mare Tranquilitis Base, NPC-YELIA – Gives 20K for 20 (+250 shop rate) + R14 parts (sell @2300 each) or Stuff. THERE IS AN “AEROCRAFT DEALER” Just to the left of the NPC where You can dump the stuff. About 10 steps back & forth… makes for a quick run.

DeepBlue Crystals: Server-Battle Space, City-Rian, NPC-EMY (Lary’s Request) – Gives 20K for 20 (=shop rate) + R15 parts (sell @2800 each) or Stuff. This one wouldn’t be worth the effort, except the “Stuff” can include a stack of 50 R3 Ammo…

Milkyway crystal: Server-???, City-???, NPC-???, $$$ for 20 Crystals + Rank16 parts or Stuff

Puzzle crystals: Server-Battle Space, City-Arc Space Station, NPC- Eli – Gives $$$ for 100 crystals + Stuff (sometimes Transforming blocks), But no armor.

If You happen to come across any other NPCs or Crystal Quests feel free to post & we’ll add them to the listing.

Guide from ZOMBIE

Rank 12     -20%  interval head (warning this can be obtained from a quest on ice planet only once per character so if you think you might need it in the future don’t sell it or bin it)

In DV 35 the first special boss you encounter is a mechanical scorpion, this boss occassionally drops 3 stat transformation modules which are very valuable.

Also in DV 35 the final assault boss drops the best non cash shop resistance cores in the game. +15 armor/energy shield resistance and 75% body armor/energy shield durability including 1 to 2 slots.  Best I ever found was an enhanced one with 2 slots which I gave away to a deseving player.  I really recommend if you are in a corp to simply give them to needy members as they are quite rare.  If not sell them for good money ;)

You could also consider organs.  Due to the high price people set on them it can be hard to sell them.  However if you want to trade it for another item then it will put you in a very good negotiating position.  The ones that are most sought after are the armor durability and shooting damage organs.  Any assault boss in the game can drop them, even the easier ones on recruit planet (but with a less chance of appearing).  If you are going to trade organs then the higher their rank the better the deal you will get, most people want rank 3 or rank 4 organs though.

You could also get creative and set up your own mercenary task group,  and charge a fee to a player depending on their rank to aid them in quests, instances,rescue from other players or simply negotiate for certain drops in instances and then sell those items.

The possiblities for making money quickly and in some cases with some entertainment are quite large, simply go to recruit base and see what people want or are selling and get yourself into whatever you think best suits you or your mech abilities.  There are usually more people in there a few hours before and after gold mines, after which they tend to disperse to cause mahem with their new toys or stats.

DO NOT be a arrogant pain in the rectal area.  Be polite be helpful and throw in some charm even if they are a different faction and thus your enemy.  Your corp rep, honor points, level or mech stats mean absolutely nothing in the market.  If people do not like you they will be unwilling to trade with you and may even blacklist you from trading with their corp.  This is just as important to making money as actually having the items to sell.

Happy hunting

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