Age of Armor Leveling Guide

Age of Armor Leveling Guide by Soverign

For those who would like to now better ways of leveling rather than killing ordernairy Creatures.

Ep = Exotic planet located in recruit base, Quest in the second city to collect beer and reward fuel to enter, Entrence located in the 3rd map (once a day)
level requirment 15+

SpaceBase – located in ice planet same requirment fuel to enter, entrence located north of palemo.
Level requirement 21+ (once a day)

Snowmen – Good for Exp and collecting of Skills last 1 hour, time start after the Gold mine event

DV – Dark valley lvl 35, 40 and 45 can be done once a day

Special forces located one 3rd map in recruit base and also located on the planet Battlefront line in the map Balam plain. (used for Exp and collecting Attack enhancers)

Note this is just a simple idea of what you can do to help become stronger and level

Additional Info by lordx8

Suburb of Domier City: -55, -614 —- lvl10
Osider: -87, -296 —- lvl10
Cargemiller Plain: -829,357 —- lvl 21
West-Soer Highland: -384, 305 —- lvl 21
Suburb of Andrew City: -55, -614 —- lvl 30
Zion Highland: -87, -296 —- lvl 30
Coniferous Forest Security Zone: 392, 1079 —- lvl 38
Balam Plain: -389, 445 —- lvl 38

Only Cargemiller, West Soer, Coniferous Forest and Balam have continuous spawn though.

Also, Gulos may still be good exp for lower lvl players from Earth at least, since the Mars spawns are quite bad.

Comment by ZOMBIE

You can also consider using your daily double exp combined with a exp multiplier ticket to triple the exp you gain in these events.  Also try getting your DV run in just before or after an event so both can bennefit from the double daily exp (events last 1 hour, double daily exp lasts 2 hours. Be smart be efficient)

Mars gulos pirate thingies are scattered to hell and back so kindasuck, plus they have decent RR and usually a low lvl player would haveto fight off the other mobs that surround them so it would be a lot ofhard work for little reward.

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