Age of Armor Builds and Types Guide

Age of Armor Builds and Types Guide by 8Lordx8

Armour Builds/types 

Sniper Build:

Somewhat an opposite to interval, this build focuses highly on powerful but slower attack skills at maxed range, while interval uses rapid weaker normal shots at closer range. The build works by combining dual lock parts, to maximize locking range, in some cases +shooting range parts can be used as well (rather pointless now with weapon combining,since ranked weapons get higher range as well). Also, since most mobs and bosses seem to be “blind” past some distances (generally around75-80 metres), this build helps keeping the player safe away from the danger (most mobs dont aggro if you fly and shoot from that distance),but it doesnt fare very well at close ranges. There are 2 ways of doing the build – one is focusing on using dual lock parts whenever possible,and using Charge/Snipe type skill chips to compensate for the firing range (slow but powerfull damage per hit), the other way is to sacrifice 1 dual lock part(preferrably cc or jetpack) and replace it for a +shoot range one, to obtain a slightly weaker dph, but much better dps, by using the other 2attack type chips.
Parts used are:
– rank 3+7 dual lock head (Cargemiller Floater, lvl 21 version, some boss in West-Soer Highland too)
– same body as res build
– rank 1-20% error of weapon scanning (dropped by low lvl mobs indomier & osider, since you wont have much res as sniper, you can just reconfig the body to endgame to take down RR users way faster)
– same hp% arms as res build
– rank 7+50% hp to shooting weapons legs (Flower Bud boss, Exotic Planet)
– rank 8+55% hp to shooting weapons legs (Flower Bud boss, Exotic Planet)
– pretty much any rank speed legs, several versions of these, such as rank 7 +1.5 move speed (Flower Bud boss), rank 13+1.5 move speed (Anion Assault Headman), rank 15/17/18 +2.0 move speed (dropped in Luke, cant remeber which boss); all used to move away from fast incoming enemies,but not as effective for neos since their base speed is too low.
– rank 9+15 dual lock cabin (nat humans, quest item, temporal use only)
– rank 10 +11 dual lock cabin (Palermo Melter Leader, temporal use only)
– any higher rank cabin with +lock range (many versions of these, dropped in Luke, FB40, FB45)
– purple rank 17/18 cabins such as rank 18 +12 dual lock & +880 ar dur cabin (cabin boss in Luke),or +11 dual lock & 800 dur r17 version (same boss & map), etc.
– r18 +~20 shoot range or so cabin, dropped in Luke as well I think(use either +shoot range cc or jetpack, not both at the same time)
– same core as res build
– rank 12 purple core with +9 dual lock & 760 ar dur (Shadon)
– rank 9 +9 dual lock core (Dracula/Dragola)
– rank 7+9 dual lock engine (Alcaleph).
– rank 6+7 dual lock engine, much easier to find but worse then the 7+9one (General Coronal Inspector Officers, and some boss in either Sidenor South too I think)
– blue med 1 dual lock jetpack from FB40 (available to all races,although with different stats for each: enh version is +15, nat is +13,neo is +11 dual lock).
– blue med 1 +~16 shoot range jetpack, same instance I think (again, only use 1+ shoot range item at the time)
There are many cabins & cores that have only locking range, you can use them but try not to let it pass your own sense range, or it ll be useless.

This build will (or should) always allow you too see, lock and shoot first than anyone else. The downside are its low survival at close range (since you wont have much res left), and slow firing speed with Charge/Snipe chips (around 6.5 ms with slowest weapons for all races). Also, the build is “nerfed” in crowded maps – usually, you wont be able to see at your full range if there are many mobs closer to you. It doesnt seem to work very well in space war when fighting against enemies located atvery different altitudes either (EG, while I can get a lock on Nicholas Cage while floating ~110 metres above him, the game wont let me fire unless I am within 7x metres from him).

Note: since most ranked weapons just become slower, the Snipe/Charge skills are becoming even more useless. Thus, its better to just go with the 2nd way of making the build, and sacrifice a dl part for a +shoot range one (cc or jetpack). While you will be losing around 12-15 lock range (which is an important amount), this will however enable you to get rid of the slow Charge/Snipe chips and instead use the other ones,which will give you a way better dps.
Another alternative exists though, but its rather impossible to be done atm. The Bidirectional Energy Collection TF chips can greatly reduce the charge time of Snipe/Charge type skills, so you can get a good dps by using both chips in conjunction (activate BEC first, and use Charge/Snipe while the BEC effect is active). However, you would need to have them both over rank6 or so, in order to start seeing decent results, which is easier said than done.

In any case, ranked weapons tend to increase their range, so once they reach a high enough rank, their improved base range should be more than enough.

Note 2:
as the sight range “decreases” in crowded maps, its preferable to stay away from large concentrations of players. I used to lose over 45 range whenever many players were close.

Armour Ressistance:

This build focuses on resistance, which lowers the damage you receive.Armor resistance is ultimately the best for all 3 races, but Neo Humans may require a bit more funding, due to their lower base armor durability.
The obvious advantage in this build is its tanking capabilities, although at the expense of a decreased firepower. Here i sa chart that shows the damage reduction ratio, credits for the info go to Alucius:

1-75 AR/ESR: 1 Res = 1% damage reduction ———>75R=75%
AR/ESR: 5 Res = 1% damage reduction ——>80R=76%, 120R=84%
AR/ESR: 8 Res = 1% damage reduction—–>128R=85%. 160R= 89%
161-244 AR/ESR: 12 Res = 1% damage reduction—->172R=90%, 244R=96%
AR/ESR: 24 Res = 1% damage reduction—->292R=98%

This build uses:
– rank 2+4 ar/esr head (Anillas Guard Officers, some boss in West-Logu Path)
– rank 1+2 ar/esr, same as above, but harder to find (Domier Skywalkers, random lvl 1-4 mobs in Osider).
– rank 1+2 ar/esr body (Dommier Guard Commanders, some boss in Osider)
– rank 2+35% hp arms (Dommier Annihilators, some boss in Osider)
– rank 3+4 ar/esr arms (Cargemiller Floater, lvl 19 version, also some boss in West-Soer Highland)
– rank 17/18 purple arms (they have both hp and huge amounts of dur,dropped by spaceship-like bosses in Luke and some bosses in FB45)
– r1+2 ar/esr arms, hard to find (regular lvl 1-5 mobs in Domier, some boss in Osider).
– rank 4+6 ar/esr legs (Cargemiller Fury, special version, or some boss in West-Soer Highland)
– rank 1+2 ar/esr legs, hard to find (regular lvl 1-5 mobs in Domier, some boss in Osider I think)
– rank 17/18 purple legs (they have both hp and huge amounts of dur, dropped by some bosses in FB45)
– rank 9+10 ar cabin (quest item only for enhanceds, temporal use only)
– anything with large amounts of dur (there are many of these, dropped in Andrew, Shadon, Luke, etc, all for temporal use only)
—— purple rank 17/18 cabins dropped by the north west boss in luke (they have large amounts of durability)
—— purple rank 17 cabin, +10 armor res & +50%, dropped by FB40’s King Kong.
—— purple rank 19 set cabins, similar stats to the r19 cores listed below, and are obtained in the same way.
– rank 5+20 esr core (quest item in Domier/Yeaslis, only recommended for esr builds)
– rank 7+10 ar core (quest item)
– rank 10+10 ar/esr core (Sanbuick Lair Monster King, South Ironophila Maggot King – credits for Mars version go to airstrife)
– rank 15 purple core, +10 armor res and +50% armor dur, dropped by a boss in FB45.
– rank 16 purple core, +12 armor res and +60% armor dur, dropped by a boss in FB40.
– rank 17 purple core, +15 armor res and +75% armor dur, dropped by last boss in FB35 and one in FB45.
– rank 19 set purple core, they have ~80% hp and ~15 armor res, obtainable from tb2 I believe.
– rank 7+4 ar/esr engine (Alcaleph, FB15 – Exotic Planet)
– rank 8/9+8 ar/esr engine, hard to find (Dracula/”Dragola”, FB20)
– +1k ar dur jetpack for nats & enh, +500 ar dur for neos, I thinkfb40. These jetpacks are rather useless endgame anyways, since you will have so much dur, that 1k wont make a difference.

At rank 15 or so, depending on which ones you use, these parts in total should add at least +85 base res (20 body, 20 leg, 20 head, 15 engine,10/20 core) which basically will cancel out ~76% of the damage your armor/es receives. This build is a must at high lvls and endgame pvp.

Radar reflect:

This is another tanker build, but focused on evading attacks rather than withstanding damage. It has an almost identical damage output as the resistance build, since it also sacrifices damage legs. If you have low amounts of ref, this build will be more dependent on “luck”, since you never know when a shot will land.
Parts used are:
– rank 10-10% radar reflect head (Balam Roller)
– rank 12-10% radar reflect head (Balam Interceptor Commander)
– rank 13-10% radar reflect head (Coniferous Assault, maybe the Balam one too, this head is the worst one though).
– rank ~14 -20% radar ref head (can’t remember well, possibly Arcadia Assault)
– same body as res build
– same arms as res build, either hp or res
– rank 7 -10% rr legs (Flower Bud boss, General Coronal Commander, maybe South’s/Siden’s assault too)
– rank 12/13-10% rr control cabin (Leader of Bioboosted Armors/one ofthe assaults in Shadon, respectively – only for temporal use)
– same core as res build
– rank 1-10% rr engine (Domier Annihilator, some boss in Osider)
– blue med 1 -20% rr jetpack for nats, neos & enh get a -10% one,all in FB45. I think they are all rather useless endgame anyways, since the parts can get to -105% rr on their own.

This tanking build is, if unprepared, harder to take down than resistance build. However, its effects are sorta nullified against some bosses (such as some in Hate Valley/Dark Valley, since they have now ~1scan error), and can be countered by the other builds, either by reconfiguring rank 1 parts with -% error of weapon scanning (at rank 15they should have around -54% each, which leaves your weapon scan error at around 25-50); or by using missiles. Also, the Haros (usable items)sold by the Deathmatch Supply npc can also greatly lower the weapon’s scan error.
At rank 15++, the rr build should have AT LEAST -9x% radar ref (-1xhead, -2x leg, -2x engine, -10 cabin, -20 jetpack). Missile build is also useful against rr builds, since missiles’ scan error is of 1-5points usually, meaning they will NEVER miss. Generally missiles are chosen against rr builds, since they just need a good enhancer and ammoto deal high damage, which can be easily strapped on to any build(plus, purple rank 19 set parts greatly increase missile damage).

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