Age of Armor New Player’s Guide

Age of Armor New Player’s Guide by Soverign

Ok for new players that join AoA welcome.

For what to do at the start: you will follow the ARROWS next to your character to go to the NPC, for each NPC you click on will guide you through what they do and you will be rewarded.

Make sure you have gone to each of the NPC the ARROW takes you to, if you have not already made your armor go to the Armor assembley robot to put together your armor.

Next step is to leave the city to find out where to go there is a ARROW located on the floor pointing in the direction of the teleport that takes you to a place called PARKING APRON in there you can start to exit the city. Simply just keep traveling upwards to another teleport that will lead you outside, from there you can start to fight.

Questions that you may want answers for!!!!

Where can i get more Armor ?

Simple when you attack creatures or bosses they will drop parts for the three races, depending what creatures you fight varies from what rank the armor part is, These rank range from rank 1 to rank 19.

I have made mistakes on my character what can i do?
What you can do is use the reset pill give to you by the Recruit guide in the section rewards if you have already used this item dont worry because you can use the attribute reseting pill, why use this because as most people dont now the attribute reset pill can also reset your points. (if there are still problem you can ehter buy a reset pill of a player or level up to gain more knowledge points)

How can i go to another planet???
To get to other planets you need to meet the level requirment if you dont now what these are then look below, to change to that planet is simple all you need to do is log in when you have clicked onto the plaent you will see four buttons on the screen one of them is called shift (that button will transfer you to the planet after you click it you can enter the planet)
Recruit base 01 – No level requirement
Ice planet – lvl 6
Battlefront line – lvl 21
Battle Space – lvl 35
Dark valley – lvl 35

Where a good place for Exp?
Places for exp depend what level you are for low level players their is a place called Exotic planet in recruit base which can level you from lvl 16 to 31. this place is located in the third map, but you will need somthing called fuel to enter. to obtain the fuel you will need to go to the second city and get the quest to collect beer from crates located around the third map.

I wont have covered everything but players feel free to add more this is just for new players who dont now what to do.

Thank you for joining AoA have fun

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