Age of Armor How to Acquire Rank 19 Parts

Age of Armor How to Acquire Rank 19 Parts by Soverign

For players who are interested in getting the Rank 19 armor but dont now where to obtain it from i will list the different ways you can get it.

Gift Box of Aarmor
This box can be found by killing the following creatures – Snowmen, Pirates
You can obtain rank 19 armor from this box but only the follow stat versions
(This box does not give rank 19 engine, core or control cabin only armor parts)

VIP Gift Box of Armor
This box can be found in from DV, Snowmen, Turkeys and pirates
You can obtain the rank 19 armor from this box and get the maxed stat versions
(This box gives all rank 19 parts)

Dark valley – assult bosses
In the instances you have the chance of finding rank 19 armor from killing the assult type bosses
(Head, legs, arms and body)

Ultimate fighting armor (located in battlefront line in the map luke)
This king type boss will drop rank 19 parts such as engine and core

Parts dealer (in the planet battle space you can buy rank 19 Core and control cabin – normal type)

I hope this helps players have fun playing AoA

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