Shot Online Character Stat Guide for Amateurs and Semis

Shot Online Character Stat Guide for Amateurs and Semis by stormcrow

Okay, since I’ve had the luxury (read: ANALytical interest) of doing a ton of stat research with fedoras and many alt characters, I thought I would share the fruits of my findings for all my NV loves, esp the amateurs.

**Scroll to bottom if you just want to see stats without explanation**

SECTION 1 – A clear explanation of stats.

POWER is obvious. It adds distance. But it’s not the only thing that adds to distance and once it is in the 50s and beyond has a very diminished effect.

IMPACT determines how correct your initial ball flight begins. Which means that if you don’t hit a perfect shot every time, you need a good deal of this. What I mean by initial ball flight is the angle off the club at the beginning, cause the rest of the ball flight is more affected by environment and spin. bringing us to….

SKILL does a lot of things. In the early days of SO (read year one until last winter) it was highly believed that only a 12-14 skill was ever needed. This is false. Skill determines the degree to which you can curve the ball side to side (which adds distance, counters wind and green slopes), and also adds back spin to help hold the ball on greens at low levels and top spin to help play the ball into upsloes and headwinds at higher levels. The more recently realizes value of this stat is the dynamic range it provides: with high skill and topspin an 8iron can go further than a 7iron. This gives you a variety of shot to play that go the same distance, thus letting you adjust better for weather and slopes.

STAMINA increases your reliability out of rough and sand. It also decreases the rapidity at which your fatigue increases. There were rumors (and still are a few) that stamina adds distance. This is only a half truth, as I’ll explain next:

SECTION 2 – The general interaction of stats
The distance of your clubs is not just a factor of your power, as I alluded previously. Rather, it turns out to be more influenced by your total number of stats. Yes, Power adds slightly more yards than other stats at first, but later on adds little to nothing. Adding points to a stat that is in its teens or twenties often will add more distance than adding points to Power in its 40s or 50s.

For example I will use my alt character stormyone. His longest drive is 373 yards at level 34, even though his power is only 30. But because he has a high impact and high skill, all his stats are helping add to that distance.

This is why stamina “seems” to add distance at times. It can, in the general sense that every stat actually adds distance. But that stat can just be better spent somewhere else than in stamina (unless you want stamina as a pre-req for clubs, and this i only suggest if you are Wotan class or have lots of stamina clothes).

And the sad truth of SO is, if you want to really hit the ball further, you need web clubs until you are very high level. Don’t let the stats on the clubs confuse you, they do effect your stats, but each club has its own feel, distance, and response that aren’t measured as quantitatively.

Which brings up ball flight height. Many players have said for a long time that Impact adds height to your shots. This too is false, a consequence of rash conclusions. There are three factors that go into ball height: 1) how far you can hit it (a 70 yard SW must go higher than a 60 yard SW by pure physics); 2) what level clubs you are using; and 3) if you use backspin or topspin. Backspin forces the ball higher (and thus shorter) than topspin.

The last general principle is the most complex, and that is skill. At lower levels, really into the low 50’s, skill is mostly spent on backspin to hold greens and sidespin to gain distance on shots. This is due to the ball having a lower trajectory (as just covered above) so that more backspin is needed to make up for lack of height. Once you are in the mid 50s and above in level, you hit the ball so high that it spins back without any backspin on it, so you start using topspin to keep the ball lower and kick forward on its bounce to control it. This is the essential gameplay shift between amateur and semipro, thought it takes place a few levels later.

Skill most importantly in my opinion fills in the gaps between clubs. The last thing you want to be doing is trying to figure out whether to hit that 7iron at 89% or 94%. It’s a lot harder to stop the swing at random points like that, and the math involved in dropping percentages on clubs is rather complex. What you want to do is adjust your circle with spin so that you are always hitting at 100% (until you are down to your SW and chipping). The more skill you have, the more adjustable that circle is and the more you can “fine tune” any given shot in toward the pin.

SECTION 3 – Recommended configurations

Level 20-30 – You need tons of impact to keep the ball in the fairway. Thats the way to make birds at rufus at low levels, just wait for good holes and hit it straight.

Power 20-25
Impact 35-40
Skill 12-14
3pc golf ball
Clubs: 25 irons, 27 woods if Wotan, peacock irons/wedges, Spinel/Toumaline, antique irons and fairway woods

Level 30-40 – Hopefully your better clubs are helping your distance, but you need some skill so you can start keepin that ball on the green.

Power 30-35
Impact 45-50
Skill 14-17
3pc golf ball
Clubs: level 33 irons, antique irons, Spinel/Toumaline, peacock wedges, Tornados

Level 40-50 Now you’ve got the ball straight off the tee and need to make up some ground after moving back a teebox. You’ve learned to hit greens better so switch balls for the distance but add some skill to make up for it.

Power 45-50
Impact 50-55
Skill 18-20
2pc golf ball
Clubs: Level 39 irons, Spinel/Toumaline. antique irons, Tornados

Level 50-60 This is when you really need to start homing in on tight landing spots, off the tee and into the green. Skill lets the circle move around great, but you need some power by now to make sure you are reaching easier par 5’s in two for eagle opportunities. Fortunately you’re getting great in game clubs now if you dont have antiques or tornados.

Power 55-65
Impact 55-60
Skill 20+
2pc golf ball
Clubs: all 51s and Spinel/Toumaline, all 57s, Tornados

From the mid 50s on its all time to start feeling out and experimenting with your own configs. I’ve tried em all, so if anyone wants feedback on extremes or high level stats, ask me in game and I’ll be glad to share.

Personally, my stats are Power 74 Impact 64 Skil 37 Stamina 6.

Hope this helped for some you! Find some fedoras and happy swinging

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