Shot Online Stamina and Skill for Circle Players Guide

Shot Online Stamina and Skill for Circle Players Guide by darkseraph

lately i’ve heard people mention this old post in game, so i think an update is due. the info below is ancient, but still ok to know if you aren’t yet ready to switch to a pure skill build. 59’s are still a good way to build up NG for the real deal.

i now use 2 zods (1 imp 1 reg or 1 pow 1 imp) during exp and have 2 builds depending on the clothes worn, with only minor differences.

my power is anywhere from 40 to 46, imp 50-56, and skill 146-156 while using 3 +2 zods for competition, i actually have some decent stamina and +6 more skill

i use hybrid R driver, hurr 3wr, hurr 5wr, werd wedges, hurr irons, and a beginner putter

woods and irons are fully skill fitted, wedges are impact fitted, and putter is fully stamina fitted

there is virtually no yardage/loft difference between the hybrid driver and hurr woods, compared to nado driver and woods

same goes for hurricane irons compared to +8 skill tempests

if you’re still interested in the NG economy build, well read on i guess

This guide attempts to explain the accuracy/consistency gained with stacking on higher stamina (20 – 28), and also makes a plug for distance gained with very high skill (110 – 151)

— Is STAMINA really a good stat to spend points on? … The short answer is… YES, when you want consistency in your shots, especially in the rough and sand, and can afford to sack some distance. But nowadays, in the pure skill age, you may want to consider not using stamina at all and follow the Dark Path of Pure Distance.

From my own experience playing, adding stamina does the following: -Greatly slows down rate at which fatigue builds up -Greatly speeds up rate at which fatigue wears off -At upwards of 20, gives fairway shots deadly consistency, -Minimizes/negates the effects of low temperature -at 45 stamina, provides the best % in rough and sand lie, (95% – 100% rough and 78% – 82% sand [Thanks to Sinful for info])

— Is SKILL really worth it past 30? a resounding Y E S… once you start to notice Power as a lackluster investment of stat points, Skill will take over in bringing up your max distance. Skill works to stretch out each of your irons’ maximum range, giving you more flexibility for every shot.

How powerful is it at 40 – 100? The trick to getting maximum 1wood yardage with 40 – 60 skill is to use only a dab of sidespin and max top or backspin. At 60 skill, max driving distance is obtained by using the slightest amount of sidespin allowed, which is one pixel off straight topspin/backspin.

At around 100 skill+, using full sidespin gets max distance once again. The longest legitimate drives in the game are achieved by using full sidespin with over 100 skill.

When comparing say 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 or 120 skill builds, think of it this way: more skill in your build = more distance, even if your power gets lower and lower. Skill means as much distance as power does (often it means MORE distance), but it also means LESS control of trajectory using spin and LESS side-to-side accuracy on your 6iron and longer.

Just keep in mind: The effect of Power dwindles from 45 and on, but skill continues to be efficient, even up to 151. markyboy reports that no more distance is gained past that point, but I must say, even having more spin available for use past 151 is a good idea, especially on Gleiger.

=======The abridged argument for Stamina========

Now many of you might be wondering… “Isn’t STAM just for fatigue and for better rough/sand shots? It’s useless if you use nectar/mopsos and stay on the fairway.”

That’s what I thought, until I tried using 28 stamina and over. If your stamina is 27 or under, your Fairway distance is shown as [98% – 100%], though 27 stamina would actually bring your fairway shots to around [98.964% – 100%].

But ShotOnline doesn’t want you to know Stamina does that; not until you have 28 stamina does your range suddenly become [99% – 100%] fairway. Sneaky…

Henceforth is the drawn-out argument, which puts forth an explanation as to how USEFUL 28 stamina is when you need to land your shot within your putting range, and the pin is 250y+ away.

How did I get that % for 27 stamina further up, you ask?

Since even at 0 Stamina your fairway% is shown at [98% – 100%], let’s say that 0 stamina gives you a fairway range of [98.000000% – 100%]. This is the worst case scenario, though.

There is no doubt that 28 stamina brings your fairway % indicator to a range of 99% – 100%.

In the worst possible scenario, then, 28 stamina means 1% of accuracy more on the fairway. If we take 1% and divide it by 28 stamina, it means each point in stamina added to your character gives you .0357% more consistency for every shot.

How can so little a % make such a difference, then?

Once you get around level 55 and over, you might notice that even if you hit nice shots all the time, your distance will vary. For those of you who chart using low stamina, this is most reflected in the inconsistency of your driver’s distances.

An example: Your base stamina is 6, and your drive at 104% is 350 yards. Again, in the worst case scenario, your fairway is [98.214% – 100%]. This means you have an effective consistency of 343.76y – 350y on your drive. Your margin of error is thus 6.24y.

Now let’s say your 5i is 300y max at 100%, and you have the same stamina. Your 5i’s range is then 294.64 – 300y, margin of error is thus 5.36 yards.

If you play by circle only and can estimate your landing using 5i within 4y of the pin on every shot, and then you factor in the margin of error associated with low stamina, your putt will be anywhere from 4y – 9.36y.

However, let’s take the same situation as described, but say you had 28 stamina.

If you play a 4y consistency as described, and instead have a margin of error of 99-100%, your putts will now be anywhere from 4y – 7y.


But having a smaller margin of error also decreases the number of shots you can make that fall out of a favorable putting range.

For example, with your 4y – 9.36y pin-playing range, you might as well have 20 different shots to represent that 5.36y margin of error. 5.36y range divided by 20 different shots means .268y intervals.

Your 5i shot distance would then be randomly picked out of any of these because of your low stamina:

294.64y, 294.908y, 295.176y, 295.444y, 295.712y, 295.980y, 296.248y, 296.516y, 296.784y, 297.052y, and so on until 300y.

What do those numbers mean, really? It means you have a 25% chance of stopping your ball within 4y – 5.34y, 25% within 5.34y – 6.68y, 25% within 6.68y – 8.02y, and the last 25% within 8.02y – 9.36y.

If you are a player who can only effectively putt within 5.5yards, then 3 out of every 4 or 5 of your shots will be out of your range. (you have about 25-30% chance of landing with 5.5y)

Now, if you had 28 stamina, how often would it be in your range? Your margin of error is 4y-7y, and you have a possibility of 20 shots for that range. your new percentages are: 25% chance of stopping within 4y – 4.75y, 25% chance of stopping within 4y – 5.5y, 25% chance of stopping within 5.5y – 6.25y, and 25% chance of stopping within 6.25y – 7y

Now you have a 50% chance of getting the ball within putting range instead of about 30%.


Now… when would I recommend to start putting points into stamina? This part is especially useful to those not yet tour pro.

using 59 clubs in general is a great way to save up NG for your set of repairable nadoes/temps/hurrs.

if you can afford the high priced items, then just go for the 42pow – 50 imp build, the rest of your points go into skill.

for you NG economy players…. I recommend 15 stamina with all stat clothes on when lvl 59, so you get used to it before practicing/taking the tour pro test, and to keep it there from then on. Use a +6stam while in practice, but during the test, you can use 3 +2 zods for 21 stam and 59 irons & woods, and out of test you can use +6 stamina zod again if you wish to continue using them.


At level 61, you should have a base of 120 points to spend on stats. Then you’ve got 3 zodiacs (save from presents) = another 24 points, and free/present item mall balls for either 2 or 4 points (United cup),

A list of affordable/no-cost stat clothes: Stam shirt +3 stats: 10 – 15 mil Stam shoes +1 stat: 30 – 40 mil Halloween glove +1impact: ~55 mil SO Master Hat +2 stats / Glove +2stats: Free, but must be selected

Playing Cad from 41-61 with a Cyma on at all times should net you at least the Stam Shirt and shoes. The trouble is finding them for sale… tough luck for you Shaorings out there too. :[

21 stam, 26 skill, the rest should go into power/impact. You’ll likely have 55 – 60 power and 57 – 62 impact, which is well enough to play hela/forneus comfortably.

Once you’re done with the test, you can still use 59 clubs. They are the best choice until you can afford tornadoes.

Once you start exping and winning Tour Pro NG, you should easily be able to afford one zodiac at all times. Especially if you play with level 59 clubs, or stick with non-r tornadoes.

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