Shot Online Power Stat Test

Shot Online Power Stat Test by ainns

Here is a study of the Power stat. This is aimed at peeps approaching higher levels who wonder what the right balance of power and skill might be. The right answer, in my opinion, is that within a rather large range, it does not matter.

This study started out by testing various power values from 20 to 120, keeping other stats constant. Here are those results:


You can see an area, highlighted in yellow above, where the power stat seems to be paying off well. Then after that, one begins to see diminishing returns for each 10 stats allocated. Of course, as the value goes higher, adding 10 stats is adding a far lower %age gain to power.

So, for the next test, we wanted to talk a closer look at the highlighted area — to test power in smaller increments. Here are those results:


Again, we have highlighted an area where the power stat seems to be paying off well. Fot the final test, I used smaller steps still, but with a twist. The motivation was the most common question I am asked by lower levels: “What should I set power and skill at?”

So, for the test I presume one had 172 stats to allocate to power and skill, which I admit is a very hgih level player. Anyway, at each step, I increase power by 2 and decrease skill by 2. Also, I had to change to my Tempest here, as it was taking me too many hours in the range trying to hit perfect shots with the fast Hurri bar. Here are those results:



  • For Table 1 and 2, a Helios (+1 power) 2 piece was used.
  • In the test for Table 3, 2 different balls were used, to help reduce the use of F/Pedora: a no stat ball and a +1 skill ball. Both were 2 piece.
  • For Table 1 and 2, the average of 3 perfect, or close to perfect shots was used. This was deemed to be ok, as we were only trying to zero-in on the proper range to test more precisely.
  • For Table 3, the average of 2 perfect shots was used, as well as 4 or 5 other near perfect shots for a reality-check. A reminder: Perfect means 100% and 0%, verified by a screen maginifier and “Nice Shot” message respectively.
  • re: equal values in table 3, such as 362.5. If the test shots yielded a distance that was within 1 yard of the previous value, the previous value was used. There is no difference whatsoever between a 362 and a 363 yard shot in the range, given the 98%-100% variability. I felt it best to avoid any false ranking based on a .5 or 1 yard difference in results.
  • I had to stop the testing for table 3 at 39/133, because I ran out of F/Pedora and Haoma. Would be interesting to see what the values would have been for 41, 43, adn 45 power.
  • Full 3 was set using Shift-
  • 6 F/Pedora and 2 Haoma II were used during this test. Further testing on hold until I can re-stock at reasonable prices or receive few more donations.
  • Thanks to CHICUBS for the F/Pedora donation during this test and to Scratchin_McGroin for his donation.

Cheers, A

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