Order and Chaos Online Mage AOE Leveling Guide

Order and Chaos Online Mage AOE Leveling Guide by Shinta

A brief level by level walk though for mages that love to aoe grind.

Gear – The prefer gear you want for aoe grinding is rainbow gear(add stam/wis only) or water gear(stam only). Rainbow gear is all you need until lvl 50+ then you will want +spell  crits gear. To get rainbow gear AH is the best place but some quest also give you decent gear that add to stam and wis.

Talent builds – i recommend starting out with skyfire but also have 1 pts in frost blast. At around lvl 37 respec back to perma so you can take down nomads. After you get permafrost put all your points in skyfire until you have max upgraded fire barrage and 1 points in wind walk.


LVL 1-22

A few tip to help you lvl while your questing.

– Use pot/food/tele as often as you can if it help you level faster, as you get higher lvl you’ll earn much more gold in the long run with the time spent.

– When you are running around and see mobs around 4-6 that you can take down aoe them, then keep running and let yourself heal naturally or pot afterward.

– The dps of instant cast spell such as shock wave/frost blast is more then fireball/frost bolt so use them as often as you can and just mana pot after.

– Buy as much bag space as you can afford, it’s never wasted.

– lastly even while questing rainbow gear is still best for you.

Lvl 22-32 Swamp or wyrms

Spot 1 lvl 22-26  Dark seeker elven camp

Location – Left of eoltarblod, can be hard to find amongst all the higher lvl mobs that are around.

Mob description – lvl 23-24 dark elf. Total mobs of 17 with 3 archer, rotation 6-4-5-2, skip and avoid the 2 archer if your rotation is going slower then expected.

Recommended aoe tactic – Shock wave, frost blast, Shock wave, fire barrage, Shock wave. Walk backward while you cast frost blast to kite some hit, run back in when you cast the last Shock wave so you hit all the mob. Pot as needed and make sure you hit all the mobs with your spell.

Estimated grind time needed – 2-3 hours for 4 lvl.

Spot 2 lvl 26-32 Saithion Lair

Location – it’s on the map

Mob description – Lvl 28-29 saithion. Total mobs of 23 with no range, rotation 6-7-5-5.

Recommended aoe tactic – Shock wave, frost blast, Shock wave, fire barrage, Shock wave.

Estimated grind time needed – 4 hours for 6 level.

Tips – Do the quest that give you ice fang ring +6stam +6wis 4 spell crit before you leave the swamp.

Lvl 32-37

Quest in Whispering isle, i recommand get +hit in perma so u can aoe mob that are up to 3 lvl higher then you.

tip – do the quest that gives you the black pearl ring +6wis 7 spell crits and tempest talismen +7wis 7spell crits.

Lvl 37-48 Desert

Spot 1 lvl 37-41 Nomads

Location – Just under end of sand.

Mob description – Lvl 39-40 elites humanoids plus lvl 41-42 normal humanoids. Total mob count of roughly 26 with 1 archer. Be careful of the archer as it’s not stationary. Rotation 6-6 elites 8-6 normal.

Recommended aoe tactic – Stone armor, frost blast, permafrost, Shock wave, Shock wave. Try to hit all the mob with frost blast, walk backward cast perma, then run around the mob.

Estimated grind time needed – 3-5 hours for 4 lvl as it’s a common quest/grinding area.

Spot 2 lvl 41-48 Crimson Tower Ankor

Location – It’s on the map.

Mob description – lvl 43-45 humanoids and lvl 46 elites humanoids with 1 elite mage. Total mob counts of roughly 35. Rotation 8-6-6-8 and 7 elites. Skip the elites until your lvl 36+ and avoid the lvl 49 elites boss that’s around also.

Recommended aoe tactic – Stone armor, frost blast, permafrost, fire barrage, fire barrage. Wait for cd to cast second fire barrage and Shock wave as needed only.

Estimated grind time needed – 5-7 hours for 7 lvl after which you should have a lot of quest item to hand in, possible for you to lvl past 50 after handing in all the quest item.

LVL 48-60 Sinskald Rift

Quest from lvl 50 – lvl 51

51-58 heretic elites

Location – Under suspended city

Mob desciption – lvl 54 elites humanoids no range. Total mobs of  25-27, Rotation  8-5-7-5.

Recommended aoe tactic – Stone armor, frost blast, permafrost, fire barrage, fire barrage. With enough spell crits gear you can spam fire barrage as perma crits refreshes fire barrage also, Shock wave as needed.

Estimated grind time needed – 9-12 hours for 7 lvl. After which you should have enough quest item to hand in to get to lvl 59 and a half. Lvl to 60 either by questing or aoe farming in Thistleville.

Tips – After lvl 54 you can aoe grind in Thistleville also, lvl 57 dark elf as it’s usually packed it’s not recommended for fast lvling but it’s a great place to farm gold as when your lvl 60 it’s still one of the if not the best farming spot in the game.

Shinta – lvl 60 mage America tear coast server

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    I'm level 22 and I had no chance killing those Dark Seeker mobs. when they are low health they run away, the assassins stun you. there are 4 archers and mages do long ranged attacks too.

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