Order and Chaos Online Newbie Tips

Order and Chaos Online Newbie Tips by gwlaw99

My newbie tips please add yours.  Here are a few to start. Please correct any mistakes.

1. Traveling is expensive. Make a second character and leave him at the auction house in Greenmont.  Mail him things to buy and selll; and use him to mail skill books.
2. Grouping with one or more people for the kill 20 of X quests makes them go a lot faster.  Especially when there are many people in an area.
3. To get a trade skill, you need to do the Apprentice quest in Silence.  Then you pick a skill and receive a note for the skill master.  Once you give it to him, a crafting tab will show up under spells.   You then need to buy recipes.
4. If you played World of Warcraft.  Rangers can spec as either WoW rangers or rogues.  Mages have damage and crowd control trees.  Monks are kind of like Paladins who can spec damage or healing.  Haven’t tried warrior yet, but their trees are damage and tanking.
5.  If you get to where the quest arrow takes you and there is nothing there, it usually means the item you need will drop by killing nearby mobs.
6. An auction house looks like a green hammer/gavel on the map.
7. For classes with instant melee/bow damage  skills, the higher the average damage of your main hand weapon, the more damage the skills will do.  Somtimes the weaepon with the highest average damage does not mean the highest auto attack dps.  But, for most mobs you will be killing mostly with your special attacks not auto attack.
8.  If you get stuck or need to get higher on a hill that you can’t otherwise walk all the way up.  Try jumping on diagonals.

Tips 9-14 from Raphnoel
9. If you run out of quests in a certain town, just follow the road to another map symbol in which you haven’t been to yet. Rinse and repeat.
10. Save up your grenadines/bronze minerals/poor furs. They sell for about 20-30s a stack (20 pieces) if you can find good deals. Great way to get money.
11. For people who constantly lose connection: if you’re fighting a mob or two and think you might not survive, just run out of their attack range and you should be fine. Do this till connection goes to the green again.
12. Holding down a chat circle (e.g. Global) will mute that channel.
13. For crafters, you can scroll down recipes.
14. Finally, find a guild. Usually you’ll come across helpful, supportive people that can guide you along the way.

15.  If you are having trouble getting somewhere because of all the mobs, look for a path up a nearby hill.  You can often get around dangerous areas by climbing above them and walking on the top of the hill.  This is useful for getting to boss mobs are the back of an area.
16. The Wiki has lots of useful information for newbies. http://oac.wikia.com/wiki/Order%26Chaos_Online_Wiki (from Zzell)
17. You do not take any falling damage no matter how high you jump from as long as it isn’t into thin air.  If the mountain has the slightest slope, you will run down it.
18.  There is no need to kill mobs just o gain exp.  You get a lot more exp from doing quests.  Lvl 22 is the only time that quests are in short supply and you may have to grind to 23 when lots more become available. Edit: I had some grinding around 26 as well.

A few stealthing tips
19.  To know when your stealth is going to run out, stand somewhere safe and hit stealth.  At the moment you reapear look at the stealth button and how close it is to refresh and mentally mark the spot.  It is somewhere just below the nose.  When you are using stealth just glance over at the stealth button to know how much time you have left.
20.  Since stealth is only 15 seconds.  If you have to stealth through a large area.   Look for a safe spot you can reach within 15 seconds, then wait for stealth to refresh and repeat.
21.  You won’t know this unless you scroll down the complete description of the skills, but if you use shadow strike or  or rapid shot while in stealth, it will stun the mob for 3-4 seconds.
21(a).  You can sprint and then stealth and you will run at full spring speed while stealthed.  You can not stealth then sprint or stealth will break.
21(b).  You can interact with things like mining nodes and chests while stealthed, but as soon as you pick something up stealth breaks.

22. Pinching to zoom on you’re character will give you a first person view. (from Zzell)  You can also zoom out a little.
23.  Under the help settings, there is a button that teleports you to the nearest grave yard if you get stuck or you just want a quick teleport.

Tips 24-31 from ArtNJ
24.  Death gets expensiive.  Periodically mail all your gold to your alt sitting by the Auction House in Greenmont (see post #1 in this thread).  If you have no gold on you, the death penalty is 0;  [gwlaw99’s comment: this could get annoying if you have to log into your alt everytime you need money].
25.  Dont worry about buying stuff in the auction house.  If you do all the quests, the item rewards are = to or better than the greens in the auction house.  Conversely, if you really want too, buy it on the AH because gold is not that important (see post 27);
26.  Sell all green items you find in the AH.  Most sell for considerably more than vendor prices.  I dont know why (see post 25) but they do;
27.  Notwithstanding the above gold making & saving tips, dont worry too much about gold.  The further you go, the more gold flows to you.  I have 18 gold at level 28 and I dont worry about getting best prices on the auction house when I sell.  So if you really want to buy a blue item or a pet, I am not aware of a compelling reason not too.
28.  Since there is no compelling need to spend gold on other things, you may as well buy the 1 gold and 5 gold bag upgrades not long after you can.  The 1 gold comes in super handy and is a must buy, and the 5 gold upgrade comes in handy occassionally.
29.  Dont expect the items you can craft to be upgrades if you have been carefully doing all available quests.  Crafting might be good at high levels, but no one has yet reported this that I have seen.  If you sell your materials on the AH instead of crafting, you will have money to burn on a blue item, pet or respec.
30.  There are some quests that due to crowding and slow respawn times, may simply be too annoying to do.  Generally, these are not key quests and you can safely skip most single quests if it appears that they are problematic.  There are two exceptions very early — one quest leads to a free skill for each class, and one quest leads to you picking your professions.  Other than that, skip away f your getting very annoyed. [gwlaw99’s comment: There may be times around lvl 22 and 26 that you run out of quests, so do them all if you can]
31.  Even where grouping is helpful, there are no areas where one *needs* a tank or healer that I have seen yet.  Accordingly, dont decide to go defensive warrior or pure healing monk thinking it will “help you get groups” because it doesnt seem that it will.  Pick a class that will be fun solo or in groups.

Tips 32-35 from Raphnoel
32. You can pinch the world map to find quests that you haven’t started yet. [from gwlaw99–great tip!]
33. When you see a shiny rock, go mine it. It’ll earn you tons of money in the long run if you sell each mineral for 1-2 silver apiece.
34. If you get stuck or fall to a place you don’t intend to be, you can recall to the nearest graveyard by going Options > Help > Break-Away.
35. Since teleporting can get expensive, it doesn’t hurt to run from place to place. It only takes minutes, plus you can come across minerals.
36 Don’t always travel from clicking on the npc travel master. Instead, talk to the other npc right next to the travel master to travel from zone to zone for free. (from BankaiHunter)  [from gwlaw99-you can only do this as certain teleporters].

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  1. Nem says:

    Noobs make sure to search the current going price for what you’re auctioning and undercut it slightly. Note that prices are presently much…much… higher than suggested here xD
    Also speccing pure tank or heal is quite helpful if you level thru dungeons, groups are almost always in que for you and level 70s running their friends will power you thru most of the game. Just make sure to pay it forward when you become powerful ;)

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