Order and Chaos Online Blacksmith Quick Leveling Guide

Order and Chaos Online Blacksmith Quick Leveling Guide by Nagg

So i thought I would put together a guide to help people that are just starting Blacksmithing and wanted to leveling with as few minerals and scraps as possible.  I will eventually work on a Tailoring and Leatherworking guide as well, but i don’t won’t to fork out that much gold at once.  You can see you will need 440 Bronze Mineral, 480 Marcasite, 520 Primal Iron, and 392 Light Silver to get to Master Blacksmithing!! Shocked

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2 Responses

  1. edo says:

    where is the guide :D

  2. Anonymous says:

    It's a good guide. however, the only thing that you don't mention is that yes, it costs 550 BP to buy the intermediate blacksmith scroll but you also have to spend another good amount of BP (like 600) to buy the best xp crafting scroll Example: The shiny iron longsword or rapier scrolls which will cost addition business points

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