Eudemons Vampire Guide

Eudemons Vampire Guide by g0dheaven

When you open up the “Sacrifice” window, many of you may be confused as to what those new words mean, here’s a little guide:

Evil Core – Similar to Orb Compose.
Blood Core – Similar to Agate Compose.
Inspiration – Luck Compose.
Instinct – Main Compose. Good thing about this is that you can use any pets as your minor, no requirements.
Bloodline – Total rebirth times.
Pneuma – Increases one of the sub attribute stats (MinP-Atk GR, MaxP-Atk GR, PDef GR, or Mdef GR)
Divine Pneuma – Minor Compose when your Blood Soul is Divine (A God).
Divine Instinct – Divine Main Compose (A God).
Divine Phase – Soul compose.

Vampires are almost as if a Paladin and a Warrior combined. Here’s a brief description as what they do.

Vigor (Blood) – Similar to Paladin’s Soul.
Bloody Dance (XP Skill) – Similar to a Paladin’s Defensive Circle.
Blood Tornado (XP Skill) – Similar to Paladin’s XP Skill Phoenix Berserker.
Bloody Wing (XP Skill) – Warrior’s XP Skill Star Sword.
Bloody Flash (XP Skill) – Rushes in front of the target and deals a great single damage.
Blood Frenzy – It does several continuous attacks towards your target, dealing damage. After the Vampire finished casting this spell, it will release its demonic red and black wings, appearing behind its back with a certain percentage of temporary increased attack power.
Penetration (Passive Skill) – Regardless if your target converges an Eudemon or not, this passive skill will direct its damage toward the target’s HP. The attack can come from melee, XP skill, etc…
Pneuma Mist (XP Skill) – Increases your movement speed.
Fade Away – Dodges any incoming attack. But once you get attacked once, the second attack will land on you. For example, a warrior Dragon Storms you while you’re under this Fade Away effect, you will not receive any damage from the Dragon Storm. When the warrior decides to cast another Dragon Storm right after the first, the second Dragon Storm will hit.
Soul Steed – A similar function of “Mount” and “Dismount”.
Rage of Night – A similar attack to Dragon Storm.
Shadowy Claw – Similar attack to Chain Chop. This can only be obtained from the Spider Queen.
Whirly Claw – An extremely long version of Chain Chop.
(There’s still two new skills that I haven’t tested out yet).

Many of you are wondering, how do you get the horse? It’s simple:

1) Compose (Click on the Sacrifice button near the Shopping Mall icon) your Blood Soul to 10stars.
2) Open up your Skill book.
3) Find “Soul Steed”
4) Drag it into one of your F1-F6 hotkeys and set it.
5) Mount it.

Just a head’s up, Blood Soul is the same thing as the Ghostly Horse (The blue horse).

Q: Why can you only summon one pet (Except when you’re in market)?
A: Because you only have 2-Summon, you don’t have 3-Summon yet. Once you have 3-Summon, you will ONLY able to summon TWO pets. The third pet (Blood Soul) is automatically converged to you.

In this case, for people who doesn’t have 3-Summon yet, you will only be able to summon ONE pet (outside of market). The second pet will be your Blood Soul, which is automatically converged into you.

Q: Then how come I can summon two pets in market when I don’t have the 3-Summon yet?
A: Whenever you do main/ini/sub or whatever compose, you will automatically summon two pets in order to complete the process. TQ has made it so that Vampires can summon two pets inside of market so that you can compose.

Q: Can I use clovers when using the Sacrifice system to make my Blood Soul stronger?

A: Yes, Sacrifice system is the same as the Evolutionary system, you can use clovers.

Q: Are the Watcher Oren (new pet) used for the sacrifice?
A: No, they’re pets for the Vampire class. Just like the MAD for Mages, WAD for Warriors, pixies for Paladins, and now Watcher Oren for Vampires.

Q: How can I make my Blood Soul thunder?
A: Use a thunder juice. Open up your inventory, right click on thunder juice, then left click on your character to make your Blood Soul thunder.

Q: How do I make my Blood Soul God?
A: Easy, do the Apotheosis. Once you’re finished, your Blood Soul will automatically become God.

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